Undead and Uncoordinated

Diclaimer : I don't own the characters, just the books.

Even as a vampire, Bella is still a klutz.

This was so unfair. This was not how it was supposed to be. Where was the grace? All the others were agile and lithe. You were supposed to be stronger, more beautiful and graceful after the change. It was a done deal. All the others had it. They were poetry in motion. Yet here she was, flat on her face yet again.

Jasper and Alice were trying not to laugh, keeping it in with lips tightly pressed together. Even her Edward was trying his best not to let the chuckles deep inside him burst out as he knelt down and offered her his hand. Gently asking if she was alright. Emmett on the other hand couldn't control the great guffaws as he stood just to the side of her. Rosalie had a smug smirk on her face. No doubt thinking that I was a complete fool and that it was no surprise that hadn't changed. I was still a first class klutz. I had to be the first vampire in history who tripped over her own feet while hunting.

I huffed as I took Edwards' hand and brushed myself off when I stood. Trying to retain some dignity and give off an air of untroubled bravado. Brushing the faux-pas aside. I wasn't in the mood for Elk anyway.