The legends of vampires and werewolves are as old as time. The endless wars have raged through the centuries, in secret, away from interfering human eyes. They lurk in the shadows, eyes ever watchful for a straggler, an easy prey of their enemies. Only clans have survived this far. Those who go alone are killed within a year.

But throughout the centuries of war, the numbers have slowly dwindled. Both of these ancient creatures are nearing extinction, as the opposition becomes smarter, stronger, faster. The vampires are venturing into sunlight, with high-tech protection and complicated potions, thick lotions on their skin to protect them from the fatal rays. The lycans are finding cures to each weapon the vampires create, finding flaws so they can avoid or destroy the threats their enemies create. They've started searching in the day where the fanged beasts are vulnerable, when their defences are at their weakest.

But during this violent war, humans have been swarming over the lands, inhabiting everywhere that is dry land. Their technology is advancing dangerously quickly, so that they are becoming as smart as the vampires. Should they catch wind of them, the humans would be sure to join the war, grossly out-numbering both sides. They are adapting and getting smarter too quickly for the monsters tastes.

The clans live in secret, finding security in numbers, though the numbers of clans on each side that are left are a breath away from extinction. The lycans are wandering off alone, experimented on with terrifying amounts of power. The vampires lurk in the shadows, the young ones that are blessed with strength, allowed to go in the sun for limited periods of time. They act as spies, looking for openings, weaknesses, signs of their mortal enemies. But the children are naive. They don't understand the dangers of the filthy monsters they've fought against since existence.

There are chances that a new problem may appear with the young ones foolishness.