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Dream Series, Final Part:
Kirra White Tigress

"Tell me," Glinda said as she carefully slipped out of her pale blue dress; Elphaba was already settled with a book on the single lumpy mass that was supposedly serving as their bed. She couldn't see how anyone could lower themselves like this, to stay in a moldy, disgusting room at an inn that was practically falling apart. Elphaba had said that they had to, for they didn't have that much money to go on. That in itself was a load of nonsense and they both knew it—Glinda had enough money to buy this place and many others just like it. But she knew the green girl well enough to leave her be on that issue. "Tell me," she went on, "why did you do what you did that night? the night I had that terrible dream?"

"I did a lot of things that night," Elphaba replied, making Glinda blush furiously. "Also, I believe it is already established that it wasn't a dream. More of a psychic insight."

The blonde frowned. Like she really needed to be reminded about that. The next morning it was discovered that Doctor Dillamond had an incident in his laboratory—or was murdered, as Glinda had confessed to her roommate later on that day. Ama Clutch, being a witness, had gone mad and was ordered to remain in the infirmary until the day she recovered. It was a horrific experience for everyone involved, the blonde more so because she had seen these events before they occurred.

"Besides, I don't see why you're so interested in my reasoning for simply helping you, especially now of all times. You didn't breathe a word about it in the morning."

Glinda bit her lip. "I wanted to," she whispered, but it went unnoticed by the green girl. Elphaba was right, as she always was. Although she thought of that night constantly—of how wonderful it felt to be in her arms, to be touched like that by her roommate—she didn't talk about it with her when they both woke up the next morning. It was like all the rules of propriety and proper standing rushed back to her the moment she opened her eyes, screaming that it was wrong to have done what they did. In a way she wanted to believe it had never happened; after all, sleeping with one's roommate was reason enough for expulsion, or possibly worse.

So is merely having feelings for her, the blonde reminded herself, and all other thoughts were silenced for the time being.

Glinda sighed and finished undoing the laces and stays on her corset, letting it fall to the floor unceremoniously. She felt a wave of relief wash over her as her body was given the capability to breathe again—in all her years of wearing those damned things, she never once got used to the feeling of gradually being suffocated. Quickly she reached for her nightgown and slipped into it, taking her hair out of the collar right after. "I really don't see how my being quiet about the matter has anything to do with why you slept with me," she said. The blonde turned around and walked over to the bed, careful not to make eye contact with the green girl. "Would you care to explain?"

Elphaba scowled. "You enjoyed it, didn't you? Why press the matter?"

"Because I want to know," Glinda answered. She sat down beside her roommate, her eyes glancing at a green hand before darting away. Her heart was beating frantically, just as it had a number of weeks ago. "I want to know why you did it. Were there any feelings behind it?" She swallowed thickly. "Or… did you want to take advantage of me in my most vulnerable state?"

Elphaba laughed cruelly; the sound pierced the blonde's heart. "You're always vulnerable, Miss Glinda. I could have taken you at any time if I was so inclined."

"Yet you didn't," the smaller girl countered, her voice at a whisper. She was going to break at any moment, she could feel it. The blonde drew up the courage at last to lock eyes with her roommate; her breath was stolen almost immediately. "You chose that night instead of any other. Why?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"Because—" Don't say it, her mind hissed before suddenly"Because I love you so fiercely that I can't bear it any longer!"

Silence suddenly gripped the room, an electric tension built up automatically. It felt like the walls were slowly closing in, the ceiling on the verge of collapsing. It was maddening…. But then it was broken by a sob that tore out of Glinda's throat; the tension was there but the stillness was not. The world shattered and was put back together, all of the pieces in different locations and thus altering the appearance for good—the smaller girl's confession seemingly did just that.

Elphaba shifted as Glinda silently wept. The book was closed, set to the side. "Glinda—"

"I know what you're going to say," the blonde whimpered as her heart continued to fall to pieces, "and I don't want you to. My feelings are real—I love you so much, Elphie."

"I'm not—"

"I know you're not—you keep telling me that you can't. Which is why… which is why I understand if you pleasured me for any reason other than love. But that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt me."


"I understand if you don't want anything to do with—"

Her lips were suddenly captured in a searing kiss, interrupting her words as well as eliminating all other thoughts. Even confusion wasn't a factor. Glinda broke the kiss just to take in a breath of air before leaning back in, allowing the connection to deepen. A moan escaped her as she was gently pressed onto the mattress, a body settling above hers; she wrapped her arms around Elphaba's neck and prayed that this wasn't a dream….

"I love you," Elphaba growled softly, her lips trailing down the blonde's neck. "That's why. Making love to you was the only way I could soothe you; you asked for a distraction and I gave it to you out of pure adoration."

Glinda sighed, a smile tugging at her lips. She whispered her love to Elphaba over and over again, kissing her as many times in one breath as she could. Never before had she felt so free, so liberated. She loves me, she thought again and again, her heart soaring with the revelation. She feels the same; it isn't a trick….

"Lady Glinda?"

Her blue eyes snapped open immediately at the sound of her own name from the voice that had penetrated and ultimately destroyed her dreams. Her senses went on full alert, her mind racing to figure out who had spoken to her. The voice sounded so familiar yet foreign at the same time…. Perhaps she was imagining things? It wouldn't be the first time this had occurred—several times she'd imagined Elphaba at her bedside. At that decision—and with a sudden great sorrow on her heart—the blonde closed her eyes once again and settled on going back to sleep.

Back to my Elphie….

"Lady Glinda," the voice repeated, obviously a Gale Force soldier, "we have a situation. You're needed in the Emerald City at once."

Glinda fought back a groan. So this wasn't her imagination—it was a damned summoning! What did they need now? More money to add to the ridiculous donations her husband and she had already given? Was it an interrogation to discover whether or not it was she who murdered Madame Morrible some odd weeks ago? All of Oz knew how much she hated that old hag…. Or did it all run much deeper than that? The blonde could almost feel her blood freeze in her veins as a single, more dreadful thought came to mind. What if the Wizard had discovered her true relations with the so-called "Wicked Witch of the West"? If so, Glinda would possibly be sent to Southstairs if not put to death….

It doesn't matter anyway, she thought sadly as memories of just a month ago flooded her mind. Elphaba had already banished her from her life. If death were to come, she'd freely welcome it.

"Your Goodness."

"This is about the Witch, isn't it?" Glinda sighed. She swallowed thickly, her mind trying to soothe her heart, which was the only part of her that was fretting about her impending demise.

"So you know she's dead."

The breath she held was suddenly crushed from her lungs by the weight of the soldier's sudden proclamation. Glinda abruptly sat up, unabashed at her current state of dress, and trained her shocked cerulean gaze upon the eyes of her tormentor. There had to be some mistake—some trace of deceit in his eyes…. But he proved to be unwavering, the words echoing in his own gaze. A numbness settled over her body before—at last—time seemed to stop, the world froze on its axis. Everything seemingly fell apart around her while still maintaining its form. The numbness turned into a whirling mixture of fire and ice as her heart was mercilessly stabbed by the painful revelation.

The Witch is dead….

My Elphie….

But it couldn't be! Elphaba was stronger than that. She was exempt from Death! No other world would have her but this one!

Not even this one….

"Lady Glinda?"

"She can't be," the blonde woman whispered, her voice shaky and void of its usual strength. She held herself, trying to console herself since the soldier before her wouldn't. "She's better than that…." Glinda bit her bottom lip, and a single tear fell from her eyes. "My beloved…. How could this happen to you…?"

"The carriage is waiting outside for you. You are to make a speech before the whole of Oz. We need you to be ready."

Glinda heard the soldier step out of her room, the door closing softly behind him. In the next moment, she fell against the feather mattress, her scream of anguish muffled by the sheets and pillows beneath her. "Elphie," she sobbed. Over and over again, a desperate attempt to bring her back—to set things right once more. But she knew her efforts were all in vain. Elphaba was dead. She was never coming back.

She's never coming back...

She would give anything to break away from this terrible nightmare, but she knew deep in her subconscious that she never could. This time it was real.

This time she couldn't wake up.