Title - Three small words
Author - Fireinthemist
Rating - K
Summary - Kakashi admits that yes, he does rather like Sakura. Slightly amusing, fluffy kakasaku drabble.
Comments - Yes, I know it's short but I think it's quite cute even so, neh? I wrote this in about 10mins because I was bored... sooooooo, here goes. Enjoy! (Hopefully)

Three small words

It seemed to Sakura that she always fell for the wrong guys. First it was Sasuke. Then Naruto and now… this. It seemed strange, even now as she was kissing him and his hands were roaming places that really they shouldn't be, considering their current location, that she could fall in love with somebody so apathetic, lazy and almost worryingly obsessed with badly written porn.

Her childish fantasies had always been so dizzily romantic and somehow, even though she thought she had grown out of these silly aspirations a long time ago, she couldn't help herself thinking that maybe some sort of affirmation that yes, he did rather like her might be nice. But Kakashi never was one to talk about his feelings, and honestly, she hadn't expected him to change for her.

So it came as a shock when he pulled away from their kiss and leant down, his cheek pressed against hers and his lips brushing the shell of her ear and whispered, "God Sakura, I love you."