Well after much debate this is the last chapter. I was debating on whether to make two separate chapters but I'd rather just combine the two. Don't know when or what my next story will be. Just want to say thanks to everyone that read, it was my first story.

"Cinderella is an unrealistic..."

As Booth finished putting on his tie he promised himself that it was only going to be a ten minute deal, in and out, maybe even a quick drink.

He knew if he stayed he might do something stupid like get drunk and hit on Angela's cousin, and he knew that that would be the final straw in his and Bone's relationship and their partnership.

He couldn't deal with thinking about this so he went and grabbed a bear from the fridge. He knew it wouldn't stop the aching in his chest, but he figured he would be able to focus on the beer or on tonight.

Angela was just as worried about what would happen that night. She knew that her idea to get her two friends back together was a far cry from perfect when she had thought of it and now she was terrified that it would all go wrong.

She just hoped that Booth and Brennan could put what happened past them. Hodgins stopped at the bedroom doorway to look at Angela as he was walking downstairs. He had a simple black and white suit, and a black mask Angela had picked up.

She was wearing a stunning red dress that sparkled when she moved. Hodgins was transfixed as she turned to him, the dress gleaming with her. "Do you like it?" she asked a knowing smirk on her face, but she really didn't need an answer, his face said it all. He walked to her and she instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck. "Of course I like it, you look so beautiful" "thanks" she whispered before pulling him in for a kiss.

When he pulled back he saw her smile fade into a look of uneasiness that crossed her face. "Everything is going to be fine; it's all going to work out fine" he said trying to reassure her. She was quiet for a moment before shaking her head yes. "Well then come on my lady we have a ball to attend" She laughed as he picked her up and twirled her around "Oh that was the worst line ever!"

Booth had been picked up by Angela and Hodgins, who said that her cousin was waiting at Hodgin's house. Booth didn't even ask her name, which Angela was happy about cause she had forgot to think of one, and she changed the subject.

They pulled up to the house and all got out of the car. Booth walked to the other side of the car to open the door for his date, when he heard Angela let out a gasp. When he turned around to see what it was she was looking at, he damned near collapsed. On the steps, Brennan stood confused and looking at Angela for answers.

She was wearing a beautiful blue dress, cut just above the knees, glimmering and shinning as she moved, that accented her eyes. Her hair was down but in soft curls and the blue mask in her hand had blue green sequins in it.

She still stared at them all confused and slightly angry, and it took Booth a minute to remember that his mouth was wide open before turning to look at Angela who was just smiling. Clearing his throat he found his voice "I thought you said I was taking your cousin" he gritted through his teeth. Brennan cut Angela's explanation short, finally walking down the stairs. "Apparently there's been a set up because that's what I was told too." Brennan said looking towards Angela who only shrugged and smiled before getting back into the car with Hodgin's.

Booth's anger left him as he realized that he would have a chance to make things right with Bones and Booth and Brennan were left standing in front of each other neither breaking the silence "well should we be going?" Brennan asked motioning to the car "Um yeah, you look amazing Bones, really amazing" Brennan smiled unable to hide it from him as Hodgins rolled down the window "hate to ruin the moment but we're going to be late. Booth flashed Brennan his famous smirk making her laugh a bit before walking to the car as she was going to get in she could feel Booth's hand on the small on her back and she could feel the electricity cause only by his touch.

The ride there was quiet except for Angela and Hodgins discussing who would be at the ball and whether or not they would be dancing. Brennan was occupied by listening to them, while Booth was staring out the window interjecting only to agree with Hodgins at various points about why men don't dance.

Everything so far had been good and Booth was just worried that everything would explode as soon as they got there. But for now everything was fine, it was better than fine for he had made her smile, something that he hadn't seen in so long.

Pulling up to the large gymnasium type building the Smithsonian had rented for the occasion they could see people in all kinds of gowns and the sound of music floating out the open doors. Hodgins let them all get out before going to look for a place to park, Booth again helping Brennan out of the car. They waited at the bottom of the stairs for Hodgins who came walking over. They put on their masks as they walked up the stairs.

Booth couldn't help but think of prom as he looked around, there was couples, punch, in fact the only difference was that the hall was actually a ball room instead of a room made to look like one. There were people in all kinds of masks some had gone out and bought the most ridiculous thing they could find, and others had barely even matched them with their outfits. They found their table and sat down, Hodgins had gotten up to get drinks leaving the other three to talk.

"Look I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for lying to you both about tonight, but I knew that it was the only way to get you both here" Angela really looked apologetic but Booth only wanted to hug and thank her. Brennan was starring towards the ground but lifted her head to look at her best friend. "Don't worry about it, its fine, right?" she asked looking towards Booth. He was a little taken back by her question but agreed by shaking his head.

Hodgins brought back the drinks just as Zach and some girl they didn't know sat down at the table "hey Zach didn't know that you'd be here, who's your date?" asked Booth breaking the silence that had formed after the hellos. "Everyone, this is Tara from the art department" She took off her mask and waved to them all.

The lights dimmed as the songs started picking up and Angela dragged Hodgins to the dance floor followed soon after by Zach and Tara. Booth reached for his drink taking a long sip before sending his glance back to his partner. She was staring into his eyes and he wanted nothing more than to hold her just then but thought that they should probably talk first.

"Bone's look, I am so sorry about everything, the last thing I wanted to do is push you away" he paused glancing at the drink he held in his hand. "I know Rebecca came and talked to me" "She talked to you?" Bones gave him a curious look "Yeah she did, she told me that she pushed herself on you." Booth winced at the memory but Brennan decided to take the conversation head on "But I've thought a lot about it and have come to the honest conclusion that, that I can't live without you Booth, and the past week has been hell for me."

Booth was beyond shocked at her admission "me too Bones me too, and you really want to give this another try?" He asked searching her face for the forgiveness he needed. "I think that under the circumstances I'd be willing to accept another try at a relationship with you." She smiled as she saw his quirky grin light up his face "yeah?" she nodded her head yes.

A slower song had started and Angela who had been spying on the couple walked over to them "come on you two you're dancing to this one" They both laughed and Booth got up and extended his arm to Bones. "Would you like to dance?" "Sure" they followed Angela to the middle and Booth put one hand on her waist and the other held to her hand. She looked up at him a smile on her face.

They starred at each other and Booth started to see that the look in his partner's eyes was love for him, even if she didn't quite get it yet. "You know Bones you looked more beautiful than Cinderella coming down those stairs" he whispered into her ear before pulling back to flash her a grin.

She gave him an grin before going into her speech "Cinderella is an unrealistic..." but before she had time to finish Booth had pulled her to him with one hand and with the other took her chin and brought her into a kiss. It was passionate and contained everything that they hadn't yet said out loud, Booth knew just then that she was it for him, she was his coming home. Bones was surprised by the kiss at first but decided to put everything she had into it. She knew she was putting a lot into this relationship and feared it wouldn't work, like all her other relationship. But she also knew this was different, she had never loved another man as much as him.

He pulled away from her to look into her eyes, which were dark with passion "you did that on purpose" she said teasing him. "Did what on purpose?" he asked innocently, she smiled before laying her head on his shoulder just glad to be back in his arms.

"I love you Bones more than you know" "I love you too Booth, and you're the first man I've ever said that too" She said looking towards him. "So you believe me now? All I have to do is dress up nice, bring you to a company ball, kiss you by surprise and you believe I love you" he was joking but she wanted to play along "no, I mean it's nice to see you all spiffy but I believed you before I was just too pissed to let you in on that." He laughed before pulling her too him again so he could whisper in her ear. "Don't worry I'll make you pay later" "I'm quite looking forward to that then Agent Booth."

Again thanks to everyone that reviewed. I wanted to end it like that because everything I wrote after that sounded too long and drawn out. So that's it I'm thinking of making a sequel to this but probably not for another week. And something I forgot to mention, I don't like songfics but this story was named after a song. Do you believe me now? – By Jimmy Wayne. When I was thinking of a title this song was playing and I used it and it helped me give a direction to the story. Who knows where it would've ended up.