Ok guys I'm new at being a writer, I usually just read the stories you guys put up. I would really appreciate the comments and I'll try not to nag Story takes place season 3 before we find out Zach is Gormogan's apprentice. Oh and I don't own any of the characters cause if I did I wouldn't be sitting here wishing Booth and Bones would just give it up and be with each other, I'd make it happen LOL.

The Struggle

The team had been working on this case for weeks now, with so far no leads. They had found the girl dropped outside the Jeffersonian. She had appeared to be badly beaten and unfortunately her body was professionally cleaned. They couldn't pull any thing off of her for hints of where she was killed. The only thing they knew about her was that she had been killed execution style in the back of the head. They were all stressed and had barely gone home over the course of the weeks they were there. Their tempers were high and everyone seemed to be in a bad mood.

"Where is Bones we just found Ashley Coopers boyfriend." Yelled Booth as he ran up to the platform where Cam and Zach were looking for anything they could on the young girl's body. Cam looked up as Zach was still examining the bullet wound in her skull "She's in her office, but I got to warn you she's not in a good mood, I went to tell her about this new knife mark and she practically bit my head off on her way to push me out the door" Booth had already started to Brennan's office, but stopped when he got to the door.

Brennan was looking through some of the paper work on her desk as single tear ran down her cheek. Both knew she was struggling with case since it had only been a week since she had been buried alive. She had been holding everything in and had returned to the shell of herself that she had up when he first met her. He wanted to run in and hold her but he knew he had to tell her about the girl's boyfriend he had in a holding cell waiting to be interrogated, and besides she'd probably push him away even more.

Booth taped lightly on her door and as she looked up she hastily wiped the tear away. 'Good old Temperance always has to be the tough one' Booth thought to himself as he smiled at her and pushed open the door.

"Hey Bones how are you holding up?" Booth asked as he sat on her couch. "I'm fine Booth, now did you just come in here to talk or do you have any new leads on this case?" Bones asked as she was gripping the desk as hard as she could, if he came any closer she knew she would break down into his arms. "Uh yeah we found Ms. Coopers boyfriend Alex Marino, he's in custody. We have to go interrogate him but only if you're up to it." "Of course I'm up to it let's go" she said as she was already starting to put her coat on. Booth got up and helped her with it and led her out the door.

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