Who Knew - Pink

Author: yeknodelttil

Rating: K

Summary: They knew better in the end.

Atlantis was supposed to be safe, the Wraith didn't know we were here; there were no threats that we knew of. You were supposed to be safe on Atlantis. Who knew, dear friend, who knew?

Off world people died, not on Atlantis, Atlantis was home. That was our most fatal mistake.

Three short years that's how long it lasted, three short years. It seems like yesterday we met. It was a friendship meant to last a lot longer. You worked your way into everyone's heart.

It helps to think of you as being transferred to Earth. The pain seems to ebb slightly.

We still turn to talk to you, before realising you're not there, just a dark empty room beckoning.

Your replacement, its seems so cold to think that someone can be replaced so easily, your replacement isn't as friendly as you were, she isn't as skilled at her job as you are…were. She doesn't think she fits in here and lets everyone know it, she'll get used to Atlantis though – you did.

You saved so many lives, none of us realised how many until those final days.

When one of us is injured we get the feeling you're there watching over us. We took you for granted; we thought you'd always be there for us, how much we wish we'd spent that last day with you.

We know nothing can bring you back, we wish something could. Just even for a few hours to say the things we never had the chance to.

We won't forget you, our friend. Count on that.

When times get tough you'll be remembered.

One day we'll meet again, and until that day we'll keep you locked in our hearts.

Goodbye dear friend, goodbye.

The End

A/N: This was originally written for Carson but it could be for Elizabeth as well.