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Chapter 8: Nightmare at the Museum Part 1

Middleton Airport (late afternoon):

Robert was tired; he hadn't slept for at least 36 hours. After getting all the final arrangements for the move-in place, he had found himself with less then 2 hours before the flight home. He had rushed to the plane and had failed to get any sleep during the flight (he never could). He felt like dropping dead right there at the terminal, but then he heard it.

"Daddy, over here!" Robert turned his head towards the sweet voice of his youngest daughter and when his eyes met hers, he felt himself filled up with renewed energy. The major reason he had agreed to participate in the project was that he would be able to work from Middleton and be able to try and make up for all the time he had missed with his family.

"Bonnie! Ah, hey!" Robert shouted before his daughter gave him a hug that almost knocked him over. As he returned the hug, he saw his wife and his two other daughters coming up to greet him as well.

"Hi, honey! God, how I've missed you." He said as he kissed his wife. "How I've missed all of you. I promise that this isn't just some stop in, I'm done globetrotting." He told all of them. "Now I just have to check in with Terry at the museum then we can head home and I can really catch up with all my girls." With that the Rockwaller clan headed out, Robert hoping to get done what needed to be done as fast as possible.

Underground cavern (location unknown):

When Prim had arrived at the well's location, he was met with a very odd sight. A group of drones were fighting what looked like monkeys dressed as ninjas and what was really surprising; the monkeys seemed to be winning. A moment later, the Shadow Lord in charge approached him.

"Explain, now." Prim ordered.

"Lord Master, soon after we arrived, there was an explosion that blew out the wall facing the cliff outside. From it came these animals; we've been able to hold them off so far but their numbers make them difficult to fight." The Shadow Lord explained to his master.

"Well, now that's easy enough to fix…what?" Prim said as he was about to summon more drones but stopping when he felt a small spark of power coming from within the monkey melee. It was then that a human warrior busted out of the pack, a drone held by his foot.

"Who or what is that?" Prim asked aloud, and got his answer only a moment later.

"You thought you could defeat MONKEY FIST!!" Monkey fist screamed. Prim only looked at Monkey Fist as he spoke to his Shadow Lord.

"You and the others hold off the monkeys, the monkey man is mine." Prim said before charging full force at Monkey Fist. For his part, Monkey fist saw Prim coming in for the attack but only just managed to block the blow (with the drone he had in his foot). This lead to the two trading blows at impossible speeds. Soon, fighters on both sides had stopped to watch their leaders match each other blow for blow, neither giving away an opening for the other. But as soon as it had started, it ended with one well-placed elbow to the head.

"You're better then I thought you'd be." Said the victor.

Meanwhile at the Middleton Museum:

Tara had just finished fixing up her mother's office closet when the phone on her desk rang.

"Hello?" Tara asked.

"Hi, Tara; it's Bonnie. We're just a few minutes from you guys right now. My mom's going to drop me and dad off at the steps then head home to start dinner. Be sure to be out front to let us in, okay?" Bonnie told her.

"No problem, Bonnie. I'll be at the door waiting; see you guys soon." Tara said before saying goodbye and after hanging up called to her mom.

"Mom! Bonnie and her dad will be here soon. I'm heading to the front so I can let them in, okay?" Tara said to her mother.

"That's fine, dear. Just be sure to tell Robert that I'll be in the far back by the time they get here." Tara's mom said as she headed into the museum's storage area.

"No problem, I'll tell him." Tara shouted as she left for the front doors. Unknown to either mother or daughter their conversation had been overheard by a guard who, if looked at closely, it could be seen that he didn't have a face, just a dull impression of one. This guard made his way to a darkened corner and melted into the shadows only to reappear on the roof where Shego and about 20 Shadow Drones waited.

"My lady, I have some interesting news." The Shadow Lord told her as it shifted back into its true form.

"What kind of news?" She asked the Shadow Lord. As it explained, an evil smile slowly appeared on her face. After it finished, Shego spoke to the whole group.

"Everyone get ready. When they're all inside, we'll go through the skylight and take them and whatever artifacts we can find as fast as possible." After finishing, a green flash surrounded Shego. When it died out, she was wearing her old green and black outfit and the drones had also changed; they all now had similar outfits, only they wore black masks with green visors over their heads.

"All right, boys, on my word we crash this party." Shego shouted to her troops.

"Yes, my lady." They responded in unison. About 5 minutes, later Bonnie and Dr. Rockwaller were dropped off at the museum's steps.

"Bye, honey; bye, Bon-Bon." Bonnie's mother shouted as she drove off. Bonnie gave a sigh which caused Robert to look down at his daughter.

"She still calls you that?" He asked her.

"Yeah, it's like you never left." Bonnie answered.

"I wish that was the case, but at least now I can start to make up for some of the time we've lost." Robert stated. With that, they walked up the steps to a waiting Tara who had opened the doors to let them in.

"Hey, Bonnie; hello, Dr. Rockwaller." Tara said as she greeted them. As they made their way through the hallway, Tara told Dr. Rockwaller that her mother could be found in the far back of the storage area.

"Well, we'll just have to wait for her at the office, then; if we go looking for her, we'll just get lost and she'll have to come find us." Robert said causing the two girls to giggle a little. When they entered the central hall (a large round room with a skylight), they heard a loud crash coming from above. Before they could even look up, they were showered with broken glass which forced them to take cover under a nearby table. As soon as the glass stopped falling, they got up and were pinned down almost instantly by several of the green and black dressed men who came through the skylight. The one holding Dr. Rockwaller turned the doctor over to confirm who he had.

"My lady, I have the doctor!" The man shouted to his leader. As Shego approached, all three immediately knew who she was. Tara was the first to speak out.

"You'll never get away with whatever you're planning. Kim will get here in record time and stop you. I mean, really, breaking into a building in Middleton only saves Kim and Ron travel time." Tara declared, to which Shego responded.

"Oh, I hope so. It'll give me a chance to finish what I started, now shut up!" Shego snapped at Tara who was too frightened to respond. Robert was the next to speak up.

"What do you want?" He asked. Before he could get a response from his captor, one of her men came up to her.

"My lady, we have encountered a problem with acquiring the objects." Her henchmen told her.

"What kind of problems?" She asked.

"The security for the displays and the building has different systems so we can't take anything without triggering an alarm." He explained.

"Then forget about keeping this job quiet. Crack the cases; the worst that could happen is Kim Possible showing up. I mean, after all, there's nothing really magical to draw Zordon here." Shego told her troops while Bonnie now held her pendant (which she had placed in her back pocket after retuning to Earth), and was now in the process of contacting Ron, Brick and Zen.

"(Calling all Rangers, major SOS at the museum. It's Shego with a ton of guys that are giving me the worst feeling imaginable; so please get here ASAP, please and thank you.)" Bonnie called out through her pendant. Zen was the first to answer.

"(Bonnie, I hear you. The others will be there soon so hold on.)" Zen told her.

Behind a local gym:

"(Brick, I'll teleport you up here then to the museum. Understood?)" Zen asked Brick.

"Sure thing, boss man." Brick spoke out loud and with that a black light engulfed him.

En route to the museum:

"(Kim and I are already on our way; someone set off an alarm so Kim got the call. I'll deal with transforming once I get there, okay?)" Ron told Zen through his pendant.

"(Okay, Ronald. Now I want all of you to be careful; this will be your first major battle. Good luck.)" Zen said to all his Rangers.

Back at the museum:

"My lady, the first of the artifacts." One of her men told her as she looked over the objects. When she came upon a small pendant, she picked it up.

"Any of you getting anything from this thing?" Shego asked, none of her troops answered. "All right, no need for any dead weight." She said aloud as she tossed the pendant aside, where it landed in the lap of Tara, who like Bonnie and Dr. Rockwaller had been tied up and placed to the side while Shego and her men went to work. No one but Bonnie noticed that it glowed just a little bit when it landed on Tara's lap, mostly because everyone's attention was drawn to the redhead standing in the now broken skylight.

"That's funny, Shego. I never pictured you for someone to toss something for no reason. You know, being a thief and all." Kim said before jumping down to face her rival unaware of the trouble she was about to get into.

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