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Sam let out a moan of annoyance as Ratchet once again scanned him for anything the medic might have missed – as unlikely as that could be- and it was driving the human crazy.

"Ratchet! Would you please stop!"

Ratchet ceased his scanning of the male and sent a dark glare, which Sam was sure said –Who is the medic here?- and Sam started to sweat.

Why did he snap at Ratchet of all mechs? Now he was never going to leave the med bay.

"You have been seriously injured Sam," The yellow mech stated calmly, not once showing his irritation, "and as a medic it's my job to make sure you are well enough to go back to your normal activities."

Sam's face went red as he recalled most of those 'activities', and half of them didn't involve school, (well it did if he brought back a bad grade in one of his subjects); Ratchet would blow a gasket if he knew that Sam participating in those 'activities'.

This involved certain Autobots, their kinks, and a worn-out human by the end of the night (and yes, Prime went against the medic's orders, too).

He would be dead if Ratchet ever found out about it. First Aid and Ratchet –along with First Aid's brothers and the Dinobots- were the only mechs that would pamper and coddle Sam until he begged for one of the other bots to save him from death by kindness.

"How is he, doc?" Ironhide's deep voice echoed though the whole bay, filling up the room with his presence.

The hummer shot the GMC a dark look-'you better be injured or with a deadly virus'- and started to mumble about idiotic mechs who can't stay out of his med bay, with or without ailments.

"He's fine, and should be all healed up in two to three months time." The medic informed the weapon specialist.

"That's great! The others would be glad to hear that."

Ratchet hummed and continued his examination of the young human, much to Sam's frustration.

Ironhide looked on in amusement before leaving the med bay to check on their 'guest' that the twins and Jazz was 'entertaining'.

Alexis was enjoying the warm rays from the sun and fresh air from being outdoors. Megatron actually agreed to let her go out today, to a park with some of the other Cons to keep an optic on her. If only to make sure that the young woman didn't get into any trouble.

Soundwave and his creations were the first ones to volunteer to go with her; the cassettes hadn't had a chance to experience the joys of a park and its natural beauties.

Megatron would have joined them but there were some issues that needed to be taken care of and that he would join them on the next trip. The seekers were busy with training, today was their weekly trine practice session, and weren't able to make it either.

All of the others were on duty and weren't off shift until much later.

"Alexis, what is that called?" the innocent looking holoform of Rabat pointing to a swing set in the middle of the park.

"That's a swing set," She explained to the youngest of the cassettes, "You sat on the seat and you can have someone push from behind to make you go forward and backwards."

The holoforms hazel eyes lit up at the idea of being pushed and started to make his way to the swing set, dragging a protesting Ravage with him.

Frenzy and Rumble went to the sand box to construct a battle field, or at least that's what they said they going to do. Laserbeak and Buzzsaw went to go join the twins in the sand box after looking around the park and found nothing else entertaining enough for them.

Soundwave keep close to Alexis, who had made herself a comfortable spot under a large oak tree, and kept an optic on his creations.

Sometime later, Alexis wasn't sure how it happened-but it did.

Soundwave was dragged off by his youngest and eldest to the pond at the park to see the koi fish, the twins and Laserbeak and Buzzsaw was still engaged in their war in the sand box; which left Alexis all alone in her spot.

Giving a human male a chance to woo her. He was okay looking but Alexis was already taken; and she was pretty damn sure none of the meshes wanted to share with a fleshing male.

She was nice enough to let him introduce himself before she started ignoring him.

His name was Matt. She couldn't care less.

It was fifteen minutes into the one-sided conversation before Matt finally realized that he was being overlooked.

"Are you already tired of me, babe?" he asked, leaning in close to her, giving her a reason to be annoyed at the male half of the specie. They gave these supposed 'cute' names and invade your personal space without permission. Wait…that's two reasons.

"Yes." She answered, a bored expression on her face.

A pout formed on the man's tan face, making looking like he got suckered punched in the face. Ideas, ideas. "Oh, come now," he said, "I'm not asking for you to kill anybody, you know. Just a date." His lips curved into a sly grin. "How can I change your mind, hm?"

Alexis' good mood died quickly after the words left Matt's lips. Where were Soundwave and the others when she needed them?

Minute after agonizing minute she stood there, having gotten up when he first came towards her. Listening to him make increasingly frustrated and lame passes at her.

Some people who had just arrived at the park gathered to watch, and still no Soundwave or cassettes.

Finally it seemed like Matt's temper got the best of him. "What's wrong with you?" he growled out.

"I don't like you!" She told him, matching his anger with hers. She had thought she made that clear during the first fifteen seconds of the conversation, but apparently not. Some people in the crowd snickered.

"Is there a problem here?"

Alexis' head snapped to her left, relief rolling though her at the melodic tones of Soundwave's voice.


"Who the hell are you?!" Matt said at the same time, ** at the taller male.

Alexis attempted to make a mad dash for the TIC but was stopped by a hand grabbing her wrist. She grimace at the grip Matt had on her, knowing it was going to bruise. Oh joy, another visit to Hook and the med bay. –One day,- she thought in frustration, -just one day without needed a doctor visit. That's all I ask, just one day.-

Why did it seem like she spent more time there than in her own quarters?

Soundwave grasped the elbow of Matt's arm and applied just enough force to make the bone creak.

"Release your grip on Alexis and I will cease mine." He said in a deadly whisper so only Alexis and Matt could hear. Matt gulped and did as he was ordered to; it was either obey or get his arm broken. The moment he was free he ran, his free hand clutched over his aching elbow.

Soundwave gently took hold of Alexis' other arm and led her to where the others were.

She was greeted by a soaking wet Ratbat; who had fallen in the pond by the looks of things, and a sour looking Ravage.

Rumble and Frenzy weren't looking too happy either. Laserbeak and Buzzsaw on the other hand looked smug; the only explanation was they must have beaten the twins at their own game.

The sour and smug faces quickly disappeared when they saw a fragged off Soundwave and an irate Alexis with a quickly bruising wrist.

"What happened?"

"Are you alright?"

"Do you want us to kick some aft?"

Alexis smiled at the last question asked by the twins. They apparently wanted to vent out their anger on the human that caused her pain, not a lot but pain none the less.

"A human got too cozy where he was not wanted." Soundwave replied, "Let's return to base."

Pfft, so

Two months had passed, with Sam slowly but surely getting better. And now that all his injuries had healed and the resulting bandages and casts removed, he was pronounced well enough to return to school.

Sam was looking forward to seeing his human friends again, and just the thought of getting back into his normal routine made him too happy for words. Not even Prime's warning brought him out of his high.

"In order to prevent another incident from happening, a few mechs will be with you at all times during the school day, which includes your classes. I trust there are no problems with this?"

"No sir," not while he still remembered the 'lesson' Prime had given him last time. "I don't mind."

Of course, he was aware that something was up the moment he clambered out of Bumblebee's alt-mode. "What, no morning sneer from the meatheads?"

"You'll find, Sam, that Trent has other things on him mind now." Jazz just smiled, tossing a lock of white hair over his shoulder.

All through history, which he shared with Trent, Sam noticed a difference in the jock. He was pale, with dark circles around his eyes, and his clothes sat oddly upon his frame. Almost as though he had lost a lot of weight in a hurry.

Bee sat next to Sam, pretending to take notes, while Jazz sat in a chair by the door--not as a student, but as an observer to the room as a whole.

The twins sat behind Trent, whispering to each other and flicking pieces of paper at their prey. What surprised Sam was that he didn't even turn around; had anyone else been doing that they would have gotten a textbook to the face.

But Trent...he looked up from his desk right at Jazz, twitching whenever the paper hit. Jazz jus smiled at him slowly, his eyes hidden behind his visor-like sunglasses. It wasn't a nice smile.

The jock flinched and returned his gaze to his work. No comments, no rude gestures, not even trying to get the teacher's attention. Sam glanced at Bee, who shook his head and mouthed 'later'.

'Later' turned out to be lunch time under one of the trees near the parking lot. He explained that the twins and Jazz had cornered Trent after the incident and explained to him why he was wrong to do what he did.

There might have been some mental torture involved, and some high-definition footage taken of Trent stark naked, crying for his mommy with a pink bunny tattoo on his aft which was kept as blackmail material, but those were just rumors around the base.

Although he had recently started flinching at the sight of microscopes and at the mere mention of science and/or doctor visits. This prompted his hysterical removal from the biology class a few weeks ago after they were to start on dissecting frogs.

Bee swore he had no idea what was going on. Jazz simply refused to answer any questions on the subject.