Chapter 13.


Irvine set the bag of clothes he had brought from the leather shop on the bed. He pulled out a pair of soft leather trousers with slashes up the sides, chains, zips and at the waist hung little handcuffs. He keep stroking them while grinning.

"You have to wear these." He said to Squall.

The brunette walked up behind him. "I don't know why you brought those. I'll probably never wear them."

The cowboy looked hurt. "Never?"

He looked over and suddenly realized that Squall was down to his boxers, which distracted him nicely from the leather for a second.

"Well I don't know where I could wear them."

"You could wear them for me." Irvine suggested. "When we're home alone one day." He hugged his lover from behind, his chin resting on Squall's shoulder. His hands on his waist, fingers toying with the waistband of his white boxers.

"Bit expensive if no one's going to see them."

"I'll see them!" Irvine insisted. "And that's the point right?"

Squall broke free for a second and reached for the bag. "This. I might wear this." He pulled out a leather short jacket that zipped up skin tight. You couldn't wear anything underneath.

"Ooh that's good too." Irvine stroked it. "You could put it on now." He suggested.

Squall raised an eyebrow.

"Just to try it on of course." He beamed.

The brunette tried to hide a smile. "I guess I could…" He undid the zipper and pulled it onto one arm. The leather was tight and a bit of an effort to get into.

He glanced around for Irvine who was perched on the edge of the bed looking very pleasing with himself.

Squall rolled his eyes and pulled the jacket on and did up the zipper. He held out his arms. "Well?"

The Irvine got up and circled him, hands stroking the leather and down further over his lover's boxers.

"I'm starting to think you have a leather fetish." Squall chuckled.

Irvine was nuzzling him.

"What-?" What are you doing? Are you smelling my jacket?"

"Mmm you smell good." He said.

His hand grabbed the top of Squall boxers and pulled him in for a hard kiss and he didn't let go, he raised a hand into Squall hair.

When they finally parted Squall gasped for air.

He started to undo the jacket.

"No, no keep it on."

Squall smiled and rolled his eyes. "Kink." He teased.


Meanwhile in the next bedroom.

Zell was handcuffed to the bed with pink fluffy handcuffs that he didn't know Seifer had brought. He was flushed and basking in his afterglow. Seifer had given him a blowjob and then he had reached for the tube of chocolate body paint from the bedside table. The little blonde looked down as best he could at his lover.

"What are you doing?"

His lover was actually humming happily with the tube of body paint in his hand.

"I'm writing my name on your stomach."

"Yeah?" Zell tried to look.

"Don't move, you'll ruin it. I'm marking my property."

Zell scoffed. "Property?"

"Yep." He looked up and grinned. "Who's chained to the bed here?"

Zell frowned. "Well it's your turn later."

Seifer snorted. "Yeah right." He stuck out his tongue and licked a blob of chocolate off Zell's stomach.

The little blonde's skin twitched under his tongue. "What letter was that?" He asked.

"None, I made a mistake, you jogged me." He said, finishing off his last explanation mark after his name. "There!" He announced, shuffled off the bed and to his feet.



"Wait, where are you going?" Zell trying to get up, which was impossible.

"I've got to wait for it to set." He grinned. "So I'll be back later."

"WHAT?! Seifer?! Come back here right now!"



There was the sound of the door opening and closing.


The blonde stepped out into the hall, shut the door and waited for a few minutes. Selphie was there and she raised an eyebrow at him. "What have you done now?" She asked.

"Nothing." He smirked. "I'm just teasing the Chicken that's all."

She smiled.

"I'll wait till he gets into his puffed up hen expression then I'll go back." He grinned and opened the door, going back inside.

Selphie shook her head and grinned. When he was gone she brought the glass out from behind her back and pressed it to his door again to hear the details, which she also had been doing at Irvine and Squall door earlier.