AN: My sequel to Union. The story was inspired by the Wonder Woman episode "Gault's Brain" from season three.

Forces Aligned

Part One

Diana Prince turned sharply on the next street at 90 miles an hour. She swerved avoiding crashing into a stop sign. She was thankful that this was going on at three in the morning where many cars weren't on the road. Normally, Diana wouldn't drive this fast or dangerously on a public road but being chased by criminals ready to kill her and the passenger in her car, changed the situation.

Diana looked at her passenger. He was so pale and sweaty. He looked ready to throw up. "Are you all right?" Diana asked.

The man only known as Simmons nodded weakly. He screamed as bullets were fired behind them. Three bullets shattered the back window of Diana's car. Diana maintained her calm but Simmons was panicking.

"I'm gonna die!" Simmons screamed over and over.

"No, you're not!" Diana yelled. "Hang on!" Diana made another sharp turn and hit the gas, going 100 miles now. Diana drove into a park. She swerved to avoid park benches, trees, and ponds. She and Simmons bounced in the car as it drove down a bumpy, grassy hill.

The people shooting behind her weren't stopping either. They continued to chase her and fired their guns. Holes pierced Diana's trunk and shot off her left rearview window. It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. Diana was only assigned to pick up Simmons; not get into a high speed chase with criminals ready to kill them both.

Her aggressive driving was unlike her Diana Prince persona and she was glad no one she worked with was riding with her. Otherwise, they may be suspicious.

When Diana reached the bottom of the hill, she drove off onto a gravel walkway towards heading for an area of wooded trees. Diana stopped her car and looked back. The goons were catching up. "Run for it!" Diana told Simmons.

Simmons didn't question it as he got out of the car and ran into the wooded area. Once Simmons was out of sight, Diana got out of the car, got between two trees and turned transforming into Wonder Woman.

The car chasing Diana stopped by Diana's car and got out. The four men armed with guns wore dark masks. The leader was giving out orders when Wonder Woman jumped from the sky.

The four goons fired on Wonder Woman. She deflected the bullets with her bracelets. When they ran out of bullets, two tried to fight her while the other two jumped in the car and drove off. Wonder Woman easily took out the two goons with a punch in the face and kick in the stomach. Wonder Woman then flew in the sky and spotted the other two goons driving away. She landed before them and placed her hands on the hood, bringing the car to a stop. Wonder Woman ripped off the hood and took out the engine.

The two goons got out of the car and ran for it but Wonder Woman easily caught them in her golden lasso. She tightened her lasso as she glared at the men. "Now we're gonna answer some questions."

Simmons kept running. He had to get away from the men after him. He had to warn the government what they were planning to do. For a brief moment, Simmons wondered if Diana Prince was okay. She was a government agent he told himself. She could handle them and if not, better her than him.

Simmons was startled when something landed before him. Simmons cried out in fright but calmed down when he saw who it was. "It's all right," Wonder Woman said calmly. "Those men chasing you and Ms. Prince have been stopped. You can go back now. Ms. Prince is waiting for you."

"Are you sure?" Simmons asked.


"Oh, good. I'm glad I ran into you, Wonder Woman. What I have to tell the CIA requires your attention since you are a superhero."

"How can I help?"

"The men chasing me and Ms. Prince are part of the Aremid organization. I was once a member of the group. I'll admit I'm not a good person. I've done a lot of bad things but when I found out who they were going to kill, I couldn't get behind that. I knew too much and they wanted to kill me."

Wonder Woman knew he was an Aremid agent. Aremid were mercenaries behind robberies of royalties, government and business secrets, assassinations of CEOS, political and royal figures. They always succeed in their jobs until now when Wonder Woman saved Simmons. Rumors were spreading that the Aremids were going after a powerful person who resides in the United States. The CIA suspected it was the President but now Diana was suspecting it was someone else.

"Who is the intended target?" Wonder Woman asked.


"Superman?" Wonder Woman was befuddled but quickly collected herself. "You do understand that's an impossible feat."

"I know, but these people are crazy, crazier than I thought but they are confident they can do this." Simmons looked at Wonder Woman pleadingly. "Please, you must warn Superman."

She didn't need her lasso to know Simmons was telling the truth. "How do they plan to kill Superman?"

"Kryptonite. The Aremids have lots of it in storage and in different forms of weaponry: spears, bullets, lasers, gas bombs, rays. You name it, they got it."

"Where did you usually meet them?" Wonder Woman was worried for Superman now. She knew how deadly kryptonite was to him. If she could get to the Aremid's location, she could take them out.

"Usually, we meet online and talk in codes. Whenever I had to meet anyone in person, it was at the closed Carter Diner off Seventh Street but it won't help you to go there. They're relocating as we speak because they do that whenever they had to off anyone." Simmons ran a frustrated hand through his dark hair. "I don't understand how they found I was gonna rat to the CIA. I didn't express any strange behavior; my place wasn't even bugged. I only talked to the CIA once and they said they were gonna send an agent to pick me up at the Waffle House and take me to a secret rendezvous point where I'm taken to the CIA headquarters by another group of agents."

Simmons was right. He did contact the CIA once and her boss assigned her to pick up Simmons. It was a strange request since Diana Prince isn't a field agent but she didn't question it. "Do you have any idea who hired the Aremids to assassinate Superman?"

Simmons shook his head. "No. I was still low on the pole and wasn't privy to that information. Just questioning the assignment would bring suspicions on you but it could be anyone who has the money and a strong enough grudge."

Lex Luthor popped in Wonder Woman's mind but she wasn't sure. Wonder Woman had questioned the four goons with her lasso but they were expendable Aremid assassins. They only knew to kill Simmons and anyone with him.

"I suggest you return to Diana Prince's car. The authorities will be here shortly." Wonder Woman left Simmons and secretly changed back to Diana Prince moments before Simmons returned to her battered car and four goons.

An hour later, Diana poured herself a cup of coffee in one of the many offices of the CIA. She had checked the diner where Simmons would meet other Aremid members but it was vacant like he warned her. The other CIA agents were questioning the four men captured by Wonder Woman. She knew what was going to be said so she didn't bother to watch the interrogation.

Richard Moulton, Diana's immediate supervisor entered the room. He was an older man in his fifties with salt and pepper hair and built like a former football player. He had doubts about Diana when she joined but Diana proved to be an exceptional agent. Good enough for the office of course, never a field agent. But something told him to give her a try for this one light task.

"Did they say anything?" Diana asked.

"Nothing we could use. They were mercenaries on the low end stick of the Aremid. They were only told to kill Simmons and you." He poured himself a cup of coffee in his Styrofoam cup and grinned at her. "Excellent driving by the way. I never thought you could hold your own against assassins firing on you. You can give some of our field agents a run for their money."

Diana laughed half heartedly. "Trust me; it's not something I want to do again."

Richard laughed. "I imagine so. You're so…." He looked Diana over in her dowdy black pants and blue turtleneck. Her face so plain, glasses too big and hair tied in an unsightly bun reminded him of an unattractive spinster from his private school. "Basic. Don't worry. You won't have to pay for the damages made in the park or your car. You shouldn't have been caught up in that anyway. It was a simple mission. Pick Simmons up and bring him to the pier where our agents would pick him up."

Diana knew she was only chosen because no one would suspect Diana of anything. It was part of her persona to be unnoticeable. "What about Simmons? Did he say who the Aremid were hired to kill? Is it President Chalmers?"

Richard shook his head. "It's not the President they're trying the kill." Richard sipped his coffee. "It's Superman."

"Superman?" Diana feigned innocent on that knowledge. "How are they going to kill Superman?"

Richard shrugged. "Not sure. He didn't say."

Liar. Diana knew Richard was lying to her. Simmons was frantic to get the truth out and would've confessed Superman's weakness to the government. Either Richard didn't want her privy to that knowledge or the government wasn't going to get involve. "In any case, someone should warn Superman someone wants to kill him."

Richard laughed. "That's a long list of people, Diana. Robbers, murderers, terrorists, mad scientists all want Superman dead. We can't listen to every one of them. This is just another person added to the list of fanatics and a waste of the government's money."

Diana was angered the government wasn't taking the matter seriously but kept her calm when saying, "I wouldn't be so fast to consider this as unimportant, sir. The Aremid organization is rumored to be behind the assassination of some very high profiled people: CEOs, heirs, politicians including Ambassadors of China, Iraq, and Australia."

Richard regarded Diana for a moment. "Yes, they are, but trying to kill Superman? Even you have to admit that's a bit farfetched, Diana."

"Did Simmons say how the Aremid were going to kill Superman?"


Another lie.

Diana gripped her coffee mug tightly but not so much it would break. "The CIA investigates and prevents assassination attempts of our fellow countrymen and our allies and Superman is an ally."

Richard looked bored as if his coffee was important than Diana. "Superman wouldn't be interested."

"I beg to differ, sir," Diana said tightly.

Richard stared at Diana. If he didn't know any better, he would say meek Diana was challenging him. "Even so, how do you consider contacting Superman? The government doesn't have his private number or address. Are you volunteering to jump off a building in Metropolis and hope Superman is flying by to catch you?"

Richard was joking but Diana didn't find that funny at all. "No, sir, but I would like to try. I do know someone in Metropolis who has a way of contacting Superman."

"All right, Diana," Richard gave in. "Find Superman. Consider it your first official field assignment."

Diana closed her suitcase shut and sat on her bed tired after a long twenty four hours. Her boss approved of her trip to Metropolis though he clearly doubted she would find Superman. It didn't matter to her. She knew she can contact Superman.

Going back to Metropolis meant working with Superman again. The thought left Diana with mixed emotions. Part of her was excited to see Superman again but another part of her thought the feelings she was having for Superman were wrong considering her heritage.

Since returning to Washington, D.C. after the incident with Darkseid, Diana thought the unexplained feelings Superman stirred in her would fade away. Instead when she thought of him, the feelings would resurface stronger than before. Clark had called her, wanting to meet up and talk, but Diana would turn down his offer. The disappointment in his voice bothered Diana for days. It bothered her even more when she was the one to tell Clark he could see her when he was in town. Now she was backing away from that offer. She would pray to the Gods for guidance; help her rid of the feelings for Superman. She was an Amazon after all; a warrior. She shouldn't have these feelings for a man. But her prayers were never answered.