Naruto walking to the ramen shop to eat his dinner like he does everyday because the old man was nice and sometimes gave him free ramen. He is wearing a crimson sleeveless shirt with crimson pants and on his back is a katana which is named the crimson sky. When he hears someone crying. Naruto starts to walk where he hears the crying coming from but when he gets to the place it was Kurenai sitting next to two graves as she was crying. Naruto walked up to her and placed his hand gently on her shoulder. She feels someone hand on her shoulder then turns around to see who it was. She never would of thought that the owner of the hand would be Naruto Uzumaki. When she started to look at him Naruto get down on his kneels and pulled her into a hug.

"its ok Kurenai if you want to cry more I be here for you" Naruto moved his head against hers.

"Naruto….. Thank you" she said back to the one holding her close.

"if you want someone to talk to about it, I will listen" as he said that he starts to run his hands gently into her hair to calm her down. "Naruto really is a kind person"

"thank you maybe I tell you tomorrow but for now I have to head home" she told him as she get up from the ground.

"you want me to walk you home Kurenai" Naruto asked her with little bit of worried in his tone which did not go unnoticed by Kurenai. "he worried about me?"

"I be fine Naruto but thanks for asking" after she told him that all Naruto did was kissed her on the cheek and started to walk off. She was now lost in her own thoughts now. "why did he kiss me on the cheek?"

When she get to her house she opened the front door. She started to walk inside but before she start going inside she took off her shoes after she get done taking her shoes off she walked inside then put her shoes down on the floor. She looked at the time then headed to go to bed but before she was going to do that she walked into the living room. She sees something on the table when she get closer it is a box with warping paper on it.

"most be from Anko" she thought but when she sees the card on the box it said it was from Naruto Uzumaki which made her smile but she did not know why she smiled but she did not care. She opened the box and inside was a brown fur tear bear and a card. She pick up the card then put the tear bear on the table next to the box. She opened the card and read what it said.

Dear Kurenai

I hope your feeling batter and I also hope that this tear bear helps you to. I be here for you and if you need someone to talk just come and talk as long as you want. I hope you like the tear bears because I did not know what kind of animal to get you so I pick one that was same color as your beautiful hair.

From Naruto Uzumaki

When she get done reading the latter from Naruto, Kurenai picked up the tear bear and pushed it against her chest. "thank you Naruto its help a lot " she looks back down at the little tear bear then goes back to her thoughts "this is why Hinata like him so much because he sweet and kind wait a second why am I having this thoughts, he is younger then me by 13 years but he is so sweet to me" she starts to walk to her bed when she get inside her bedroom she takes her clothes off then puts one of her silk night dresses on then goes to the bed once she get to the bed she laid the tear bear next to her bed on the table and get under her red silk blanket which she then goes off to sleep. But she had no idea that a blonde hair boy was watching her to made sure she was safe tonight. "I glad your safe Kurenai-chan" was the only thoughts inside Naruto mind

The next day Naruto is walking to the shinobi area of the village to buy new tools when he bumps into his crush and team 8.

"hey Naruto"

"hello Kiba" Naruto reply to him.

"h…i n..aruto " Hinata said as she was looking down.

"hello" that was all Shino said.

"hello and thanks Naruto"

"your welcome Kurenai-chan and anytime" Naruto said back to her.

Kurenai was fighting down a blush because he just called her Kurenai-chan in front of everyone. Team 8 started to walk passed him and Naruto was now looking at his crush. Kurenai sees him looking but only one thought came to mind was 'is he looking where most men do? If he is I going have to teach him a learn about where not to look on a woman" she thought to herself then met his looks which she found out he was not because he was looking at her eyes. "he not like most men dammit stop it Kurenai with these thoughts I am to old for him but maybe I really am not but Hinata really loves him and I don't want to hurt her" she looks back at him and wonders to herself "but does he like me?"

Sakura comes up to them and yelling.

"Sasuke left!!" that made Naruto turn around in shock and fear.

"when!!" anger growing inside his eyes.

"few hours ago but Naruto go after him and bring him back please do it" as she said that it was to end he was running to the gate. But he was stop by someone that was covered in a crimson robe with black lines coming down the middle and a hood to cover his face.

"don't be foolish Naruto" Naruto pull out his katana and yell "crimson sky clean my way for me!!"

The man in the robe draw his katana from his back under the robe then yelled back " crimson sea stop him!" Naruto was now in shock from hearing what he just said. He just hear the word of his dead friend blade. He starts to wonder how he has his dead friend blade

As Kurenai seeing this she was worried that she going to loss Naruto. "Naruto please don't die and why am I so worried about him? Is it because I starting to like him?

"how do you have that blade! Draco die two years ago I failed to save him!!" Naruto was starting to cry but changed at the man and tried hitting him in the neck with crimson sky but he was blocked by the crimson sea and pushed back. When Naruto was pushed back the man took off his robe he was wearing a crimson sleeveless shirt like Naruto has on and also a crimson pants the same kind Naruto is wearing. His short hair is bright red color also with sliver eyes. After seeing him Naruto start to cry more and was deep in shock

"Draco your alive!!" as he said that he cried more.

"yea Naruto I am still alive thanks to the 8 tail wolf demon sealed inside of me" he put his hand on his shoulder.

"I sorry I left for two years Naruto but I had to save someone who need my help"

"who" Naruto asked his old dead friend.

"you see him soon his name is Angel and that snake ass was testing things on him and I get him out after he put the curse mark on Angel I get there to late to stop him from doing it" after Draco said that he helped Naruto up and he ran to his crush Kurenai which once he get there he started to cry on Kurenai chest. Which made a lot of people head turn after seeing Naruto run to their sensei and putting his head on her chest but the big shocker was that she letting him. Kurenai only thoughts was "I am here for you Naruto just like you're here for me"

"its ok Naruto and Draco is it true what you say that you have the 8 tail wolf demon inside you" Draco nodded to her.

"I see so he has found it" Draco smiles at the scene of Naruto crying and holding onto Kurenai. Draco in his thoughts "yes he has found his first love good job Naruto"

"so you going be a shinobi Draco and we going be the crimson twins again?" Naruto asked his old friend.

"yes the crimson twins are back also because your teammate left you can join my with Angel that if the hokage lets us be shinobis" he starts to walk to the tower and Naruto pulls Kurenai hand to the tower.

"team 8 I meet you tomorrow to talk about the mission"

All three of them said "yes sensei"

Their thoughts was

Hinata : why is sensei so close to my Naruto!! And why did she let him put his head on her chest! Why sensei!!

Shino; no way their dating but are their?

Kiba: I bet their lovers

Sakura: that bitch made Naruto forget about Sasuke and so did that asshole dude"

At the hokage tower.

'please hokage let Naruto be on my team" Draco was now begging Tsunade

"why should I?"

"because we're the crimson twins because me and him are best katana fighters here! But the most reason is because we like brothers also we once was a team but that was two years ago" Draco yelled at her. Naruto was to busy in the arms of a red eye women to notice the yelling because he was feeling like he dead and went to heaven.

"why Naruto in your arms Kurenai?" Tsunade asked her with a smirk on her face.

"Naruto was crying and now well he does not want to let go of me" both Draco and Tsunade start laughing. Which made Kurenai turn a little red.

"Kurenai you smell nice and feel so warm" Naruto said as he pushed himself on her closer. Which made her blush deeper red then Hinata gets around Naruto. "why am I blushing why me the ice queen that never had sex before or let anyone come close to having sex with me or have more then three dates because most men are all perverts but maybe Naruto not like that just maybe wait no bad thoughts again no more thinking of that but is not the same he sweet and kind but Hinata loves him and if I do anything she will hate me" as she in her thoughts she looks down at him and smiled.

'I let you, Angel and Naruto be on the same team also by the way Kurenai can you take Naruto home because he is asleep on your chest which to me he looks like he enjoying himself" Tsunade asked her and that made Kurenai blush ever more.

"yes hokage"

After Kurenai and a sleeping Naruto left the hokage tower Draco walk out after he had few words for the hokage.

At the dango place.

Kakashi was sitting with Anko also with them was Gai and Lee.

Their see Sakura coming to them but was pissed off most lucky because of Naruto again.

"what did Naruto do this time Sakura" Kakashi asked the pink hair girl really not wanting to know what happened this time.

"I told him Sasuke left the village which he started to go after him but a asshole name Draco stop him and made him stop thinking of bring Sasuke back then that bicth of a sensei of team 8 was holding Naruto like her boy friend and that made him stop going after Sasuke ever more" as she get done talking a man walked over.

"its not nice to talk about people behind their back and if you want call anyone a bicth its you pink hair bicth also I don't think my brother Naruto would like you calling the woman he loves a bicth"

"its you and why you doing here also what do you mean he loves her!' Sakura shout at him

"I love dangos and like I said he loves her" he replied and sat down next to Anko.

That shocked everyone there. For one someone had the bags to sit that close to Anko also their just heard that Naruto loves Kurenai Yuuhi.

"who said you can sit here little boy but also Kurenai has someone that loves her that good to hear?" Anko teased him.

"I thought I would sit next to a beautiful woman" as he said that it made Anko blush a little.

"I thought you be with that friend call Angel that one you said has the curse mark"

As Sakura said that it made Anko go into shock.

"you're a bicth you don't go around saying that shit don't their teach you anything in shinobi school or maybe you just did not listen and thought about getting fucked 24/7 by that Sasuke asshole who left the village for power because he to greedy just like all backstabbers?"

"what wrong if people know that and how dare you talk about Sasuke like that he is hell a lot batter then you!?" Drake at this point was getting pissed to his max which he closed his eyes and opened them but this time he had the Sharingan but it had all three signs in his eyes which means he has master his bloodline. But it shocked everyone around him.

"sorry but he not batter then me. He given himself to power which he backstabber his home and team for" Drake then closes his eyes and opens them again but with normal eyes.

"what wrong! People will hate him and made his life like a living nightmare just like their did to me!" this did not come from Draco but a pissed off beautiful Anko. Draco looking at her which he then notice her curse mark. He starts to put his hand on her shoulder to calm down her a little. She looks at him and wonders why is he trying to help her.

'I see so the new Naruto team is two demons and curse mark user" that shocked everyone and pissed off Anko ever more which her thoughts was "I going kill this pink bicth and I starting to like this Draco but why is he so nice to me?" she looked at him "demon?".

"Draco you have a demon inside of you?" Kakashi asked him.

"yes I have the 8 tail wolf in me because my clan the Uchiha thought it be great idea to give one of their clan a demon but also me and Naruto are like brother we are know as the crimson twins and I think I should take her away before she kills this pink bicth" as he said that he gets up then helps Anko out of her chair also starts to walk to the nearby park.

Back with Kurenai and Naruto.

Kurenai finds Naruto place which she then opens it when she see what kind of place he lives in she told herself "he cant live like this anymore because no one could live like this and how dare the village treat him this bad! And I do have a 2nd bedroom I not using." after telling herself that she walks out of the place with Naruto in her arms still a sleep but he starts to sleep talk "Kurenai thank you and you feel so safe and warm" after he said that Kurenai was happy that he was asleep because her whole face and neck was a pure red color that match her crimson eyes then she starts walking back to her house. "why am I doing this? Why dammit? Do I like Naruto? But Hinata loves him? She would hate me if I start being with him.

At the park with Anko and Draco

"what your name?' Draco asked the purple hair angel beside him.

"name is Anko Mitarashi" she told him.

" pretty name and my is Draco Uchiha" he grabbed her hand. Anko blushed because one he call her name pretty which she not used to being call nice things only insults and also the 2nd thing is he holding her hand.

"thanks for calming me down but why your holding my hand like this?" she asked him in a teasing way.

"I just feel like to and is that really a bad thing to hold a beautiful woman hand?" he started to tease her back.

"no not at all" as she said that to him she blushed. "that the 2nd time he called me beautiful but I feel like he really means it not just saying it like most guys do"

"that good to hear" he replied to her.

"you can go now I'm going to be fine now" she told him but he will not let go of her hand.

"lets go some where to talk because I know your not fine" she nodded to him and wonders how he knows that she not fine.

"lets go to my place" Anko said as she blushed.

"ok sure" as he said that he thought of him and Anko being alone in her place and that made him blush a little bit of red.

Back with Naruto and Kurenai

Kurenai slowly opens her door and walks inside. She heads to the 2nd bedroom then lays Naruto down on the bed. When she is done putting the covers over him she kissed his cheek then she walks out of the room. She was now lost in thought "why did I kiss him on the cheek?" She then walk inside her room and got dressed into her night clothes which was a crimson silk night dress that shows a lot if anyone see her wearing It their would see a nice show of her chest.


At Anko place.

Anko open the door to her place which she then walked inside with Draco. Draco looks at her then closed the door behind them.

"sorry for mess on the floor but I hope you don't mind"

"you don't need to say sorry" Draco replied then moved himself and her to the couch which he then sat her down and sat beside her.

"tell me what is bothering you because I been friends with Naruto and which is now why I can see thrown someone masks also I can see you have a mask to hide your true feelings"

"everyone hates me because of my sensei backstabbing the village but the worst part is that their think I still work for him because of the curse mark but I don't work for him I hate him and I want to kill him but" as she was talking two things happened one Anko drop her mask which Draco seen her drop her mask after seeing that Draco pulled her into a hug. He was now holding also she was crying on his chest. "thank you Draco, I just wish that their would treat me batter and not call me snake whore and bitch because I not a whore I never had sex" she turned red after saying that to him and still crying.

"none thing wrong about not having that yet" He laid back on the couch then let her lay on his chest" he starts to run his hands thrown her purple beautiful hair which made her look up at him and smile. "for someone that a kid also young you act grown up a lot" She puts her head back down on his chest and closed her eyes. Few seconds later he heard her sound asleep and so he then close his eyes after he kissed her on the cheek.


Next morning with Naruto.

Naruto wakes up but as he is he looks around which he notices someone that really not a good thing. "this is not my place but I think this looks like ….. Kurenai!!" Naruto thoughts stop when he realize that he was really in Kurenai home. "how did this happen" was only thoughts Naruto had when he get up from the bed and walked to the other bedroom that his goddess was sleeping in. when he opened her bedroom door the sound woke her up from it but when she was rising herself in bed Naruto seen full view of her chest that made him have a little nosebleed. She seen his nosebleed and wonder why he had one but when she look at what she was wearing which was showing a perfect view of her chest. "I should of had a bra on but it is cute seeing him get a nosebleed for little old me" was only thoughts that came to her mind.

"Kurenai-chan how come I waked up in your place?' trying now to look at her chest but start to force on her eyes which he loved the crimson color of her eyes.

"well I seen how your place is and so I thought you be batter off living here" she replied blushing also trying to cover herself up. When she get up then walked over to Naruto.

"thank you Kurenai-chan" when Naruto tried to go for the door his foot hit something on the ground and fail towards Kurenai when he crushed into her their both fail on the bed also Naruto head was on her head and their lips are locked into a kiss. Naruto moved his tongue inside her mouth and warped his tongue around hers which made her moan.

When the kiss ended both of them blushed a deep red and was looking away from each other.

"I sorry" both of them said at the same time.

"I need go to team meet see you later" Naruto said with a blushed face. He walked out the door leaving a shocked Kurenai with her thoughts. "why did I let him kiss me and why did I let him put his tongue in my mouth do I really like him but I to old and Hinata loves him"


With Anko and Draco

Anko woke up in the arms of someone younger then her but when she looked at him she smiled then kissed his cheek to wake him up.

"hello Anko-chan"

"hello Draco and how come you stay here all night?" she asked him in a teasing way.

"well I did not want to wake you up because you like so lovely when your asleep and well you feel soft and warm so I stay" he told her as he is blushing.

"so I feel warm and looked lovely asleep?" she asked him having a little bit of pink in her cheeks.

"yes and I'm also happy your not wearing your mask" runs his hands over her face and hair. Which is making Anko blush more.

"gaki you do know I am older then you?. He nodded and kiss her on the lips. He slide his tongue inside her mouth and Anko warped her tongue around his. When the kissed end she looked at him.

"why did you do that" she was scared that this was a joke and was going to get hurt again.

"because I like you" he told her which she was hoping this was for real now.

"why I am damaged goods" as she said that as she looked away.

"don't said that you are not damaged goods and I know that you're a kind and caring person but that is why I like you a lot also I want to be with you for as long as I can" as he told her that he hugged her again.

"really? Your not trying to lie right? She pushed her head onto his chest.

"really and Its not a lie" he runs his hands thrown her purple hair again.

" I have to go to the hokage tower now" she told him.

"I have to go there to Anko-chan" she nodded.


At the tower.

"Angel you're here" Draco yelled over to a boy with black short hair with two green eyes wearing blue sleeveless shirt with long black pants he also has a katana on his back.

"yea and I am alive thanks to you"

"don't thank me and meet Anko-chan"

"hello Angel" Anko said to the boy.

"hello Anko" he reply to her.

Naruto walks into the room and says "I need help Draco"

"with what this time?" Draco said back with a smirk on his face.

"did something bad happen with you and my friend Kurenai?" Anko asked in a teasing way. Naruto told them the story and he get two smirks from both Anko and Draco.

"do you like her?' ask the smirking Anko.

"I don't like her. I love her for the last two years" Naruto said as he start to blush really bad.

"well tell her Naruto" Draco said to him.

"Angel this is Naruto he is are 3rd teammate and he one I told you about one that me and him are know as the crimson twins" after Draco said that Angel nodded.

Then a blonde hair woman came in with a black hair woman that was younger.

"you three are now a team here are you headbands and your sensei is Anko" that shocked Naruto and Angel and made Anko and Draco smile.

"I sorry but I cant wear that headband I going wear my village's headband" after Draco said that Tsunade nodded and Draco put a headband on that had sign for lave.

"I may be the last of my village but I will not forget where I came from and also I maybe a Uchiha but that only because my father is from the clan which put demon in me at age of 2 then thrown me away with my mother into the village of lave so to me that village is my home and this village is not"

"how did it die Draco" this came from Naruto.

"the man that given both Angel the curse mark was one that sent sound ninjas to attack my village. I was only six at the time but I remember the bloody day. My village was out number but we did not run we stand are ground against the sound. But in the end the village was killed but I lived thanks to the demon inside of me that came out and took over my body which I killed the few sound shinobi that was still fighting. When Draco get done telling his story Anko pulled him into a hug and now was holding him.

"I here for you my Draco-kun" Draco warped his arms around her lower back.

"thanks you for telling us what happened but can you leave the office I have other meetings" Tsunade told them and their exited out of the office.

"lets get something to eat" Naruto yelled out.

"no ramen" Draco said back.

"then no Dangos" Naruto yelled back at Draco.

"what!! NO DANGOs WHY NOT!!" yelled a Anko who loves her dangos

As their fighting over where to eat their see team 8 coming their way and Draco started to push Naruto towards Kurenai.

Naruto walked to Kurenai. "can I talk to you by ourselves Kurenai" Naruto asked her.

"you three wait here ok?' she asked her team and their nodded to her.

Naruto and Kurenai walked little bit away from them and behind a wall. Kurenai was scared that Naruto did not want be around her anymore because of that kiss.

"I want to tell you that I was happy I get a chance to kiss you" after he said that he made Kurenai go into shock then she looked at him and put her hands on his cheeks.

"why is that Naruto?'

"because I kindly of love you for the last two years" after he said that he lean over and kissed her again. She did not fight it but she did kiss back also putting her tongue inside his mouth.

Then her team came looking for her which their see Naruto and their sensei in a kissing war. Hinata was sad and hurt that her sensei is taking away the person that she loves. Their thoughts was.

Hinata: why why why why why why!! You backstabbed me sensei, you're a bicth you took away my Naruto why!!"


Shino: I guess there are going out or just kissing"

Kiba: I was right dammit I was really right"

Naruto and his goddess sees team 8 looking at them and Kurenai now wonder what will Hinata do about this.

"I have to go for now Naruto-kun"

"I see you tonight Kurenai-chun" he reply back to her.

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