The Wizard of Wiz-Ville

Chapter 1

Somewhere over the rainbow

Now listen to the story I tell, a story that's fantastic yet true,

About a young girl named Penny Proud who was in a right to do.

A girl who just wanted to go out with her friends, but was stuck in a bit of a mess.

Her Daddy wanted to bring her with him, when the family went to see


But when she escaped from her father's plans and set out on her own.

She realised with the help of her friends that there's really no place like home.

"Why, why, why, WHY?" Penny Proud yelled to the heavens as she threw practically her entire shoe collection onto her bedroom floor. "Two weeks I've been getting my outfit for the Emerald Club's summer party ready. Two weeks! And I can't find a single pair of shoes to go with it!!"

"Well maybe I can help baby," said her mother Trudy Proud from her bedroom doorway. "Let me see the outfit."

Glad to get some help, Penny pulled a hanger out of her closet. On it was a sky blue, spaghetti strap top, a blue, gingham mini, a pair of ice white tights and a pair of ruby red sunglasses.

"Penny you are in luck," Trudy smiled when she spotted the glasses. "I have a pair of shoes that you are gonna love."

A minuet later in her parents room Penny and her mother were looking through the back of her mother's closet. "Here they are," said Trudy triumphantly as she pulled out an old shoebox with 'Fantasy Fashions' printed on the top. Penny opened it to reveal a pair of beautiful ruby-red, strappys, with gold stars on the strap buckles. "O mama their perfect," said Penny hugging her. "That's not all, look," Trudy said as she lightly tapped the heels together. Causing the heels to flash different colours and the stars to light up too. "I was a big fan of 'the Wizard of Oz' when I was your age," Trudy explained. "Whenever I wore these I imagined that they could take me to Oz."

"No offence mama," Penny smirked as she tried them on. "But I doubt that movie could happen in real life."

But when young Penny said that, she had no idea,

About the amazing coincidence that was to appear.

For she was about to learn in the weirdest way,

That fairytales can happen even today.

The next day, the day of the Emerald club party. Penny was already dressed up in her outfit and was just about to head out when she overheard her parents arguing. "Oscar you know Penny's been looking forward to this party for weeks."

"And don't say you forgot," said Sugar mama. "She been worrying out loud about her outfit for it for the same length of time."

"But Kansas is only in town for one day," Penny's father Oscar Proud whined. "And the cheapest tickets they had was a family pack."

"I don't think Penny's gonna be too happy about missing her party just so you can go see some outdated, rock and roll group."

"I'm WHAT?! Penny cried as she raced down the stairs. "But the Emerald club summer party is the social event of the year. I've been looking forward to it for weeks."

"Look Penny," said her father resting his hands on her shoulders. "There are four tickets in the family pack, if you don't come I'll have wasted good money on a useless ticket.

"Besides," he muttered. "At a party like that, there's gonna be boys."

"It's not fair!" Penny cried as she rushed upstairs. Leaving nothing but the sound of her door slamming as she went.

"Don't worry," said Oscar airily. "She'll come round." Trudy and Sugar Mama however didn't look so sure.

Upstairs in her room, penny was crying into her pillow. Just then the door opened, causing Penny to whip round to shout at who ever was coming in. Luckily it was just Sugar Mama's poodle Puff. "O Puff," said Penny scooping him up. "Why can't life be more like a fairytale, then I could just escape to another world in these situations." Looking out the window she saw her own neighbourhood looking bland and grey in the morning light. Looking up she saw 'Star Lot' a bright and amazingly fun town that was home to the Emerald club. It even had a rainbow shining over it, and it hadn't even been raining. Smirking to herself Penny thought 'this would be the point where I would start singing 'over the rainbow' except you can't catch a tornado into Star Lot.'

The minuet that thought crossed her mind however, a strong wind picked up outside. Suddenly as the wind had appeared a silver bus with 'tornado' written on the side of it came down the street and stopped right in front of her house. But what Penny noticed most of all was the fact that the sign said it was going to 'Star Lot'. Smirking Penny looked at Puff and got an idea. Rushing downstairs she called out "Taking Puff for a walk, might be out late, don't wait up for me." Slamming the door behind her, she rushed onto the bus before it had a chance to leave. "One girl and one dog to Star Lot please," Penny said sweetly.

"Hold on to your seat honey," said the bus driver handing her the tickets. "Tornado is the fastest bus in all of Wiz-Ville, hahaha."

This was proven the minuet Penny took a seat, as the moment the door closed the bus went off like a bullet. Penny actually found herself forced deep into the cushions on the seat and Puff was holding on for dear life. Managing to look out the window Penny saw why this thing had been called tornado. The streets and roads were whipping past her like she actually was in a tornado.

Suddenly the bus lurched to a stop, causing Penny and Puff to be catapulted out of their seats. "First stop," said the driver. "Star Lot." Glad to be off it, Penny and Puff rushed out the door just as the bus sped off again. Penny son saw that she was in a colourful town with flowers growing in every grassy spot there was. "Puff," said Penny looking around. "I don't think we're in Wiz-Ville anymore."