Chapter Number: Chapter Title

Song Title the chapter title lyrics are fromby Artist of song

Title: Unintended

Unintended by Muse

Chapter One: Kiss Me Again

Stuttering by Bens Brother

Chapter Two: Tell Me We Belong Together

I'll Be by Edwin McCain

Chapter Three: She Don't Need Nobody to Be Her Man

She Has a Girlfriend Now by Reel Big Fish

Chapter Four: In the End, the Words Won't Matter

All We Are by Matt Nathanson

Chapter Five: Scent of Sex

I Want To Save You by Something Corporate

Chapter Six: We'll Pack Up All Our Junk and Fly So Far Away

Santa Fe by Jonathon Larson sung by the RENT cast

Chapter Seven: Et J'ai Pleuré, Pleuré! Oh, J'avais Trop de Peine

Aline by Christophe

Chapter Eight: Whole Word Could Change In a Minute

Want To by Sugarland

Chapter Nine: Once You Start to Open Your Heart

We're All in This Together by Ben Lee

Chapter Ten: Figuring Out What Love Really Means

A Real Fine Place to Start by Sara Evans

Chapter Eleven: Away From the Man That She's Grown So Fearful Of

Down and Out by The Academy Is…

Chapter Twelve: Back Back Back To the Disaster

Memory by Sugarcult

Chapter Thirteen: And My Scars Remind Me That the Past Is Real

Scars by Papa Roach

Chapter Fourteen: It's Not the Fact of the Act it's the Lie in Your Eyes

I Can Tell You're Lying Because Your Lips Are Moving by The Apathy Eulogy

Chapter Fifteen: You Didn't Give Me One Last Chance

Kiss Me Goodbye by J. R. Vautour

Chapter Sixteen: Do You Feel Better Now? As She Falls to the Ground

Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Chapter Seventeen: And My Parents Will Never Consent to This Love but I Hold Your Hand

We Both Go Down Together by The Decemberists

Chapter Eighteen: When You Collide

This Ride by Starting Line

Chapter Nineteen: Can You Still Feel The Butterflies?

For Me This Is Heaven by Jimmy Eat World

Chapter Twenty: Just Give Me One Last Chance to Say What's On My Mind

Choke by Cauterize

Chapter Twenty-One: We'll Get Lost in This Dance Floor

You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This by Toby Keith

Chapter Twenty-Two: Days Go By I Can Feel Them Flying

Days Go By by Keith Urban

Chapter Twenty-Three: They Say Time Heals Everything

Not Ready To Make Nice by The Dixie Chicks

Chapter Twenty-Four: I've Got Tears That Are Scared of the Facts

Wires by Athlete

Chapter Twenty-Five: Don't Carry the World Upon Your Shoulders

Hey Jude by The Beatles

Chapter Twenty-Six: Your Wings Were Meant For This

Paper Wings by Cauterize

Chapter Twenty-Seven: One Boy, One Girl, Two Hearts Beating Wildly

One Boy, One Girl by Colin Raye

Chapter Twenty-Eight: You Shine So Bright It's Insane, You Put the Sun to Shame

Lullaby by The Spill Canvas

Chapter Twenty-Nine: I Prayed That She'd Say Yes

He Didn't Have To Be by Brad Paisely

Chapter Thirty: You've Got Me Walking up on Air and I'm Afraid of Heights

I Hate the Way I Love You by Joe Nichols

Chapter Thirty-One: Wouldn't Trade It for Anything

Just Another Day in Paradise by Phil Vassar

Chapter Thirty-Two: Love Can't Wait

She Said Yes by Brad Paisley

Chapter Thirty-Three: We're Giving Love in a Family Dose

We Are Family by Sister Sledge

Chapter Thirty-Four: I Make Believe It's Real

Not Pretty Enough by One Dollar Short (originally by Kasey Chambers)

Chapter Thirty-Five: Baby, Now I Know How You Feel What I Don't Know Is How You Do It

Mr. Mom by Lonestar

Chapter Thirty-Six: My Whole World Well It's Falling Apart

You Get me High by Jason Mraz

Chapter Thirty- Seven: I Still Believe it When You Say It's Another Perfect Day

Another Perfect Day by American Hi Fi

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Suck It Up, Breathe In Deep

Spin by Something Corporate

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Thank-You For the Life You've Given Me

Thank You by Johnny Reid

Epilogue: 'Cause It's A Beautiful World

Beautiful Life by Fisher