Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers.

Put that twice so I can get though my own mind, sad isn't it.

Summary: " That Trent boy better back off of Sam before I sic the whole fraggin' Ark after him." Bumblebee muttered to him self as he waited for Sam in the school parking lot, after all no one damages what the Ark considers theirs.

Pairing: Autobots/Sam, Cons/Alexis.

Everyone Panic!

Sam didn't know what happen, one minute he was putting his books in his locker the next his felt pain pounding into his head like a jackhammer and Trent laughing.

How was he going to explain this to Bumblebee, okay burn that into little ashes, how was he going to explain to the whole Ark!!

Optimus had even been pissed off and that was something Sam never wanted to see again or face. He can still remember that event.

"Hey Witwacky-"

"It's Witwicky."

"What was that Witwacky?" Trent said narrowing his eyes at the boy who was rubbing the hurt area that the locker door hit. Trent used that beloved nickname that Sam was given ever since the beginning of their high school years.

How Sam hated that name.

"I said that it's Witwicky."

Why did he do that, now he was going to get a beating so bad that he'll be half dead before he could even reach Bumblebee and knowing the yellow bot, everyone in the Ark would know under two earth minutes.

Damn. Today was not his day was it. What is it, Friday the 13th?

A fist to his stomach and a kick to his head had the young human to the ground desperately trying to get air though his lungs so he could breathe, a hit to the stomach can make one lose breathe after all.

The voice of a pissed off Optimus went off in his head as another hit to stomach made curl into a ball.

"If I see another bruise on your body I'm sending the whole Ark out! Do you understand me Samuel!"

Mechs are going to be pissed and heads are going to roll, once Sam gets back to the Ark.

"Hey, has anyone seen our little Schatz?" Jazz question as he walked into the rec room. Every mech froze what they were doing and checked the time. It was 4: 45 in the afternoon and Sam was normally here at 3: 55.

It's been nearly an hour.

"Maybe he went to see he's parents?" Bluestreak said, hope filling his voice.

Sam had moved into the Ark, well more like the twins and Jazz moved him into the Ark saying that he won't have to be quiet when they interface with him. They love to hear him scream in the bedroom.

They will wait one more breem and if that boy is not here, Optimus is going to have an audio full.

One breem had come and gone, still no Sam.

"OPTIMUS!" The twins were the first to run out of the rec room followed by the rest.

Optimus Prime was having a nice daydream, one were Sam was dressed in a kitty costume.

But that came to an end when his door was busted down by the twins.



"Not here-!"

"Almost been an hour-!"


Optimus sit in a daze for a bit letting the voices enter into his CPU and figure out what they were all saying.

No Sam, has been nearly an hour, what do we need to do.

"Have you all waited at least a breem?"

All of the bots in his office nodded.

Optimus did what any other Prime would do when their Schatz goes missing.

He panicked.

Sam, their Sam was missing? Was he kidnap? Did the evil Sector 7 get him?

What if a mafia stormed his school and took everyone hostage!!

A number of bad scenarios went though the leaders head and one after the next became worse.


The visor wearing mech snapped into place in front of Prime, ready for orders.

"Whatcha need boss bot?"

"I need every mech on this base ready for a search and rescue, I want Samuel James Witwicky found is that understood!"

"I'm on the job" Jazz swiped the room empty of the other mechs and starting getting the whole Ark ready for the search of Samuel James Witwicky.

With a little help from Prowl and Red Alert.

When that human of theirs is found they are not letting him out of their sight again, even if they have to go to school with the boy.

The Unmaker be damned if any happens to that boy on the Ark's watch.

A/n: This is my first tf fic and my writing is a little off now days. Hopefully it will get better.

And can someone explain how this beta thing works, I had one for my other story and I sent her the chapter and got nothing returned.

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