Amelia stared at the casket, knowing that it will haunt her dreams, but still not looking away. Not once did she cry at Bella's funeral. Not when the priest said his words, not when the people's sobs were the only noises being heard, not even when Charlie went to say a few words and then burst into tears at the thought that one of his little girls was now gone...forever.

She felt horrible, that was an understatement, but she still couldn't cry. She tried and tried but no tears came out, only tearless sobs.

Amelia and Bella were twins. They didn't talk much after Charlie and Renee spilt, they both just kinda went in their own seperate ways. But they never ceased to talk once in a while, the calls started coming right after Bella's boyfriend left. She would always say that she felt responsible for being such a weak human, she felt responsible for driving him away.

One night, at 2:30 in the morning Amelia's phone rang and she grumbled an incoherant response into the phone... Bella was on the other line sobbing. That woke her up, Amelia tried calming her down but that seemed to make things worse so she only listened.

"...if I left everything would change. Nobody would miss me. Everything would be so much better. God, I miss him. He's probably somewhere else happy and has forgotten all about me. Maybe I should go see Jacob... No he hates me... GRRRRRR!! I'm so confused!" she ranted for a good hour before sighing a heavy sigh, telling Amelia that she could speak.

"Bella, you have got it all wrong. Edward misses you, I'm sure of it. Just give it time, he'll come around. And if he doesn't, its his loss, not your's. If he left, he wasn't worth it, Bella. Do you understand? I know you miss him, but if you let go of him, you'll be happier." Amelia did the best she could and she just hoped that it was enough to get Bella out of this rut that she has been stuck in for so long.

"Its not going to work.. I'm sure of it... Goodbye, Amelia," Bella sniffled, "I'll miss you." The other end went dead.

Amelia at first didn't think anything of it and went back to bed only to be woken up about 2 hours later. The phone call was from Charlie confirming that Bella jumped off a cliff and fell into the water. A boy named Sam found her body on the shore of a beach in La Push. She was dead.

At first Amelia didn't know what to think, she just sat in silence as she tried to get her thoughts in order, then it came back at her in double time. Shock, fear, and finally sadness swept across her in tidal waves. Her knees gave out and she vaguely remembered hanging up the phone.

She suddenly realized that Charlie was talking to her,"...there was nothing you could have done. Its not your fault that she jumped off the cliff. She... she just... did it." Charlie was one of the many reasons Amelia came to Forks. Another one was to come to the funeral.

"Maybe," her voice sounded strained, "...maybe if I would have come sooner than I planed. Maybe this wouldn't have happened if I was there for her."

"Amy, don't beat yourself up over this. There was nothing you could have done. She was depressed and she wasn't healing. Now, c'mon I want you to meet someone." He ordered, grabbing her arm and dragging her away from her seat.

She never took her eyes off of Bella's grave until she tripped and ran into a warm object. It was until she looked up that she realized that, that object was a boy.

"Sorry," her whisper was hoarse as she looked to see who had helped her up.

The boy was with reddish-brown hair and broad shoulder. His smile made her suddenly feel warm inside, as if he was the sun and the rays of warmth flew right through her. She couldn't help but smile at the gorgeous stranger before her.

"Amelia, this is Billy Black and his son Jacob Black," Charlie then whispered in her ear," Jacob was Bella's best friend."

"Its nice to meet you, Billy, Jacob," at the mention of Bella's name she went back into her own state of depression and looked back at the casket holding her once beloved sister. She remembered Bella telling her about Jacob. She said stories about them hanging out in his garage, riding motorcycles and promising her she wouldn't tell Charlie. She specifically remembered him as the best friend that she fell in love with and that he was the sweetest guy she has ever known, and the sweetest guy whose heart she broke.

The next thing she knows, was that tears finally started falling as she went to sit back in her seat. Then she sat sobbing while Jacob cradled her and whispered little reassurances to her.

He finally spoke and his deep voice rumbling in his chest making her feel safe,"You remind me of her so much," he said, grinning, but his eyes were still sad. She sat up and laughed a little while wiping tears from her eyes.

"And how is that?" She asked in an incredulous voice and sniffled.

"When I just met you, you tripped, telling me that you are clumsy. You both have seemed to live with Charlie at some point in your life, so you have that in common, you have the same eye color, and the same beautiful smile," he said grinning, she turned her head away blushing like a mad woman. She looked back at him and he was scratching his head in thought.

"You know," she started, getting his attention," you forgot something, and I mean something major."

"And what would that 'major' thing be?" He asked in a mocking voice.

Amelia glanced back at the casket and prepared herself for the cloud of depression to suffocate her once again. Her voice was a small whisper,"We were sisters."

His eyes were wide and his voice didn't hide his shock," Wow, I would never have guessed," He dug his hand in his hair and leaned back in his chair breathing a heavy sigh. He looked back at Amelia and saw her utter sadness and said," I'm really sorry," his voice was a whisper but she still heard him.

She sighed and said,"I'll be fine after I hang out with two of my favorite men, whose names happen to be Ben and Jerry, and watch some movies to get my mind off of it." She grinned a little and she knew that Jacob didn't buy it, not one bit.

"Can I join you?" he asked, taking her completely off guard. She looked around as if he were joking, and then raised her brows at him. "Is something wrong?" He asked completely innocent.

"Ok, we're at a funeral... not a regular funeral, but my twin sister's funeral, aka your best friend... and you're hitting on me?" Her voice was accusing and had a hint of shock in it.

His eyes went wide at the accusation and he went to kneel in front of her,"No, no, no, no,no," he said repeatedly. She crossed her legs as her black silk dressed flowed around her,"What I meant was that I wanted to be there to cheer you up. Because frankly, you look like you need it," he said with an impish expression on his face.

"I guess you could come over and watch a few movies, but just a few," she hesitated but was still firm on her rule.

"That's all I want," he said. "So when-" He was starting but was interrupted by a a silky voice that put her in a daze even though she didn't see the source of which it was coming from.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" the voice was angelic but you could sense the harshness of his words...