Cancer Care December 15th

The Evil Dead:

A Novelization


Legend has it, it was written by the dark ones. Necrinomicon Ex Mortis, roughly translated: Book of the Dead. It was written long ago, when the seas ran red with blood. It was this blood that was used to ink the book. The Necrinomicom served as a passageway of sorts, to the hideous worlds beyond. The book contained summoning spells, demonic passages and bizarre funeral rites, recitation of such could bring about unspeakable evil. In the year 1400 A.D., the book disappeared…

Chapter 1

Cabin in the Woods

An aging Chevy Oldsmobile, a bright yellow in colour, sped down a quiet mountain road. The car contained five occupants, one was driving, one was reading, one was singing and two were staring out the window. The only male passenger in the back, a young man with black hair, thick eyebrows and a pronounced chin glanced foreword as the driver joined in with the song. They made a cute couple he thought, maybe not as cute as him and Linda, but still, he could see them living together happily. Suddenly the driver, Scotty, a man with long blonde hair and a shaggy look about him, cut off and glanced back at him. "Hey Ash, where are we?"

Ash glanced down at the map in his hands, tracing the road they were following with his finger. "Well, we just crossed the Tennessee border so…"

Unbeknownst to the occupants of the car, something within the woods was watching them, something formless, a consciousness that seemed to drip with malevolence. It watched as the car drove along the road, another part of it sensed a large truck driving in the opposite direction. Although this inhuman thing's power was greatly reduced in the light of day, maybe it could still have a little fun.

"That would put usss…" Ash continued. Scotty leaned back "yeah?"

The thing saw it's chance and sped forward, towards the car and the hapless passengers within. "Which would put us…" The presence sped past trees and shrubs, it was almost there. "Riiighht". The force could see the car; it skimmed low, propelling itself towards it.

"Here!" Ash proclaimed, pointing to a spot on the map. Suddenly the steering wheel spun out of Scotty's hands, dragging the rest of the car across the road at a very dangerous angle. The car righted itself, albeit right in front of a large truck that was headed straight for them, honking its horn loudly.

"Turn!" shrieked Shelly, the redheaded girl sitting in the front passenger seat.

Scotty tried but the wheel wouldn't respond, the trunk was much closer now and four feet was a very unhealthy distance to be away from a truck that was headed straight at you. Scotty finally was able to wrestle the steering wheel free of whatever force was gripping it and veered to the right as the truck barreled past. Linda screamed, but other than that, they were safe.

Ash thumped the headrest of Scotty's seat. "What the hell was that?!"

"Hey don't blame me" Scotty replied, rapidly regaining his cool, "It's the damn steering wheel, jerked right out of my hands!"

"I don't understand, I had this thing in for a tune-up yesterday! They said they'd gone over everything!"

"Yeah, well you better take it back 'cause the damn thing don't work, all that does work is this lousy horn" To punctuate his statement, Scotty honked said horn twice. This caused two yokels at the side of the road to wave at him.

"Aw go to hell!" Scotty yelled as he leaned out the window "I'm not honkin' at you!" It was times like this Ash wondered what Shelly saw in him.

Shelly chimed in asking, "Hey Scotty, what's this place like anyhow?" Scotty answered her. "Well, it's a little run down, but it's right up in the mountains, and the best part is, we're getting it so cheap"

"Yeah" asked Cheryl, Ash's younger sister. Cheryl shared Ash's dark hair and stunning blue eyes. She had insisted on coming with them and eventually Ash agreed. Partly because he thought that it would be nice for his sister to tag along, and partly because she was one of the few people who knew his real name was Ashley and threatened to tell Scotty. "Why are we getting it so cheap?"

"I dunno" Scotty replied "maybe 'cause it's in bad shape"

Linda, Ashley's girlfriend and a brunette with stunning features, leaned foreword. "You mean, no ones seen this place yet?"

"Well no, not yet" Scotty confirmed.

Ash tried to reassure her "It might not be that bad"

"Yeah" Cheryl continued, "Actually might be kind of nice"

" It's probably a real pit" Shelly interjected sullenly.

Ash consulted the map and pointed to a side path leading off the main road

" I think this is where we get off" Scotty complied and turned on to the path and onto a very flimsy looking bridge.

"This is the bridge we're gonna cross?" said Shelly apprehensively, peering out over the side.

A tremor signaled several planks dropping away into the gorge below.

"Jesus Christ" Scotty yelped, "the whole thing's coming apart on us!"

Ash once again tried to reassure them. "Relax girls, I'm sure this thing is as solid as a rock". The bridge thought other wise and gave way underneath one of the wheels. The tire squealed and eventually pulled free, carrying the rest of the car off of the bridge. Ash chuckled slightly at Cheryl's nervousness.

The Chevy wound down a heavily wooded path, right into the heart of the forest. It was eerily quiet. One would expect the sounds of wildlife or even just the wind, but nothing, utter silence. This fact was lost on the group as they climbed out of the car and gazed at the cabin they would be spending Spring Break in. Scotty trudged forwards, stepping onto the porch and noticed the swinging bench. By the time he realized that it would be odd for a bench to be swinging with no wind, it had stopped. He glanced over his shoulder and saw his four friends rooted to the spot, staring at him as he advanced to the front door. What's got into them?

He reached the door and extended his hand to the shelf made by the threshold and felt around until his fingers closed around a ring of keys. He brought it down and turned back to the group. They slowly started to walk towards him. "It's supposed to be one of these on here" Scotty glanced at the inert bench again and inserted the first key into the door. Why was the hair on the back of his neck standing? He felt like he was being watched. He tried the second key and the door clicked open. The others huddled behind him as the door swing open, illuminating the dusty interior. Scotty finally willed himself to relax. Four college graduates and one student in an old abandoned cabin in the woods. What could possibly happen?