When first we meet

Chapter 4:

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"We have to get you out of here now!" I said grabbing her by the wrist and trailing her towards the front door. Alice was right behind me.

"Wait you two, what is going on" Esme called.

"We have to get Bella out of here" I replied "Alice just had a vision of her being attacked by a group of vampires" Everyone's eyes got wide. Swiftly Bella retched her wrist from my grip and headed towards the front door.

"Carlisle you know the drill, I was never here, you haven't seen me in a decade or two, whatever you need to say to get them off your back. Then I'll send details of the next place and you will move as soon as possible!" Carlisle nodded, he was seemingly calm, but I could see the fear and anguish in his eyes. Was he going to just let her walk out and possibly face these vampires alone? Was he crazy? I started walking after her.

She was already outside and heading towards the forest. Everyone else followed, worried about Bella.

Suddenly Bella was tackled from the side and brought down. We were all frozen for a moment.

"Oh for Christ sake" I heard Carlisle mutter. What was wrong with him? I started towards Bella to help her, but Carlisle stuck his arm out stopping me. He shook his head and turned back to the fight. Had he lost it?! Bella could get killed and he was just standing there doing nothing. My family reflected my thoughts, all looking at him like he had 3 heads!

I looked back over to the fight and I could see Bella fighting off 5 vampires. She seemed to be keeping them off fairly well. I was impressed at how she was using them against each other by throwing whoever was attacking her at that moment into someone else. I was brought back from my thoughts by a voice I didn't recognize coming from behind us.

"You'd think they'd learn after all these years wouldn't you?" We all turned to see a woman, she was obviously a vampire, and a vegetarian by the looks of her topaz eyes. She looked around 25, was about 5'8 and had brown hair that came down just past her shoulders.

"Millie?" Carlisle said and moved past us and hugged her. "It's been a while hasn't it?"

"Hmm, about 65 years I would say" She chuckled

All of a sudden a blonde haired vampire came flying towards us and landed at our feet.

"Son of a-"

"BLAINE!" The other vampire shouted

"Sorry Millie" He got up and ran back to where the others were being held back from Bella by some sort of force field. At this point I think myself along with all the others had figured out these were the other vampires Bella had came here with.

"Hey Millie!" The blonde haired vampire- Blaine- called over his shoulder, "Aren't you meant to be helping us?"

She gave Carlisle an exasperated look, which he returned, and then turned back to the fight.

"I'm not sure there's much I can do, and anything I can do wont last very long"

"JUST DO IT!" They all shouted back. She stared over to Bella "No…Millie…don't do- DAMMIT!" Bella shouted as her force field collapsed and she was punched on by the others and the fight resumed.

"Sorry you guys that's all I can do" Millie shouted over after about 40 seconds. The others were all thrown off in opposite directions into the woods. All but Blaine.

"Come on Bella, think about it!" He pleaded

"Oh I have" she replied with a sly grin

"Bella please…"

"Oh okay" she said and turned her back to him


"No" she turned back round, and suddenly he was lifted 100 feet in the air! Everyone was now out of the trees and laughing at Blaine.

"Okay, lets get back into the house, I'm sure there's a lot of introductions and explanations to be made" Carlisle said "Bella drop him"

"Okay" Bella said and suddenly Blaine was falling very fast "But im not done yet!" Everyones head snapped round to Bella who was smiling wickedly

"Bella….don't" Carlisle said

"He deserves it Carlisle, I mean they gave us quite the shock"

"Bella, you know how freaky it is, and quite scary to"

"But Carlisle" She had actually done the puppy dog face, and it was one of the cutest things I had ever seen, obviously Carlisle was also a victum to it "Fine, but be quick about it"

As he was about 2 feet from the ground I braced myself for the inevitable impact, but it never came, just as he made contact with the ground, he went right through. No he didn't hit the ground, he went right through like it was water not earth he had just hit. I was speechless, and taking it from the silence behind me, my family was too. The other vampires though where not so quiet.

The 2 girls were actually rolling on the ground clutching their sides as they laughed along with the dark haired male who was trying to control his laughter but failing. Millie, who was still standing beside us was also laughing. The older male was trying to frown at Bella, but he was obviously trying to stop himself from laughing long, so it wasn't working very well.

After a few minutes of laughter, to which my family had also joined in on, we finally calmed down to the point that we could talk in proper sentences.

"Okay Bella, you can let him out now" Millie said

"Do I have to?" Bella muttered after sighing "We don't need him to explain everything. We could just leave him out here for the night"

"Not after last time" Millie said giving Bella a look that signified the end of the conversation. I wonder what happened last time.

Bella slowly made her way over to where Blaine had disappeared, she knelt down and stuck her arm through the ground, I felt my eyes widen as moved her arm around while the ground went undisturbed. Finally she started t get up and take her arm out of the ground, but attached to her arm was none other than Blaine.

"Not the hair, not the hair!"

She threw him down on the ground and started walking away.

"Bella, I swear the next time you do that, im going to kill you!" I have to admit he looked pretty murderous. The young red-head ran up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, visibly calming him down.

"Let's go into the house shall we?" Carlisle asked

Once we were all in the living room, Bella stood up in front of everyone. Even without Jasper's power I could feel the tension in the room.

"Hello, I'm Bella and…I'm an alcoholic"

Well there goes the tension.

"No but seriously, what do you want to know?"

"Well when were you changed?" Jasper asked

"Well back then time wasn't recorded the same way it is now, but my best guess would be around 1664, it was the year after Carlisle got changed, though at the time he was assumed dead."

"Who changed you?"

"I don't know who he was, I don't remember many details"

"Why don't you just tell us what you do remember?" Carlisle suggested

"Well okay," Bella sat down Indian style in front of the fireplace "Carlisle had been gone for a year, as I said everyone thought he had been dragged off by the vampires and killed. Father hadn't taken the news well, with both mother and Carlisle gone he broke down, he was losing his mind. Completely paranoid, he would go out with a bunch of other men nearly every night searching for vampires, namely the ones that Carlisle had found.

He wasn't doing any better physically, he was pretty old by this stage, and his health was becoming an issue, I begged him to stop the pointless hunts but he never listened. When Carlisle was alive, he was the favourite, father was so sure he would follow in his footsteps. I was more of a rebel, never doing as I was told, always skipping his services, but when Carlisle was gone I was all he had left so I started trying to be better, be more like Carlisle. But it was never enough, he would always tell me how, Carlisle was the better child, how I would never be as good as him.

One night after I had gone to bed I could hear lots of noise outside the house, I assumed it was just another "hunting party" but suddenly my bedroom door flew open and 4 or 5 men piled in, I recognized some of them as neighbours, people who I trusted. They lifted me from my bed and started carrying me out to the street. I, of course was trying to get away, but I was still human and weak compared to fully grown men. As we came out of the house I saw father, he was standing beside a wooden stage with a pole in it. I was hoisted up to the stage and tied to the pole. By this stage I was freaking out, screaming for father to explain what was going on. He told me he was sorry but this was the only way to get them out of hiding. Needless to say I was extremely confused. He said something to the large group of people that had crowded round and they started scattering, going into the surrounding houses'. Father came up, at first I thought he was going to untie me, but when I saw the knife I knew his intentions were much more sinister." At this point I was so engrossed I had forgotten that there was anyone else in the room. I guess just listening to her voice was mesmerizing in itself. As I looked around I noted the obvious differences between those who had heard the story before and those who hadn't. Most of the other vampires looked pained to have Bella retell this. Whereas my family looked like they were about to rip someones head off. Even Alice who never looked that scary, looked absolutely terrifying. It was easy to see that even though we had only known Bella for a few hours she had a big impact on us.

As I looked down I realized that I was gripping the arms of the chair a bit too tightly. I loosened my grip, but knew it would not get rid of my anger. I looked over at Jasper, but I could see he was to angry to help any of us.

But Carlisle looked the worst. He looked like if he could he would be crying his eyes out, I could tell he blamed himself for what happened.

"He came up to me, he told me he was sorry, but I could see it in his eyes he had finally lost it. He was no longer my father.

He placed the blade over my collarbone and dragged it across, the wound wasn't deep enough to kill me quickly, but I was bleeding pretty badly. He left me there simply hoping that my blood would be enough to drag a vampire along. My life for the possibility of 1 vampire"

I was surprised to hear not resentment in her voice, but sympathy. This girl was a constant surprise. Oh how I wish I could hear her thoughts, know what she was thinking at this moment. Oh the irony! The one person I wish more than anything for my gift to work on was the one person who was immune from it.

"After a few hours I was started to pass out from blood loss. And that's when they came. Turns out a vampire was attracted by my blood, but unfortunately he brought his whole coven with him. While the others were fighting his coven, he came up and started feeding. Shortly after I blacked out and woke up the next morning. I was in agony, I knew there were people around me but I was in so much pain I didn't care.

After the third day the pain subsided.

When I opened my eyes I realized that I had been placed on the couch in the living area of my house. There was no-one around but I could hear talking. A lot of talking. It was like someone was having a party in the next room, but when I checked there was no-one in the house, that's when I realized the talking was coming from the market…five streets away. Needless to say, at that stage I was freaked. But when my neighbor suddenly came in with the doctor I started understand that something major had happened since I was bitten."

She paused and looked down. I knew from Jasper's thoughts that she was extremely ashamed, but everyone waited patiently for her to continue.

"When they walked in it was like some sort of monster had taken over my body. They smelt like nothing I had ever smelt before, it was like I had been in the desert for months and they were the only way of quenching my thirst.

I could hear their heart pumping and the blood circulating around their bodies, calling to me. I started moving forward but couldn't do anything to stop myself, I was no longer in control of my body. I can only imagine what I must have looked like. And by the look of fear in their faces, I can guess it was bad. It was then that I figured out what I was.

A Vampire.

I knew that the moment I tasted their blood it would be harder to stay away from it. And I knew that I could not live with myself if I had to take away innocent people's life just to survive. So I stopped. I turned around and ran up to my bedroom where I escaped through the window."

Wait, WHAT?!

She didn't drain them?

But she was feeling so ashamed when she was talking about them. Even without Jasper's power the rest of the family picked up on that from just the look on her face.

But a more pressing question is how? How did she stop herself? All vampires know that newborns are extremely blood thirsty, and I know from experience that it took a few years before any of us could be within 2 miles of a human let alone the same room.

"But what I wasn't prepared for was when I went out into the street…"

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