Invasion of the Unexpected

AN: Okay, this take place just after Journey's End so there's serious spoilers for the finale, you have been warned!

Basically, Rose and the new doctor – who in this chapter is simply referred to as the doctor – find something that causes them to investigate alien life away from their world. However eventually, it leads them to an amazing discovery and soon Rose will realise where her loyalties lie and which doctor she really fell for.

Disclaimer: Doctor does not belong to me. All rights belong to the BBC and Russell T Davis (I think).

"Doctor?!" Rose wondered through the house, a frown in place, her hand touched the banister as she called up the stairs. "Doctor?! Doctor!!"

"What's all the noise?" asked her mother, who entered the hall from the kitchen. She shook her head, "Are you trying to wake Tony?" As if on cue, a baby was heard crying in the living room. They heard Pete whisper words of comfort as he stooped to pick little Tony up.

Rose' gaze fell upon her mother, "Sorry. The Doctor… he -" she swallowed. "He said he'd be here when I got back."

Jackie sighed, "He's a grown man you know. Well, half man – but none the less a man. He can look after himself." Smiling slightly, Jackie put her hand on Rose' shoulder and stroked her hair, "Are you okay?" Rose looked at her mother and nodded. Jackie hesitated before adding, "It's just that we – Pete and I – thought you'd be happy, with the Doctor… but you're…" Jackie trailed off.

Rose turned away from her mother and set off upstairs, "He's probably upstairs. I have to find him." Rose looked through room after room upstairs, but there was no Doctor. Finally, she found him, looking out of the window in Tony's room. "I've been looking for you," stated Rose as he turned to meet her gaze.

He gave her a goofy grin, "You don't need to keep a track record of me you know. I'm not going anywhere." He carried on grinning, but it wasn't enough… Rose had heard the bitterness in his voice at the last sentence. He looked at her and she stared back. After a while he raised his eyebrows, "Well? Did you get them?"

"Oh," shaking herself, Rose nodded. She stooped in her pocket and brought out the contents, the gold colour flashed through their eyes as they stared at what was in Rose' hand. Three coins glinted up at them, unlike any other coin Rose had ever seen; they were bright, so bright it was difficult to look directly at them; impossible to see what was carved into them. Rose spoke, "So, what are they?"

The Doctor walked forward from the window and stared into Rose' hand. "Incredible!" he looked up at Rose, with a look she knew well, as he explained. "Money! Money from a different world. The ancient runes of Atopilon. Hundreds are used by the Atopili, apparently! I thought it was just a myth, but look!" He stared down at the bright coins, practically bouncing on the balls of his feet in happy amazement. "Look! See, how much energy there is in those coins, almost as much in one of those as there is in the sun. Very valuable things!" He grinned and shook his head, "And they were here, of all places! In our parallel London!"

Rose frowned slightly, "But why? If it's supposed to be a myth, what are they doing here?"

The Doctor looked at Rose, "That is a good question. I expect they left them here and went off home again… I've looked for the Atopili for years though – could never find them… course in the end I gave up anyway, wouldn't want to intrude in any case."

"But what were they doing in a children's park of all places?"

The Doctor shrugged, "No idea… the Atopili are supposed to scared of humans – well, they're supposed to be scared of everything. So, they were in the park?"

Rose nodded, "Just like you said." She and the Doctor's eyes met from across the coins and they stared at one another for a moment.

The Doctor smiled, then in a quick motion he stood up straight and walked back to the window. He dug his hands deep in his pockets as he stared out at the world, the day was overcast and yet he felt a warm glow just looking out at it. Rose put the bright, gold objects in her pocket. The Doctor sighed. "Why would they leave things so precious here?" he said, more to himself than anyone else. "They can't be here now, they're too…" He turned back to Rose, "Where did you find them exactly – where were they in the park?"

Rose shrugged, "By the slide, not buried but… covered up. When I picked them up they were so bright, people around me caught sight of them. I had to hide them quick, but…"

"What?" the Doctor frowned.

"I don't know… it was like, they only started to glow bright when I picked them up. No one noticed that they were even there before, even though they weren't covered up that much, like no one could see them then. Except, I could. I saw them before I touched them, and yet… they were also invisible. And…. It's not just that. It's like I knew they were going to glow…" Rose sighed and looked desperately at the Doctor, "Does that make any sense?"

The Doctor looked at her for a moment, meaningfully. His eyes blazed with knowing, and knowledge. She was sure he would give her an answer. Then he blinked. "No," he said. "Not a bit!" Quickly he headed to the door, "Come on then, that park sounds like a good a place as anywhere to start!"

Rose' face fell from disappointment to confusion as she followed the doctor through the corridor and down the stairs, "What? Start what?"

The Doctor turned around and sighed, "Finding out what's going on of course."

"What's going -? You mean go to the park and look for clues about the Atopi-thing…?" Rose said.

"Well, why not?" asked the Doctor. "Seems like the best place to start, and anyway -" the Doctor straightened up and pointed at Rose' pocket. "- they'll want their money back."

"Yeah, but if they've left we can't give them anything back," said Rose reasonably. But the Doctor was already out the door. "Doctor!" she called. "Doctor!" Grumbling, she sighed and took off after him.

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