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Epilogue: Help Me!

Sam came back for Amelia and she shoved the note in her sweatshirt inconspicuously and stood up from her spot. God, kill me now... was all that was running through her head as she realized what she was about to do. But she was doing it for him, so he didn't have to suffer, and neither did his family. She was nervous and she would hope that Edward would realize that something was wrong, she couldn't give any signals to him without Sam knowing. She just... felt so weak. So much like a human... it bothered her.

They drove and drove until they arrived at a small dirt road and they stopped about halfway, jumping out of the back, the truck pulled away and three of them walked up to her. Sam, Embry, and Paul stood beside her. "Follow us and if you don't-"

"You'll kill everyone I love... I know," she murmured in a dead voice. She has never really seen someone change into a wolf before, so when she saw them shred into giant animals she was a little frightened. They took off deep into the forest and stopped about ten feet away from a giant landscape, "If anything goes wrong... we will know. So don't try anything, the leech will be here soon, are you ready?" he asked menacingly. She had to admit, she liked his wolf form better. It didn't look so angry all the time.

"I'm ready," she whispered as she took off to the clearing. She barely looked over her shoulder as she fell into the grass, she laid the letter in the soil as she waited for Edward to arrive. She wished that everything was different, she wished that she was home in Edward's arms, she wished that Emily was here, she wished Bella was here... she wished that she could go back in time. She sighed heavily.

"Why so sad?" Edward asked quietly as he bounded to her. "Can you forgive me for being such a jealous and crazy imbecile. I know that I can overreact like that." He asked with a soft smile.

Amelia breathed a sigh as she stood up. Here we go, she thought as she started to destroy both of their lives. "No Edward, I can't forgive you. Not now, not ever," she stated. He became utterly still. His breathing stopped.

"Edward, this has become too much for me. I am bored beyond belief at our drama. I've had enough."

I saw his eyes blink at the shock. Don't look at his eyes. A small drizzle started as the conversation progressed.

"You are always so hesitant and it bothers me, like you don't trust me to be careful or I am too fragile for your own being." She swallowed hard, "Jacob never had to stop and he was never gentle with me. Jacob always added a nice touch to things." One day, she hoped to see Sam die, a horrible, miserable death.

Edward rocked back on his feet. He had never lost his balance before. A tearless sob came out before he could restrain himself.

"Oh, Bella no," he whispered, the sadness in his voice was not helping as she held back her own sob. He took a step towards her and then his eyes flared. "There is werewolf scent everywhere around you," he choked.

His eyes looked deep into Amelia's. She let out a sigh. Its not like she could turn away. His eyes were full of ache, torment and betrayal. She had hurt him deeply.

"You were with him just now?" he choked.

"Yes," she said. "I have been thinking about it a lot and tonight just made me realize it all the more. I am giving up too much to be with you. I have been feeling so smothered. It drives me crazy how I have to hide all of this from Charlie. I went to see Jake, and when I held him and heard his heartbeat and felt his warmth, that's when I knew . . . .it is Jacob I love, and not you."

Please Sam, don't make me say it. Amelia blinked back the tears that she wished were there as she said, "You really are a monster, Edward. Tonight finally made me realize that you were right all along. I don't know why I became a vampire, you were right... you're always right aren't you? I wasn't made for this and I blame you."

The rain started to come down harder.

He came to her then. He stood inches from her face. He reached for her hand and she sighed when his cold fingers found her own. His touch did what it always did - it brought the strangest sense of relief. As if she'd been in pain and that pain had suddenly ceased.

He brought her pale hand up to his lips. The rain was dripping off his hair as he pressed his cold cheek on her hand and closed his eyes.

All too soon he pulled away. His eyes were searching hers as he said, "I promise I'll never bother you again." She wanted to scream out, to hold him. She swallowed at the pain. "I will always love you, Amy. Never forget that," He breathed.

He looked down at her and she watched as a raindrop hit his eye making him blink. The raindrop then fell below his eye and slowly ran down his cheek. That was the image, she knew, would haunt her for the rest of her undead life.

Then he disappeared.

She fell to her knees as wracking sobs gripped her body. She got up and ran out of the meadow and then fell to her knees again as she dry heaved on the ground. She stumbled to her feet; she had no idea where she was going. Suddenly Sam was there, smiling. He seemed very pleased with the job she'd done. That was all she remembered.

Next thing she knew, she was in the back of a truck and driving down a vacant road...

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