Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

I don't own Twilight,

So you can't sue!

Anyway, another random Twilight convo that my bff, Sam, and I created. (I finally found it while cleaning my room, lol) Very short, but funny! (I was eating noodles while we were writing, this...heh)


Emmett: "Noodlez! Yum! DUUUUDE!!"

Jasper: "WOW!, you know what else is better than noodlez?"

Emmett: (Confused) Sex?

Jasper: (Nods happily) Yes, young grasshopper, you are correct. (Pulls off shirt, revealing a 6-pack of abs, and a '69' tattoo)

Emmett: DUUUDE! (Rips off shirt to reveal a '66' and an 8-pack) P

Jasper: No Fair!! You have two more than me!! (starts to whine) WHY?? why has the world come to this!!

Edward: (Walks into room and stares at the two half naked men in front of him) "That, my friend, is sooooooooo wrong!"


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Emmett: Really? OMCEJE!!