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Parallel Lines

(xx.Sasori POV.xx)

Deidara calls me Danna, but what am I a master of besides my puppets? I'm good at killing people; I suppose…not that it's a very admirable trait. No, not really admirable at all. Myself, I'm a puppet too. Puppets are the ones that have masters, aren't they?

I don't know if I'd ever manage to tell him, but I often find myself thinking of Deidara as Danna. Strange, isn't it…? But, he's the one who knows what direction to go in, which is full speed ahead. With various explosions along the way, of course. Deidara wouldn't be my Deidara without his damned explosions.

He goes off in that direction, forward; while I just continue looking back into the past. Gazing at the past, no, it doesn't do any thing for me, so I don't know why I do it, but I can't seem to help it… It's just the way that Deidara can't help but say 'un' after his every statement.

When the two of us are written on paper, I think we'd be shown as two separate lines, each running its own way, never touching. But here, in this life, I don't know..it's sort of like that saying, 'your other half'. Is that it? I suppose that's us, maybe…

Still, I don't know what that blondie is thinking, spending so much time with me. I'm just a puppet. Nothing special. Only bits of wood, mostly.

Deidara is a good person, a genuine person, though misled about art and about me. He's a good person, for a 'terrorist'. I've tried to count the times I've come up with reasons why he should stay away, but I never can remember all of them. Anyway, trying to protect his will never work.

I wish that I didn't feel so strongly about him, because then it would be easier.

…Or maybe I'm just worried I will become Danna. A master to myself, so I won't be stuck looking backwards through the years. If anyone could teach me how to let go, it would be Deidara, but I wouldn't ask. I don't need to.

It really is that saying, 'your other half'. It's true, I can't deny it and I can't run away from it.

I'm a puppet, and Deidara hasn't realized it, but he's my Danna too.

On paper we are parallel lines, but here, next to each other, when we embrace, we are one line.

One complete line, two halves, joined together.

How sickeningly sweet…but I can't seem to let go.