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Unusual Activity

"No! What is he doing?! Matsuda, you idiot!"

Matt rolled his eyes and threw some popcorn at Mello, ignoring the scathing glare he received for doing so. If there was one thing Matt didn't like about watching the show with Mello, it was that Mello got very…interactive with the television. Instead of elaborating on why the projectile popcorn was used in such an offensive manner to the second heir, Matt chose to return his attention to the television, only for something hard to collide with his head a moment later. "OW!"

"Don't get into a food fight with me. You won't win, Matt." Mello said darkly, tossing another very tough chocolate bar up and down in his right hand. His eyes were narrowed dangerously, apparently not pleased from the popcorn business. Before Matt could retaliate, however…

The episode ended.

Both of them looked to the television in clear disappointment as the Japanese rock band sung for the ending credits. Above the DVD player, several Death Note Anime cases were stacked on top of each other; ending with their recent addition they had just finished watching.

Sighing, Matt went to the television and shut it off. Mello only viciously snapped a piece of chocolate off of his new bar with obvious resentment…at the moment, anyway.

"So, Matsuda's getting killed at Yotsuba, right?" Mello asked. Matt nodded, slipping the DVD back into its original case. Scoffing, Mello stood from his beanbag chair and rolled his eyes. "About time!"

"Don't get too confident." Matt replied as he placed the DVD's in the closet, behind an old PS2 box. "You know how the stupid show likes to jerk the audience around. Remember when you thought Sochiro was going to shoot Light?"

"Now THAT would have been a great ending!" Mello snapped as he strode out of the room, with Matt following as usual. "Too bad L didn't just do that, de facto or not, would have saved him a ton of trouble."

"I hear that." Matt nodded agreeably.

"Shooting Light would not have given L the honorable win, Mello." A soft voice suddenly spoke, coming from a room nearby. Mello looked to the speaker sharply, immediately scowling as he did so. Matt, naturally, reached for his smokes.

Near continued, twirling a lock of his snow-white hair between his thumb and index finger. "L must prove, without a doubt, that Light is guilty. Any different scenario could allow Light to slip through the grips of justice." The young heir's eyes, normally dark and emotionless, had an odd gleaming quality to them. "However…"

"However what?" Mello narrowed his eyes, clearly annoyed.

"However…" Near shifted his gaze away from Mello, looking towards an open window instead. "This is wild speculation of a fictional base. Do you honestly believe L is truly how he is depicted in the Anime?"

There was a foreboding silence in the hall.

"I was expecting him to be older." Matt suddenly said. He removed a lighter from his pocket, flicking it a few times to try and light it. "And not as…"

"As what?" Near inquired curiously, eyes falling onto Matt finally. Mello also glanced at the third heir, a look of skepticism on his face. Matt didn't answer immediately, more interested in lighting his stubborn lighter. A few clicks later gave him a small flame, finally.

"Well…not as…immature?" He lit up a cigarette, taking another few moments. Mello nodded once in agreement, meanwhile Near had tilted his head ever so slightly to the side. "I mean, he acts so childish, when all we've been taught about his is that he's so…uber."


Mello rolled his eyes contemptuously at Near, "It's a gaming term. It means 'totally awesome in every single way'. Obviously, if L is like he is in the Anime, then L wouldn't BE uber, would he?"

Matt nodded, "Yeah. Pretty much like everyone else…except maybe a bit creepier at the same time." He let out a stream of smoke, looking towards the ceiling. "The idol we worship is nothing but some twenty-something old guy with a thing for sweets and has serious insomnia."

"He never blinks too." Mello added, "Plus he dresses like a bum."

Matt smirked at Mello, "I was waiting for you to bring that up-"


Near flinched noticeably as a DVD case fell onto the floor. Mello, predictably, gave a sharp laugh as he watched the younger heir rub the back of his head. Matt simply retrieved the new case, his goggles giving off an odd gleam from a nearby light.

"I should be used to that by now…" Near murmured softly, blatantly ignoring Mello's show of mocking him.

"Sweet! They finally catch Higuchi in this one." Matt grinned, turning the DVD over. "...Huh? It says there's some 'unpleasant surprise' on the last episode on this. Wonder what that is…?"

"Who cares?! Let's just watch the stupid thing!" Snatching the DVD from Matt's hands, Mello promptly began walking back to the room. Matt looked to his friend, then back at Near, and gave a small shrug.

Near looked to Matt, his voice was very soft at the moment. "Unpleasant surprise…I'll be sure to discover what that is then…"

Nodding, Matt walked back to the room, putting his cigarette out in a planter nearby.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Roger was one to never get concerned over children's behavior in the Orphanage, but in this case, he was willing to make an exception. He hobbled slowly up the stairs towards the dormitories of the current residents of Wammy's House, his cane shaking slightly as he put too much pressure on it. His hip hurt like crazy, which was to be expected since he took such a nasty fall a few weeks ago, but this needed to be done.

After all, when the top three residents of the Orphanage start acting odd, it was a good idea to go to action.

Many of the students there were quite unsettled when reporting the actions of Near, Mello, and Matt. They had cited, more on occasion, of suspicious behavior all three exhibited after last week.

Mello was seen to be muttering belligerently under his breath more often, and his tutors had very lightly put that he seemed to be very touchy lately, and had some sort of adverse reaction whenever the word 'light' was mentioned. A very violent adverse reaction, that is.

Near, for some reason, had a hard time focusing on anything lately. His gaze was reported to be very distant and cloudy, as if his thoughts were elsewhere. He had taken to playing with tiny little toys of people lately, labeling them with a black sharpie. One tutor had confiscated a toy that was labeled 'L' from Near, with an unnerving accurate depiction of the detective on it…

As for Matt, he was reported to have been smoking twice as much lately, and was incredibly jumpy. It was odd behavior for him, since Matt was the least paranoid out of all three. He was also seen on the Orphanage's computer more often, and had been seen pulling an all-nighter three times this week.

Finally reaching the top of the stairs, Roger headed down the hall towards the three's rooms. Children who were playing in the hall immediately ran into their rooms, possibly because they feared the power of Roger's mighty cane. Roger paid no mind, shuffling past the rooms without much thought. He reached the end of the hall and cleared his throat, adjusting his spectacles on his face.

He opened the door and peered inside, "Near, I need to speak with you-"

The room was empty.

Frowning, Roger shut the door and went to Matt's room next. He opened the door. "Matt, have you seen Near anywh-What?" Like Near's room, Matt's room was also vacant.

This was unprecedented. Where did those two go? It was curfew for god's sake! Unwillingly, Roger peered into Mello's room, which had the same result. It was empty too.

"Where are they?!"

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Mello sprawled out luxuriously in his seat, crunching down on a chocolate bar with relish. He glanced to his left, out of a tiny window. "How long is the flight, again?"

"Dunno. A day, I think." Matt replied, his attention focused on the red DS he held in his hands. On the screen displayed a little man in red overalls, who seemed to be trying to jump up into a pipe. "You still sore for bringing Near along?"

Mello scowled noticeably, "If that little puffball didn't threaten to tell Roger about the stupid Anime…" He snapped another piece of chocolate off of his bar viciously. "Rrgh!"

"Well, at least he conceded." Matt said, "If he thought this was all bogus, he wouldn't have come along to begin with."

Mello didn't seem to be reassured, glaring broodingly out of the dark window. Matt noticed his expression in a side glance, and chuckled a little. "Hey, lighten up a bit. At least he's in Coach."

Turning his head sharply, the blonde's eyes widened, before a devilish grin graced his face. "Really?"

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Little white-haired Near couldn't have been more unhappy than he was now. Currently, he was squashed between an unpleasant woman and morbidly obese fat man, both of which would not shut up about how adorable he was.

"Look at his hair, it's so silky and fluffy!" The woman cooed. "And you're traveling without an adult supervisor? How brave of you!"

"Going to Japan is such a big thing for someone like you to do by yourself, kid. You have family there or something?"

Near tried to ignore them. The operative word, of course, was 'tried', but for some reason, his tuning out abilities were failing him in such a dire situation. He focused desperately on the newspaper the fat man gripped between his ridiculously chubby hands. "May I see that for a moment?" He asked softly, immediately recognizing the word 'Kira' on the front page.

"Sure kid, I'm done with it anyway." The man gave the paper to Near, opting to watch the in-flight movie.

Now armed with a newspaper, Near found it increasingly easier to ignore the woman directly next to him. He looked to the front page article, reading in interest.

"Kira Kills All Who Oppose Him!" The newspaper seemed to be blatantly yelling at Near, rather rudely too. Calmly, Near read on.

After a few moments, his lips quirked into a small smile. "So…that's where we are at the moment…" Instinctively, his hand came up, fingers already twirling a lock of hair. The article was just announcing the deaths of the many FBI agents sent to Japan to assist L. Judging by that, Light should be in the stages of either being bugged, or if the newspaper was old, meeting L soon.

So, the only place logical enough to meet the two would be the Toho University, correct? After all, Near reasoned, none of them knew exactly where L was stationed in Japan. All of the hotels would be such a burden to check, as well as police stations.

Why not surprise both L and Light at the University? Misa wasn't around yet, so the possibility of all three of them being compromised would be extremely low…Added, to meet L…whether or not he was actually the awkward man in the Anime didn't matter to Near at all. L was still the greatest detective in the world, irregardless of what he was as a person.

As for Light, or Kira, if he truly existed, he would have an incredibly nasty shock coming very soon…

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

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