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Three small words – Kakashi's POV

It suddenly struck Kakashi as he pressed his lips against hers that Sakura deserved so much better than a guy like him. But somehow he couldn't let her go. She was intoxicating, constantly hounding his thoughts, always on his mind. Ever since that first kiss he couldn't stop thinking about her, her eyes, her lips, her laugh and her legs. And her hair, sweet Jesus, the hair. What had once seemed so childish with its bubblegum colour was now a source of infinite delight for Kakashi. It was so smooth, so soft and so damn right sexy that he just couldn't get enough of it.

But what plagued his thoughts the most was just her. Just who she was. Sure, the added sex appeal was a nice bonus but he would be content with just having Sakura. She'd changed so much from the love struck little girl he'd known that she was barely recognisable. Although, he mused, the temper had stayed with her throughout.

So he was going to be selfish. He wanted her to stay with him. He didn't want anybody else touching her, kissing her. So he pulled away and whispered those three small words into her ear…. And meant them.