Chapter 2

Chapter 2

We're off to see the Wizard

Just then a bright light that looked a lot like a bubble appeared to one side of Penny. Even with her sunglasses on she was forced to squint. As the light go closer Penny finally realised what (or who) it was.

"René," Penny cried happily as she hugged her former housekeeper. Puff also started to bark happily at the sight of her.

"Nice to see you too Penny, I see your also heading off to the Emerald club party." Looking Penny realised the Rene was wearing a white and sugar pink gypsy top with flowery sleeves and a pair of light pink trousers with a white mini attached and ice white boots. The top and skirt was covered in sequins that had created the glow Penny had seen. "Awesome outfit Rene," said Penny. "But who are they," she asked pointing to a group of little kids behind Rene.

"O I'm working at Star Lots day-care centre 'Munchkin Land' now, I was just taking the kids to the park."

"Hi Munchkins," said Penny happily causing them to giggle.

Suddenly a large dust cloud appeared that causing the kids to cower behind Rene and Penny and Rene to start coughing. As the cloud dispersed, Penny saw something that made her laugh out loud. It was her part-time friend Lausianica on her new moped. She was obviously off to the Emerald Club party too. Since instead of her normal outfit, she was wearing a purple scrunch top, a black skirt with purple gauze strips over it and a pair of black, high-heeled boots. But what had made Penny laugh however was the fact her entire face was bright green. "I didn't know you liked the Wicked Witch theme Lausianica," Penny laughed, as Lausianica just got more furious.

"I'll have you know Proud," said Lausianica hotly. "That I tried a new face cream last

night and I seam to have a slight allergic reaction to it."

" Slight?!" Penny laughed harder.

"If your done laughing at me!!" Lausianica snapped in Penny's face causing her to stop laughing. "Thanks to that stupid cream I'm not gonna be able to even get passed the door at the Emerald club. Let alone into the party."

"So," she said suddenly smirking wickedly. "I'm gonna make sure no one else can have a good time tonight either."

As she said that she pulled a water gun full of gunge off her back and was about to ruin Penny's outfit when Rene stepped in.

"Hold it honey," she said softly. "If you ruin Penny's outfit then you'll ruin her shoes." Luckily Rene had tactfully seen that Lausianica had been staring at them the whole time. "I bet even with a green face they'll let you in with those."

"Fine," said Lausianica holding her hand out. "Hand them over Proud."

"After what you just tried to do! Why should I?"

"Fine," said Lausianica getting back on the moped. "But the minuet you take them off for anything, then I'll get you Proud and your little dog too. Hahahahahahaha," she cackled as she sped off. Causing Penny, Rene and the munchkins to once again be trapped in a dust cloud.

"Ok Penny, remember," said Rene. "Your safe from her as long as you don't take the shoes off for anything."

"Thanks Rene," said Penny smiling. "You wouldn't happen to know the way to the Emerald club would you?"

"Of course," said Rene happily. "Wizard Kelly likes the Emerald club so much, he had the shortest path from there to Star Lot entrance paved with gold," she said pointing to a small side path that was actually glittering and shining like gold. "He's also actually gonna be there for the party tonight."

"Thanks again Rene," said Penny as she actually went skipping along the golden brick road with Puff following her happily. "You know," said Rene after seeing Penny skip off. "Why does that whole scene remind me of something?"