first meeting .


"Kakuzu… my office, now." The voice was quiet, but clear and distinct and commanding. Kakuzu, in his room, heaved a sigh. His bright eyes closed as he slowly placed the pencil he was holding between his fingertips on the desk he was sitting at, touching it lightly to make sure it didn't roll off onto the hard wood floor.

"Is this urgent, Pein-sama? I'm in the middle of calculations." Kakuzu's voice was slightly tired, reflecting the fact that he had stayed up most of the night to work on finances, and he had only made a small dent in what needed to be done.

"I've found you a new partner, Kakuzu. One that I believe will be very… beneficial, a special shinobi that even you may have a problem killing." Now the voice was a bit more curt, so Kakuzu decided that he should humor his senior (though only in terms of rank, Kakuzu was much older) and go.

He rose from his seat, delicately fixing his pile of documents, and left his room, with it's white-washed walls and no decorations, for the almost equally as plain hallways of the Akatsuki base.

Kakuzu had a low expectancy for this new partner of his. In his past with the Akatsuki, he had gone through exactly two dozen partners. Maybe he had anger issues, but they had all annoyed him. So he disposed of them. And fortunately, most of these shinobi hadn't been considered 'special', so he hadn't been punished for murdering them, as long as he still completed his missions. What Kakuzu wondered was why the leader thought this shinobi in particular would be any different.

He walked at an average pace for himself, though it was slightly fast for anyone else. It didn't make a difference to him, how fast he was, but others complained at times when they tried to keep up. It was because of the fact that Kakuzu was the tallest member of the Akatsuki, at nearly seven feet tall. Kisame was only a few inches behind, at six feet and eight inches.

But height didn't matter very much, except that it allowed Kakuzu to reach Pein's office faster than most others. He gave one loud knock, but didn't wait for acknowledgement, simply walked in, especially because he was expected.

What he was faced with was… almost normal. But not quite.

Like normal, Pein was sitting at his desk, fingers entwined to rest his chin on. Unlike normal, though, his eyes were closed, and there was a small, crimson smear of what looked like almost dried blood on his cheek. "Pein-sama?" Kakuzu questioned, and the man's grey eyes opened, looking towards the chair, obviously pointing the stitched shinobi's attention towards the new guy.

Kakuzu turned towards the chair, taking the hint easily, finding a rather pale-skinned man with silver hair and lavender-violet eyes which were half-closed. There was also a small smear of blood on his arm, and Kakuzu thought he saw a cut on his hand-- did Pein have to teach him who held the authority already? That wasn't good for the newcomer; sometimes, Kakuzu was worse than Pein when it came to showing who was boss. He almost noticed that there was a scythe with three blades on the floor beside him, and a folded Akatsuki cloak on the arm of the chair. During the time he was memorizing this, he also noted he had already been given his ring, as it was already on his left pointer finger. "Hey," he muttered after a moment, his eyes opening all the way, violet irises looking slightly tired, but yet also somewhat amused, "y'like what y'see, or somethin'?"

Surprised by such a comment (what exactly was the silver-haired man suggesting by saying something like that? He was in an organization filled with the most evil ninja in the world, he didn't think of 'liking what he saw') Kakuzu glanced at Pein, who had produced a stack of papers by now. "He's already been briefed, Kakuzu. I trust you know what you need to tell him by now. You'll have a week exactly, no more, no less, before I assign you your first mission with him." At this time, Pein gave them a look and a nod that clearly stated, 'Out. Now.'

Both shinobi left, after the newer male picked up his things, a smirk on his face. "M'names Hidan, I take it you're Kakuzu?" The older male turned to face his new partner, brows arched behind his mask.

"Yes. So you've been told about the uniform." The other male nodded.

"Akatsuki's goals." Another careless nod.

"The other members." Another bored nod.

"The sorts of missions we'll take on." Yet another nod, with a roll of the eyes.

"Bounties." Nod. Then a shake of the head.

"Bounties? The fuck?" The near albino questioned, staring. "What's that got to do with--"

Cut off, Kakuzu raised a hand, using intimidation to keep Hidan quiet, drawing himself to his full height, and glaring down at the younger male. "I'm the Akatsuki Treasurer. I bounty hunt and you'll have to get used to it, since most of the time I pick them up during missions, and you'll come with me to them anyways."

Hidan stared, shaking his head, while Kakuzu continued. "Furthermore, I am not above wounding or even killing you if you're slowing me down or pissing me off."

At this, Kakuzu was surprised to see a grin cross the other's face. How was that amusing? Unless he thought he wasn't serious… Oh, but he was.

"Y'know," Hidan started, taking off down a random hallway, "I think I kinda like you."

Kakuzu watched for a moment, feeling like he'd forgotten something, before a thought struck him.

Pein hadn't given him a map.

Dammit, now he had to show the idiot the base.


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