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Kurenai starts walking away with her team but she looks back at Naruto before going out of his sight.

"looks like you finally did it" Draco said to his friend proudly.

'I'm glad that I really can be with her but can I ask what going on with you and are new sensei?" Naruto asked teasing his friend.

"well.." Draco said nervous.

"I think we are dating right Draco" Anko said to him.

"yea Anko-chan" he replied.

"you mean sensei" she replied back with a playfully tone.

"mhm Anko-sensei mhm that's a better word to call you" he said teasing her and thinking of few dirty things.

"no thinking that kind of things" once he get found out he blushed like hell.

"sorry Anko-chan" Draco replied with a guilty voice.

"its ok I forgive you my Draco-kun"

"I see you tomorrow at dango place!" Naruto yelled which he then run off to Kurenai house to wait for her.

"Draco I going to take a look around" Angel said to him then walked off.

"ok and my Anko-chan do you want go get some dangos?" she nodded and warped her arm around his which their then started to walk to the dango shop.


With angel.

Angel starts walking around which doing so he's taking in all the new things to him. "things are starting look up ever since you saved my life Draco, thank you" once he got to a black color stone with names on the stone which he also sees a beautiful purple hair woman standing next to it in anbu gear with her mask off.

"are these names on this stone the names of people KIA? Angel asked her.

She looks at the black hair teenage boy. "yes it is and I just remembering a dear teammate who die little while a go" Angel walk next to her.

"what is your name?" he asked her.

"my name is Yuugao and what is yours?" she replied to him.

"my is Angel" he replied back calmly.

"you new to this village Angel?" She asked him in a kind voice.

"yes because Draco saved me so now I going be a genin of this village" he replied to her with a smile.

"Saved you from what?" she asked him wanting to know. He showed her his curse mark.

"he saved me from the man that gave me this also that is why I own Draco my life"

"I see but do you want go get something to eat and talk there?" She asked because one she wants something to eat and 2nd she wants hear more of this story. He nodded and their started to walk away from the stone.


With Naruto.

Naruto starts walking to Kurenai place to wait for her, "I hope that Draco tells Kurenai about the thing he is hiding from her, maybe he thinks she will hate him."

Naruto gets to the Kurenai house but he sees that there is Kakashi and Asuma which looks like their are waiting for something or someone.

"why are you two here?' Naruto asked them.

"we should be asking you the same thing Naruto this is Kurenai house?" replied come from Kakashi. "I may just find out if the rumors are true about Kurenai and Naruto dating"

"I need tell Kurenai something that about my old sensei, Her and Draco" he said worried voice.

"what is it" asked Asuma. "I not going let you have Kurenai demon brat"

"I can't tell you because I'm not the one who should said it. It should be Draco" Naruto said.

"come on we wont not tell her" Asuma said then Kakashi nodded to Naruto.

"well my and Draco old sensei was Drake Yuuhi Kurenai half brother but the thing is the man that raped Kurenai mother which the reason that Drake was born is the same man that is Draco father that seal a demon inside of him then kick him out of the village with his mother. Draco and Drake are half brothers which Draco wants to think of himself and Kurenai as half brother and sister" both of them was shocked.

"I going used this to get Kurenai then your going lost her ahah you damn demon brat" was thoughts in Asuma mind.

Kakashi thoughts was "he was trained by Drake before I trained him but Draco wants himself and Kurenai to think of each other as half brother and sister, never seen this coming?"

"promise you will not tell her I said this" both of them nodded.

"I promise Naruto because I am your sensei also a friend who will one day make up for mistakes I did to you when it come to being your sensei" Kakashi thoughts.

"I don't promise demon brat but you going to lose your love ahahah" was the thoughts of a evil asshole Asuma.


Two hours later with Draco and Anko. He just get done telling her his story about him being Kurenai half brother also about his past. She told him that he had to tell her now. When their start walking to Anko house their see team 8 that when Anko pushed him to her. Draco tells her the story which she then she starts to cry but then hugs him to dead.

"so he still alive and you're my new half brother because I want think that way to" he nodded and she hugged him again.

"team 8 I will see you later" their nodded then she starts to walk off to her house also she wanting to say the good news to lovely new boy friend Naruto.

"she looks happy about the news?' Draco said as he kisses Anko neck.

"yes she does and if you kept kissing me like that I 'm thinking we may just need a room" she loves teasing him.

"I guess so my Anko-chan" he gently kisses her neck hard which Anko then let out a moan.

"your maybe right but you know I am waiting right?" he nodded and pick her up in bride way.

"just because you waiting to be ready for that does not mean we can't do other things right? She nodded to him as she rests her head on his shoulder. He starts walking to her house that is close by.


Angel and Yuugao.

Its been two hours of talking and eating but Yuugao did find out a lot about Angel. That he was all alone before that snake asshole took him and did things to him. Like give him the curse mark and ruined his life.

Angel found out a lot about Yuugao. That she is a anbu member which she was also well trained with a ninjato just like he is, also that she was beautiful in so many ways. Their said their goodbyes and said to meet again here tomorrow at 7pm.

"my life is really changing for the best and its all thanks to you Draco" Angel start heading to the place where he and Draco share but which Draco never comes home to sleep.


Naruto and the two men see Kurenai coming to them. She was wondering why Kakashi and Asuma are here for but she knows why Naruto was which made her giggle.

"why are you two here" but she was cut off by Asuma kissed her on the lips and try putting his tongue in her mouth but she bit his tongue so he would end the kiss. Naruto wanted to kill Asuma right now or a less hurt him so he near death. Kurenai could see how pissed Naruto was which make her more pissed then him.

"WHY IN HELL DID YOU JUST DO THAT FOR!? Yelled Kurenai who was right now pissed at her friend.

"because you should be with someone batter and not a demon kid who kept something from you" after he said that he told her the story which made Naruto want to run away right now. After hear the story she walks to Naruto which she kisses him on the lips as their kissing she moves her tongue to his lips which he opens to let her in. after about 14 more seconds of tongue war with each other their end the kiss which leave both Kakashi shocked that it was true also Asuma pissed to a new level of pissed off.

"I know all about that because Draco told me little while ago but Naruto you don't need be worry I am not mad at you Naruto" she smiled at him then Naruto and her walked inside her place after their get inside she closed the door on both Kakashi and Asuma. "why did she do that! Why does she want be with the demon brat! Why dammit!?

"I told you that you will not get what you want Asuma" Kakashi looked at his friend and starts to walk away. "don't tell me your going start hating me to"

Inside with Naruto and Kurenai who was now in middle of a hot kiss. When the kiss finally broke both of them was panting for air.

"Kurenai-chan I love you" he moved his head onto of her.

"I love you to Naruto-kun" she kissed his neck.

"lets go lay down together ok?" he asked her as he's looking into her eyes.

"yes but you know that I am still" before she could get done saying it he nodded and lead her to the bedroom. Once their get there he laid her down and laid beside her.

"Kurenai-chan what you plans for later in life?" Naruto asked his love that laying beside him.

'well I was thinking of having a family one day" she smiled after saying that then Naruto kissed her lips. Once the kiss end he whisper into her ear "maybe we can start making one someday soon" that turn Kurenai red because of Naruto would want a family with her.

"Naruto do you mind if my little sister moves in with us? Because the two graves I was at was my mother and father that dead few weeks ago which now she as no where else to go also she only six years old" Naruto kissed her lips once she get done because he sees that she had tearing coming down her face.

"you don't need to ask me because I want you be with your sister so its fine with me. I always be here for you and now I will be here for your sister to" he pulled her into a hug.

"she be here tomorrow morning but I need to tell her about you so please stay the night" he nodded "what your plans?" she asked him in a kind and loving voice.

"first is to be a great father with you as the mother" which made her blush "also I want be hokage but my last plan is to make my old sensei proud of me" when she heard the last part she could not believe that Naruto wants Drake be proud of him. "why does he want my brother be proud of him so much?"

"why do you want him be proud of you?' she asked him wondering why.

"because he the one that trained me in the way of the sword that the reason why I fought against Zabuza one of the seven mist swordsmen on the mission of waves. Kakashi-sensei told us to let him handle it but he was a swordsman so I charge in because of my pride of a sword fighter. I want to be the best swordsman so Drake will be proud of me because he the one that trained me" after he get done she was shocked at the reason then she starts kissing him on the lips.

"I know that he is proud of you because I am" she moved her head to his chest. Naruto warped his arms around her lower back then slowly started to fall asleep along side his love Kurenai.


Back to Draco and Anko inside her house.

Draco is onto of Anko kissing her neck then her chest. "Anko-chan can I ask something?" she looked at his eyes and wonder what he going to ask.

"sure what is it? She asked him with little worried in her tone. He starts to run his hands thrown her purple hair.

"please don't worry its none thing bad. I was just wondering what your plans are for later in life" he asked her as he looked her in the eyes then kissed her ear.

"well I was hoping to find someone who will treat me nice and kind then one day have a family with him" Draco smiled at her and she moved her head to the side and look at him as she blushed a deep red.

"why you smiling" she asked him also wondering why. "don't tell me?"

'I just thinking maybe I can be that person" he gently kisses her neck then lips. Which made her blush a deeper red. "I was right. He thinking about being with me like that"

"its my turn to ask you what is your plans?" she asked him back.

"well my plans are to kept your safe no matter what the cost is and also to have a family with you when we older" after saying that she blushes a lot more then Draco gently kisses her lips again also slides his tongue inside of her mouth. She start moving her tongue around her as the kissing was going on Draco moved his hand under her shirt then around her back. Anko starting worry that he going to go to far. She tried to say something but she was stopped by Draco.

"don't worry so much. I promise I would not try to have sex right now so you don't need to worry so much" he told her so she would stop worrying about it. After little more of kissing their both dazes off into sleep land in each other arms.


The next day with Kurenai and Naruto.

Both of them wake to the sound of knocking on the door. Naruto goes to open it but when he does he sees a little girl with black hair and red eyes.

"you most be Kurenai sister right?" she nodded then walked in which Naruto then closed the door behind them.

"Kurenai your little sister is here!" he yelled to the next room.

"ok I'm coming!' after she said that she walked into the living room where both of them are waiting.

"Big sister!" the girl cried out as she ran then hugged her to death. Naruto looked at the two sisters hugging but he could not stop himself from smiling

"Shiva how are you?" asked her big sister.

"I good but' she then pointed to Naruto "who is he!" she yelled out.

"I am your big sister boyfriend" Naruto replied for Kurenai.

"really but why she dating someone that a lot younger then her?" she asked wondering why.

"yes we are going out and he's going be living with us" she said also she smiles at Naruto for not hiding what their are.

"ok big sister and big sister boy friend" Naruto nodded to her then get up which he walked over to his girl friend then kissed her on the lips but he also patted Shiva on the head. Kurenai was smiling at what Naruto was doing.

"I have go now because need to get teammates then do missions" Naruto said to his love,

"where does Anko live because that where I'll find both sensei and Draco" she told him where to find them after she did he jumped out the window and headed over to the place.

"I don't like him" Kurenai younger sister said.

"why is that?" Kurenai asked but she wondering about things. "will this really work out but what will I do about her not liking him"

"because you should be with someone that your age also someone that looks a lot batter" she told her big sister.

"Shiva you just have to get along with Naruto because I'm not going to break up with him. We have go meet my team" she said as both sisters walked out of the place.


With Anko and Draco.

Their sitting in the living room eating some eggs and bread when their hear knocking on the door. Draco gets up to open it but when he did he sees a purple hair woman in purple shirt and black pants which her hair same as Anko.

"can I help you?" Draco asked the woman.

"can you get my daughter out here" she asked seeming to be pissed off. yes she has a clan in this" Anko walks to the room to see who it is.

"mom why are you here?" Anko asked her worried.

"because I was worried but who is this young man?" her mother asked her.

"h…e I..s m.y" before she can said it Draco spoke up.

"I'm her boyfriend" he said to Anko mother flatly out. Anko mother looked at him with deadly eyes.

"why would my daughter be dating someone that young like you? When she getting married" her mother said to him. "why Anko? I know your father forcing you but still?"

"I told you that I not going married the person father making me!" she yelled at her.

"you going meet your father in a hour and the person" she replied back to her daughter.

"so I can hurt the person she being force to marry?" Draco said as he closes his eyes.

"you will not do anything like that young man!!" yelled Anko mother. "does he love my daughter?"

"who going to stop me?" Draco opened his eyes with pissed look on his face.

"stop it Draco because you don't need to worry. I not going to marry him that's because I love you and not him" she said as she warps her arms around his waist. "she finally find someone to love but he going make her loss it by marrying the man he picked for her"

"where do me and Draco have to meet father in a hour?' Anko replied to her mother.

"not him only you and at the dango shop" but she was cut off by Draco "where ever she goes I going so you need get over it" that shocked both women because one he had bags to stay up to Anko mother. Two he did not bat a eye doing so.

As Anko mother was about said something Naruto walk into the place with Angel beside him.

"hello Draco-onii and Anko-sensei" Naruto said to them.

"hello sensei and Draco" angel told them.

"you going to married man your father pick and like it!' after her mother yelled at her she storm out.

"I not going let them force you to marry him" Draco pulled her into a hug.

"please don't give in Anko-kun I don't want to lose you" after Draco said that he kissed her lips gently.

"I not going to let them because my heart belongs to only one person that person is you" she return the kiss.

"lets go to the dango place to wait and as we waiting we can talk about are missions and training" all three of them nodded and walked with their sensei out of the her place.


'as for training we are going to meet at training grounds 5 at 6 30am. We do missions around 3pm. Do you have any thing against this?' Anko asked her students and boyfriend.

"no sensei" all three said at once.

As the four of them are talking their see Anko mother with a man but also with other woman. The three of them sit down next to the gang.

"so your Anko father? He nodded. "she's not going be force into marrying anymore" that make her father pissed because a little brat telling him what she will not do.

"who the fucking hell do you think you are little brat!" he yelled at him to try to scary him.

"if you trying to scary me stop because I been thrown hell I don't think you yelling does not come close of anything also I am her boyfriend" Draco starts making a fist but Anko puts her hands on his fist to calm him down. "she cares about him a lot" her mother thoughts.

"she going marry the man I picked if she likes It or not!" after he yelled a man in white shirt and white pants also with red hair and sliver eyes around the age of 20s comes over but when he get their not just Draco put his hand on his ninjato but so did Naruto.

"YOU! I THOUGHT I KILLED YOU. YOU BACK BACKSTABBER!" Draco said in a demonic voice.

"does this little brat know you Dark?" Anko father asked.

"in a way he does because we half brothers" he replied back to the man.


"so what I know he did that? He still marrying An" he was cut off by Draco blade to his neck.

"he not going anyway near Anko-chan because she loves me also I never letting him near her. You are calling off this wedding or you will not live to see a other day" Draco was pissed to the point that he would kill him. Dark moves to Anko which he was about to kiss her when Naruto blade comes to his neck which start bleeding.

"don't you dare go any closer to her" Naruto said in a demonic voice. Anko moves away from him which she then warps her arms around Draco chest to calm him down.

Which as she doing that pisses off her father ever more. Her mother on the other hand could not believe that her love would make Anko marry someone that evil also she happy that Draco cares a lot about her which he willing to kill for her. "he really loves her and she really loves him"

"as her mother Crimson I will not force her to marry Dark' that make both Draco and Anko smile but pissed off both her father and Dark. Dark started to charge at Crimson but was stop by two blade which was not Draco or Naruto. The man who stop Dark blade was in a deep crimson shirt also had black flames on it. The same color pants with the same black flames.

'DRAKE-SENSEI!!" yelled both Naruto and Draco. He looked at them and smiled.

"if you kept trying to hurt people I will have to hurt you" Drake said to the man he looked down at. Their seen the 5th hokage coming to them with pissed off face on.


"Grammy their trying force Anko to marry someone that sold his village out the village hidden in the lave to the sound which then was killed by them" Naruto said which worried eyes.

'as the hokage I said any force of making Anko marry someone is a against the law" which the women smiled but Anko father and Dark was pissed off to the max.

"you can't stop something that a clan does in its own clan!" her father yelled at the hokage.

"I am the clan head which means I can stop you from forcing are daughter from marrying someone" Crimson said to him.

"thank you Miss Crimson" Draco said to her.

"your welcome and also you love Anko deeply don't you?" she asked him.

"yes I do?" once he said that he looked at Anko.

"team zero you have a mission" Anko and other students look at the hokage.

"your team and team 8 will do a mission together which you need get to the meeting place in 10mins. The meeting place is the north gates which Kurenai Yuuhi will tell you what mission is about" once he hear that his lover was going be with him Naruto could not help but smile which did not go unnoticed.

"did you finally tell my sister how you feel?" Drake asked his old student.

"yes but me and her are living together which her little sister is joining us but the thing is I don't think Shiva likes me dating her sister" that shocked Drake.

"I have a 2nd sister what the hell!" Drake yelled.

"yea you have been gone for 16 years which she is 6" Naruto said to him.

"YOU TWO GETTING THAT CLOSE! WHO SAID YOU COULD DO THAT!" which was from the blonde hokage.

"I guess we have to go bye Grammy Tsunade" Naruto said as he starts to ran off to the north gate.

Little bit later team 8 sensei sees team zero coming to them but Kurenai see someone she thought she would never see again. She looking at her brother. Their notice that team 8 students have not come yet.

"Kurenai-kun how are you doing" Naruto said as he walked up to her.

"I doing good Foxy but my day as not been good" Kurenai said with sad eyes.

"what happened?" he asked her caring voice.

"its all your fault!" Shiva yelled to him.


"so this is your genin team big sister" Shiva said as she looking at Kiba, Shino but when her eyes landed on Hinata she notice that this girl was giving her sister evil eyes"

"why you giving my sister evil looks!' yelled Shiva.

"because she dating the person I love" Hinata said back.

"Hinata I understand you mad at me but Naruto-kun as the right to love anyone he wants to, just because you love him does not mean he loves you back" Kurenai said as her heart is in pain because her student hates her.

'I don't care! He should love me! I been watching him for four years now! I hate you!" once Hinata said that Kurenai had tears coming from her eyes.

End of flashback.

Naruto pulls Kurenai into a hug "I sorry that she did that" he then start ran his hand thrown her hair.

"its not your fault foxy" once she said that Shiva get pissed.

"yes it is his fault" she yelled at him.

"shut up little sister or I have to yell at you" Drake walked in front of Shiva.

"big brother?" she said looking at him which he nodded.

Naruto looks into Kurenai eyes "please don't be sad" he kisses her lips gently.

As their kissing team 8 members walked over to them which Hinata was pissed. Her two teammates wish that their didn't have to go thrown this again.

That the end of chapter two which I hope you like.

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