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Her Lycan

"So she told you" Gaara said, his face blank.

"Then it's true" Shino said, his eyebrows furrowing behind his sunglasses. "Does Hiashi…?"

"Of course not" Gaara scoffed. "Hinata was with her mother while her father was hunting for the lycan that killed a elder vampire."

"You mean—?" Kiba was cut off by Shino.

"Somewhere else, outside…" he said, his eyes darting about, should anyone overhear. They went outside, ignoring the bell and stopped underneath a large tree. "We need to know everything, Hinata could be in danger."

"Danger?" Gaara repeated, his aquamarine eyes flashing gold. "What do you mean?"

"Tell us your story first" Kiba said sternly. "Then we'll tell you what we know as long as you stick with Hinata's wishes and don't interfere. Well, don't seem to interfere. Just… act like you don't know once we tell you." Kiba said, getting flustered.

"Very well" Gaara said after a long pause. "As I said before, a member of our pack, the highest ranking lycans in Suna had killed a Hyuuga elder by the name of Hyuuga Hiroshi." Gaara began. "Hyuuga Hiashi, Hinata's father was enraged over the death of his friend and advisor, and came to Suna to deal with the matter personally."

"But why would he bring Hinata and her mother along?" Kiba asked. "It doesn't make any sense."

"Because Hyuuga Hitomi was with child." Gaara said. "She was pregnant and Hiashi didn't want to leave her where he couldn't get to her quickly. I'm sure Hinata has told you of the fate of Hiashi's other wives?"

"Yeah" Kiba agreed as Shino nodded.

"During one of the nights Hiashi was hunting, Hinata wandered off from her mother, and by chance came across me" Gaara explained. "I was the heir of the alpha lycan in Suna, in fact, my father was the ruler of Suna, making it very much a lycan territory. I can see from your faces you understand I was no ordinary lycan."

"The Suna heir?!" Kiba screeched. "You're like… like royalty to my kind!"

"I was born with an enormous amount of power, killing my mother during birth. I was feared by humans and by my own kind, as I would lash out unexpectedly. I was outcasted by humans for being strange and 'scary' as they said. My father wasn't very good at parenting, and raised me to be nothing but a killing machine, making me unstable emotionally."

"So you were raised as a weapon, to be a monster" Shino said grimly.

"Exactly. When Hinata came rushing up to me, I reacted as I had been taught to and attacked." Gaara said.

"Kuso…" Kiba whispered.

"And by instinct, she extended her fangs and bit me." Gaara pulled down the neck of his shirt, revealing two tiny scars on his neck. "She pulled away and cried, apologising and cradling me, which I couldn't understand. Her mother eventually found us and took us somewhere safe, where Hiashi wouldn't find us. She healed me in a detached way, while Hinata, still young and naïve, chatted away as though I was her new best friend."

"And so you became attached" Shino said, while Kiba stared in shock.

"Exactly, after being lonely all my life I naturally became attached to this happy little angel that didn't leave my side. I immediately realised that I had to serve her, the old spell that lingers in a vampires bite. But other than obligation, I found that I actually wanted to protect her." Gaara sighed, breathing heavily through his nose.

"And then what?" Kiba pressed.

"My hybridity wasn't fully realised by most. They just believed it was just me and my strange, advanced lycan blood. My father noticed of course, but kept quiet, deciding I could still be a weapon. He was pleased I could still kill any assassin that came after me. Luckily enough, he was killed a while ago, and I've been free to do as I like." Gaara explained. "My meetings with Hinata were rare, and became rarer still the older and stronger I became."

"This hybridity, how has it changed you?" Shino asked curiously.

"I can stop my transformation during full moon, and I can limit how much I change" Gaara explained. "I thirst for blood, not just the savage desire to feed on flesh and kill."

"Are you horny?" Kiba asked, unable to stop himself.

"At times, but I can control myself" Gaara said in a deadpan voice.

"I see, and are you sensitive to sunlight?" Shino asked.

"It itches my skin on a hot day, but it doesn't particularly affect me." Gaara's eyes hardened. "Now tell me what danger Hinata's in."

"Sasuke's showing signs of hybridity." Shino said, causing Gaara's eyes to narrow.

"A lycan to a vampire, reduces the amount of wilderness, a vampire to a lycan…"

"Exactly, he's becoming unstable, mood changes, aggression, hi scent is starting to change too, but it's different from yours." Shino explained.

"It would be" Gaara sighed closing his eyes. "Becoming a hybrid increases your power, but I'm enslaved through the old vampire magic that used to control lycans before they rebelled and restarted the war with a vengeance. Sasuke won't be enslaved as he is a vampire of high status, and the rumours say it was Orochimaru who bit him."

"Orochimaru?" Kiba repeated.

"The snake hybrid" Shino said grimly. "He was a vampire that experimented on himself and apparently lost his mind in his desperate search for power."

"Seeing as it seems to be true, Hinata will definitely be in danger" Gaara said. "That snake will do anything to get what he wants, and Hinata is Sasuke's mate, making her first in line for kidnapping or blackmail."

"What do we do?" Kiba asked worriedly.

"We wait" Shino said.

"And we don't leave her side on full moon" Gaara said.

"Three days" Kiba said, looking up at the innocent blue sky.

"Three days until his first transformation…"