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PROLOGE: The rise and fall of evil, Prim-Evil…..

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Long ago, before the creation of the ancient order of the mystical monkey or the Yamanuchi ninja school, in a forgotten time when the people of the world turned to five great and mystical animals for protection and guidance, a time where the world's people know only peace and harmony. For century's people whose animalogical sign matched one of the five mystical animals would be allowed to study directly from the chosen avatar of that particular animal in order to attain a greater understanding of the mystical forces.

For what can be recalled, nothing seamed wrong or dangerous about a young and eager monk named Prim. He was one the brightest pupils within the walls of the red monkey temple, so great that no one doubted that when the time came for the current avatar to step down Prim would take his place without challenge. But the seat of avatar was not Prim's goal no; all he wanted was to understand every aspect of the mystical forces his people were blessed with. As Prim aged and his knowledge grew, his once noble quest for understanding turned into a lust for power which many would say had driven him mad.

When Prim finally struck, it was on a global scale. Through his many decades of research he had also amassed an army of followers; people who had fallen prey to the same lust that had claimed Prim. Two each temple he sent massive armies each led by one of four generals, there mission simple take everything and leave nothing alive. Prim himself led the army that marched on the temple of the red monkey to kill the monkey's avatar himself. The ensuing battle lasted for weeks, leaving much of the once great society in ruins and destroying thousands of lives.

In the end it came down to Prim and the red avatar, battling against each other with nothing less then all their strength and power. "It's over old man GIVE UP! The time of those stupid creatures is OVER! " Prim yelled towards the older avatar. " For once ach young monk your words carry some ach truth to them" was all the monk said before bringing his hands together. "Because, for the sake of the world, it must be as our people and our knowledge never existed, and for the sake of its future, YOUR TIME MUST NEVER BE!!" and the everything was engulfed in light, and when it faded all that stood in the place of the two combatants was the Tempus Simia.

It begins…..

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