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When Gabriella and Troy saw the wildcats they were shocked. "Hey, guys how's it

goin" says Chad. "Great" answers back Gabi, "Until you guys came" whispered Troy,

Both laughed softly. Gabriella was shocked, cause Sharpay and Shaun was actually

Hanging out with the other wildcats, right after the chaos Sharpay and Shaun caused.

Well anyway, All seven of them check in and went to the beach ad had a picnic. While

Troy was chewing food in his mouth, he asked Chad this question " So how did you guys

Know we were coming here?" Chad said " We over heard you guys talk about coming

Here so we talked about it and we agreed." Gabriella buts in and says " Why didn't you

Tell us about this", "Why you don't want us to be here" says Taylor. "NO I DIDN'T

MEAN THAT" answered Gabi. "Then what did you mean" says Taylor.

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