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Trent walked out to the school's parking lot to his beloved truck, feeling satisfaction. Sure his buddies and him might have gone a little over broad with the bulling this time, but its not like the punk deserved it.

Ever since the Mission City incident the boy has been popular with the girls and the boys seems to be laying of Witwicky and Trent wanted to know why.

He was sure it wasn't the car, or the tattoo, yes the teenager has a tattoo, an odd one at that. It was a some kind of face looking thingy and it was red.

Back to what he was thinking of before.

If it wasn't the car, and not the tattoo, then what was it?

Trent leaned against his trucks tailgate and thought more about the puzzle that might make his brain crack open and lose all of its beloved knowledge.

He begin to absentmindedly tap his foot on the cement floor, his commando steel toed boots making a "clonk" noise as steel meets cement.

What was it?


Was it a very famous relative, who decide to pay his lowly family member a visit? No, them there would have been a big event about that.


Maybe the was apart of the Mission City chaos? Nah, not that either, the boy was too weak for anything like that,


Then what was it? It had to be something amazingly cool, because not that many girls would flank one guy because he has a good looking car.


the only thing that would get some of the girls at this school to get that riled up, was if the boy turned out to like the same gender and had a hot make out session in front of them, or one, who might happen to have a camera phone and record the whole damn thing, then showed to all of her that was one hell of a theory.

Alexis could feel the pain behind her eyelids. Why won't they just let her out and get the things she needed for this damn cold.

Oh that right, because they think that her race was poor and useless compared to their own. And when she told them that the "poor" and "useless" race was a race that she was apart of they would say something along the lines as "yes, that might be true before, but you are now a decepiticon and belong to us." or something like that.

Hook might be the best medic in the cybertron forces, even better than the Autobot medic Ratchet, but he was lousy on the "caring of the human" issues. He sucked at it really, she had the cold for weeks now and that was bad, really, really bad. Her head felt like someone to a jackhammer to her head and then some.

So, she was pissed at Hook right now, terrifying pissed off at him.

Megatron too. Because he came right though the bay's doors screaming and raving, well..he didn't start the screaming and raving until he looked at her, and saw what kind of condition she was in he got royally "fraged off" as Skywarp put it.

And the con that the lord was going take out his angry out on fainted.

Fainted. A decepiticon fainted.

Thrust at that. That had made Alexis laugh until her head was pounding with a vengeance and her whole body was achy again but it made her feel a little better.

But that was gone the next minute she had dark ruby optics right in her face. Her angry was gone and replace with nervous fear.

"Um...can I help you?" She asked the mech, who was currently in her face.

"Why yes, you can help me," Megatron purred the words out like a cat getting a belly rub, " you can start with telling me why and how you got this damn virus right now."

Alexis felt her spirit sink in lower bad vibes and saw black spots in her vision.

Why me?

Sam crawled his way to the door, well more like dragged his bottom half since Trent and his lackeys broke his left leg and his right kept getting cramps in the thigh area when ever he tires to use it.

Man, why did this have to happen today of all days? Wasn't today one of those cybertrian's holiday's? And every mech in the Ark was excepting him there right on time, or they were going to send out one hell of a rescue team, Red Alert being the leader.

It wasn't that Sam didn't like Red Alert, he loved him really, everyone else on the Ark as while, but it was just that Red Alert has a problem, he had a glitch that caused him to distrust others to a big fat 10 on a 1 to 10 scale.

And put him on a rescue team as the leader was like asking what was the decepiticons if they would ever consider not doing bad and evil things.

Now to the task at hand, getting to Bumblebee and getting the hell out of school and to the Ark.

As fast as possible, before Optimus does send out a team with Red as leader.

He also had to look forward to being on bed rest for months on end if Ratchet has anything to say about, and if the tamper mental medic ever gets his hands on the boy responsible, if any of the Ark gets their hands on the teenager, then have mercy on his soul because he not going to be the same again.

Sam dragged his body in front of the door in front of him, looking up at the sign that said Office.

Well, wasn't he a lucky bastard. He could use the office phone to call Bumblebee, who surprisingly didn't come in the school, tearing the place apart in the process, in holoform looking for him because he wasn't on time.

The Autobots was big control freaks when it came to him, especially the twins and Jazz, along with Red Alert.

Sam put all of his weight on his left hand and reached up with is right to grab the door knob to open it so he could use the phone.




... was locked, damn.

Sam forgot that it was well passed time for everyone to be long gone and at home. their warm, cozy, nice home. And he was stuck here in this cold, uncomfortable, school hallway.

He let go of the door knob and sat flat on his butt on the ground. He won't be able to make to the front of the school without making his injures even worse and he be damned if he was going to be on Rathcets bad side, so he was going to stay right here and wait like a good boy...they might be control freaks but they sure do know how to get him to do what they want, even if they aren't here.

Damn Autobots.

Did someone just damned me?

Bumblebee shifted on his wheels as he waited for Sam to come out of the school building so they could go back the Ark and celebrate the holiday.

This day was a traditional day for life formers that lives on cybertron, it was the day that Primus and Unircon take a bonded. The mech was a beauty and kind, but not without faults, the mech was not pure as most would think.

He was raped and beaten but despite all the abuse he lived though he was still a gentle and warm being.

Bumblebee often reflect on that legend there was still some mech's and femme's that disagree about that actually being true. That was why it was a legend. But Bumblebee was sure that the legend was true, because if the Decepiticons can have a pure, being as tainted and cruel that they were, human being such as Alexis as their chosen then why can't Primus and Unircon have something that's not pure?

The Autobots has Sam and the Decepiticons had Alexis, sample as that.

And so this very day was what the humans would call "Valentine's Day."

The whole base had a big party planed out, when ever Sam got to the base the party would begin.

Thinking of Sam, where in the slag is that boy?

He is giving that boy one more human minute and if he was not out here, heading toward the yellow bot, then he was using his holoform and dragging him out of the building.

Teacher or not, nobody keep the boy from the Aubotbots time chart.



...5...4...3...2...1...No Sam.

Arrgghh, that does it I'm goin' in weather he likes it or not.

Bumblebee's holoform open the door of his alt mode and made his way toward the school building, after he closed the door, not seeing Trent starring at him with bug eyed eyes and a gaping mouth as he entered the school building.

Bumblebee looked down the hallway, left and right, but saw no one traveling the halls.

Ever one must of left.

Well, all but one.

Bumblebee took the right part of the hall and headed toward the office, Sam might be there to use the phone to call the base to tell them not to freak out about him not being there on time for once.

Yeah right, the Autobots not freaking out about Sam was like putting a pink, sparkly, tutu on Megatron.

Should I have called Optimus and told him that Sam was still at the school for some project or something of that subject.

Maybe I should call them right now, Prime did make a promise to Sam that if he was so much a gone a nonosec without any of the bots and humans knowing where he was, Prime was going to send out a rescue team with Red Alert in the lead.

And Prime always keep his promises , even if he has to go though the pit and back to keep them.

Yeah, I'm going to call them right now an-


A batter and blooded Sam was leaning against the office door, his head resting against the locker next to the office, number 34, and was not part of the waking world at the moment.

Bumblebee rushed to the young teenager, doing two tasks at the same time, scening Sam and calling Ratchet.

"Ratchet, I need you at Sam's school now!"

"Is something wrong with Sam?"

Bumblebee heard the worry tone and knew that Sam was going to be bed ridden for a loooong time.


"I'm on my way, and a heads up, Optimus and the others are right behind me."

Bumblebee moaned at that, great more "mother hen's". Isn't Ratchet enough?

"Thanks Ra."

The com link ended with a "your welcome" from Ratchet and Bumblebee was left with Sam, a hurt Sam.

Whoever did this Bumblebee was going to, as the humans say, rip them a new one.

And Primus help them when he does.