The Bells


The bells are loud today.

I stack the papers on my desk, and then file them neatly into the drawer. Just like everything else at this orphanage, they revolved around who was to be L's successor.

I lean back against my chair, taking a deep breath in, then letting it out with a long exhale. The bells continue to ring.

I sigh, moving on to the next stack of papers. The bells seem to be getting louder by the second. By now, I have grown used to them.

It's always the same. The bells, the papers. It's all the same.

About this story:

Ok, so I was thinking about the scene in the anime (yes, the rain scene with L) and I was wondering: If L had heard the bells at the orphanage, wouldn't the others hear them as well?

And then, it lead to this. I'll be doing a quick oneshot for each of the known characters related to Wammy's House.

This includes: Roger, Linda, Watari, Mello, Matt, Near, and L

They won't all be this short, just the minor character ones (Roger, Linda, Watari)

I don't consider Matt a minor character XD