Mr Perfect.


Notes: Have you ever had a friend who likes everything you like or everything that everyone else likes just to be popular or the same? Well that was sort where I was going with this, especially for Selphie and some of the other girls.


"And…." Quistis stopped and turned around in the corridor to face the new Seed.

A brown haired guy who had transferred from Trabia. His messy bangs fell into his very green eyes. He wore faded blue jeans and black t shirt that revealed a portion of tanned abs.

Quistis watched him walk past her looking at all the closed dorm rooms. She watched that t shirt raise a little higher as he stretched and moved and wondered what he would look like without the shirt…. Or naked.

She smiled. Not that she should be thinking these things, she had been an instructor.

"Which dorm will I get?"

"We have very few empty dorms at the moment. We've had to ask a couple of the guys to room together so your room will be ready later on today."

"Cool." He nodded. "Are they the same boring grey walls we had in Trabia?"

She smiled. "I'm afraid so."

"Can we paint them? In Trabia our new commander after the rebuild he decided we had to be all professional and apparently coloured walls were less professional."

She nodded. "I think Squall's a little more flexible about that." She smiled. "You'll probably meet him later and you can ask him."

Normally Squall had to show the new Seeds and cadets around but the brunette was never very sociable and as soon as she had looked into those eyes she had slammed the door to Squall's office and shown him around herself.

He grinned at her. "And do you think I'll be able to find some people who will help me decorate?"

She smiled. "Of course. My friends and I will be happy to help." More than happy. She thought. Wait till the girls hear about this.

Quistis held out her hand to him. "Well I hope you'll be very happy here Evan." He accepted her hand.

"If you need anything at all you know where to find me." She smiled.

He smiled back. "Thanks I'll remember that."

She nodded. "Now do you want me to show you back to cafeteria or anywhere?"

He shrugged. "Nah I'm good thanks, I thought I might look around a little and get used to the place."

She nodded. "I'll… see you later then." She walked off to meet Rinoa like she had promised earlier.


All three girls were hunched around a table in the cafeteria gossiping.

"So you showed him around garden and then you just left him?!" Rinoa stared.

"I asked him if he wanted me to show him back here but he said no, what else was I supposed to say?"

Rinoa sighed. "You could have said you were meeting friends and would he like to join you."

She frowned. "I didn't want to seem too forward."

Rinoa rolled her eyes.

"But I did ask if he needed anything then he could come find me."

"Needed anything?" Rinoa frowned. "Is that it? What would he need?" She paused. "A friend maybe?" She smiled.

"Or a blowjob." Selphie added with a casual shrug.

"Selphie!" Quistis scolded.

"What? Like you weren't thinking it too!" She pouted. "And I haven't even seen him yet so I feel like I'm missing out!"

"Hey!" Rinoa held up a hand. "I saw him first!"

"But I was with you when you saw him!" Quistis said.

"And you got rid of me quickly enough didn't you?"

Quistis frowned. "I had official business, showing around a new student is my job."

"I thought it was Squall's job." Rinoa said.

The blonde put a hand to her heart. "But he doesn't care as much as I do."

Rinoa sighed. "Well we'll have to share him."

Selphie smirked. "And how do you plan to do that? A threesome?"

"Eeew!" Rinoa said, then he thought about it. "Or we could-"

"No we couldn't." Quistis said. "We could flip a coin?"

Selphie looked appalled. "If he means that little to you then I think you should both bow out and let me have him."

Quistis sighed. "Selphie you haven't even met him."

"I know but when I do I just know it'll be love at first sight…. For both of us." She sighed dreamily and seemed to float off into her own little world.

The other two traded a worried look.

"He did say he wanted some help to decorate his dorm room later and I said that my friends and I- meaning you guys- would be happy to help."

"Perfect! Who's better at decorating than us?" Selphie asked.

"And we could do all the painting, move the furniture, it might be hot work so some clothes might have to come off and-"

Quistis waved a hand. "Wait a minute. He might have a girlfriend, we don't know."

"Or-" Rinoa gasped suddenly making the other two jump. "Oh my god! He's gay!"

Selphie glanced at Quistis. "Where did you get that idea from?"

"It's my curse! He's gorgeous and I want him, he's gay for sure."

Quistis smiled. "That only happened to you once so it doesn't mean-"


"What? When? Who?"

"I thought the only other guy you went out with was Seifer." Selphie said. "Seifer's not gay!"

"But he's not completely straight either is he?" She protested.

"He was…. Until…."

"Until… exactly!"

"That still doesn't count so that doesn't mean Evan is going to be gay."

"We can ask!" Selphie said.

The other two traded that worried look again. "How?"

"We get subtly work it into conversation." Selphie said.

"I don't know Selphie, how exactly do you work 'Oh by the way are you gay?' into a conversation?" Quistis asked.

"You know we could take Squall with us." Rinoa suggested.


She gave them a look. "Squall in these tight pants of his, no girl or gay guy can resist a glance at his ass in them."

Selphie sniggered.

"But what if he is gay? Then what do you do?"

"We can gift him to Squall, that boy could use a good roll in the hay."

Selphie shook her head. "Irvy would kill me if he found out I had anything to do with that."

Rinoa scoffed. "Oh please, how long as he been chasing Squall? Two years? If he was interested it would have happened by now."

"Who are you talking about?"

They all jumped and looked up to see Zell watching them curiously while munching on a hotdog.


"Who?" He frowned.

They stared in horror. "You don't even know him!"

"Where have you been?"

He shrugged. "I don't know, what's so special about this guy anyway?"

They stared in shock. "You don't know?"

"He's gorgeous!"

"And strong!"

"And gorgeous!"

"And we want him!" They all whined together.

Zell blinked. "So he's hot huh?"

"Yes! What, have we been speaking another language?"

"Haven't we just said that?"

He frowned. "You guys are really weird right now."

"We're in love!"

"All of you?"

"Yes!" They yelled together.

"So do I get to meet this hot guy that you're all in love with?"

Quistis paused then shrugged. "Sure, he just transferred so I'm sure he could use the friends."

"Wait, wait, wait." Selphie interrupted. "He could be a threat! What if Evan is gay or Bi?"

Rinoa scoffed. "Don't be silly it's just Zell!"

The little blonde frowned. "Oh thanks."

She winced. "I didn't mean it like that. It's just that err- you're so friendly at everyone just becomes a friend and nothing more."

He frowned. "That's not much better!"

"Sorry." She winced sympathetically.

An arm sudden wrapped itself around Zell's neck causing him to jump. "What we talking about?"

The little blonde relaxed upon seeing the owner of the arm. "Oh it's just you."

Seifer frowned. "Thanks Chickie, you really know how to make a guy feel special you know."

Zell pointed at their friends. "The girls are going all gooey over some guy they just meet. Ewan or something."

"He's name's Evan!" Quistis corrected.

"Oh yeah the new Seed I meet him."

They all turned and gazed up at him suddenly interested. "You did?"

"Yeah." He winced slightly. "Nida's rooming with me now so I helped the new guy programme in his new door code."

"He's got Nida's room?"

"Yeah." The tall blonde grinned. "He'll have to take down all the boy band posters and naked men calendars."

"And get those dildos out from under the bed." Zell laughed along with him.

Quistis rolled her eyes. "You two are so mean."

"So what did you think?" Zell asked him.

"Evan or Nida?" He smirked.

Zell punched him in the arm lightly. "Evan, idiot."

Seifer shrugged. "He's okay I suppose, not really my type though."

The girls stared at him. "How can you say that?"

"He's just not the type that I go off that's all."

Selphie rolled her eyes. "What's the matter, Seifer? Not short enough for you?"

The tall blonde glared at her.

Rinoa grinned. "Or is it that he's not blonde?"

Zell frowned at them and then looked back at Seifer. "What are they talking about?"

Seifer looked down in curious baby blues. "Nothing." He steered Zell away from the table. "You know I need to get something to eat, come and queue up with me."

The girls grinned at his not so subtle departure.


"So you were all alone in house at such a tender age a-and s-she just left you…." A blonde girl sobbed into Evan's knee. The new Seed looked very uncomfortable. He was sitting in the library surrounded by girls, most had seats at the table too but this blonde was kneeling beside him hugging his knees and getting his jeans wet with her tears.

"W-Well she was hit by a car so….. I mean-"

The girl cried harder. "That is so sad! How did you even manage to be so brave?"

"Well I wasn't… completely alone… my err- my aunt was err was there." He tried to inch away from her but all the other girls were crying too or at least sniffing.

"Maybe I shouldn't have told you that story."

"No, no, no." She put her hand on her heart, moving her top to show off more cleavage as she did so. "I'm glad I mean that much to you for you to tell me such a sad personal story."

"I was only three and my parents got me a new dog soon so…."

"You're so brave!" She collapsed in more tears on his legs again causing him to flinch.

"You know it's getting late-"

"It's three thirty in the afternoon."

"I-I know that but I- err- just remembered that I err- have somewhere else to be." He tried to get up, the girl still hung onto his leg though, which he tried to carefully remove from her grip.

"But why? Where else do you have to go?"

"I'm -err- meeting someone actually."

The girls suddenly frowned. "Meeting someone?"

"Someone other than us?"

"A female someone?"

They got angrier.

The poor held up his hands helplessly. "N-No nothing like that I just err-"

"He agreed to train with me, right Evan?"

The brunette turned to see a short blonde guy with a tattoo on his face grinning at him.

"Right! That's right I agreed to train with err-" He faltered realizing he didn't know the guy's name.

"Zell." The blonde smiled.

"With Zell!" Evan extracted himself from the girl's grip and walked over to the blonde.

Zell grinned at the angry, disappointed faces. "Goodbye ladies." He waved cheerfully.

Evan sighed in relief as they walked away. "Thank you for rescuing me."

"You looked like you needed it." He grinned and stuck out his hand. "I'm Zell."

The Seed grinned back and took the hand. "Evan. Yeah, things just got a bit crazy in there." He sighed. "I don't get it."

"Get what?"

"I didn't get this type of attention in Trabia, maybe one or two admirers but I didn't get flocks of girls kneeling at my feet like back there."

Zell chuckled. "Well you're new here they're just curious, get it a few days and things will go back to normal."

"You think?"

"Hope so." He grinned. "Anyway I have to go and train so I'll-"

"Mind if I join you?"

"'Course not." He grinned again.

"Cool, let me just pop back to my dorm to get Betsy okay?"


"My sword."

Zell raised an eyebrow. "You call your sword Betsy?"

The taller man coloured suddenly. "Oh well, err doesn't everyone name their weapon?"

Zell smiled, amused. "I guess." He held up his hands. "These are my weapons so…" He shrugged. "As long as you're talking about your actual weapon it's fine. My friend named his -err- little friend-" He smiled. "If you get my drift?"

"Oh? OH!" Evan grinned. "Really?! Who the hell would do that?"

"I'll introduce you to Irvine later." He grinned. "Fred he called it so he could talk to us like: 'Fred haven't seen much action lately.'"

Evan laughed.

"And the worst one, was when he'd come down in the morning all smug and claim that Fred had been a very busy boy last night."

Evan laughed and grimaced. "Gross." He grinned. "Hey I was thinking about re decorating my dorm room, do you think I have to ask permission before I do that?"

Zell shrugged. "You could ask Squall, I don't think he'll mind… or care but ask him anyway."

"Squall? The commander? Where do I find him?"

Zell pointed the lift. "Take the lift up to the top floor and his office in straight in front of you."

"Cool." He nodded. "I sort of invited Quistis and her friend in the blue dress round to help decorate, come along if you like and bring someone, I'll get some beer and stuff make it a party."

Zell grinned. "Okay."

Evan glanced up at the lift shaft. "Mind if I go and talk to the commander now, get it over with?"

"Sure, I'll wait."

"While I'm feeling brave." He took a deep breath, which Zell found funny and cracked up laughing.

"Squall's not that bad, go." He instructed.