Title: "Affair"
A Erotic Series Chapter (1/4)
Written by: Shawn

Summary: A unplanned meeting on a train sends Tommy and Kim spiraling towards the next phase of their friendship.

Rating: M for variety of adult content. Very sexual adult content.
Category: Erotica/Romance Timeline/Spoilers: Everything up to and including the Dino Thunder finale is canon - After that its my AU.

Characters: Tommy and Kim

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with PR and won't make a cent off of this.

Authors Notes 1: If you're in the mood for something grown, sexy, flirtatious, salacious, blush inducing, and romantic then this is for you.

Dedicated to: The Grown and Sexy - Lovers of TK - and everyone at the Perfect Chemistry forum.

Extra thanks to: Liz for her amazing artwork that accompanies this story.

"It is love rather than sexual lust or unbridled sexuality if, in addition to the need or want involved, there is also some impulse to give pleasure to the persons thus loved and not merely to use them for our own selfish pleasure." Mortimer AdlerThe Amtrak California Zephyr Train

En route to Lake Tahoe

Friday, December 3, 2008 7:30 PM


While admiring a last glance at himself in the bathroom mirror, Tommy peered back and forth at his reflected image. Dress clothes weren't his typical style, although he had to admit the black Armani Collezioni suit Haley helped him pick out and swore he looked so sexy in wasn't that bad at all. Of course even being able to afford one was testament to his business success in recent years. Perhaps that alone was reason enough to wear it tonight even though he was going to be dining alone.

After all, he had to wear it sometime.

Grinning , Tommy put it out of his mind. The expensive suit was a gift to himself for having recently opened his third martial arts school, this one in Los Angeles. While teaching was a passion, he had none greater than the martial arts. And after negotiating a reasonable business loan from Anton Mercer, one he's already repaid, the first Falcon Martial Arts Academy was born in Reefside. Since then he was able to open one in Angel Grove, and now LA itself. "Not bad at all," he smiled before exiting his room.

As he toured the train on his way to the dining car, Tommy couldn't wait to begin his vacation. Three days of skiing, hiking, and riding snow mobiles was another gift to himself. The academy's were finally up and running so well that his presence wasn't necessary on a daily basis anymore. Although he's a hands on type of guy, the last five years straight he's been involved in something with no rest for the weary. Jason and Haley finally convinced him to take some time off for himself, so he rented a cabin in Lake Tahoe where he intends to sleep late, ski, enjoy nature, and just kick back.

Going alone was part of the equation, as well.

Currently single, a part of him needed his solitary time. He both enjoyed and missed being the only voice in his head instead of the noisy class rooms or the serious martial arts training at the academies. For the next couple of days it was just him, the mountains, and the peace and quiet he desired.

While stepping aside for an older couple to enter the dining car first, which earned him a polite thank you from the Mrs., he caught barely a flash of someone just over their shoulders. Upon entering the dining area as soft music welcomed the guests, his eyes searched for whatever sparked his interest, and when he found it... or rather, her... he stopped dead in his tracks.

As he lived and breathed, across the dining hall sat the very lovely, captivating, Dear John letter-writing Kimberly Hart. Tommy moved slowly around the dining area, careful to stay out of her line of vision. He hadn't seen her in a years time since Jason and Kat's engagement party. They've exchanged a number of emails and talked on the phone a couple of times, but he's been so busy the last half-year that they've lost touch a bit. None of that mattered as the sinfully sleek spaghetti-strapped black dress she wore--with her mahogany-brown hair cascading her bare shoulders--instantly affected him.

She was stunning by candlelight.

And not alone, Tommy noticed as he took a chair at the bar, watching her seated at a table in the back. Whatever was she doing here came to mind, but then he caught sight of a dark haired man with his hands on the back of the empty chair at her table. While he couldn't see the guy's face, Kim's mildly frustrated expression seemed to convey that she didn't want the strangers attention.

Having fallen victim to her appeal himself, Tommy knew that Kim effortlessly attracted guys wherever she went because of the mischievous charm in her warm brown eyes, her daring wit, and that despite her lack of height everyone knew she hated, it seemed to bring out the Cave-Man vibe in most men to somehow protect her. Not that she needed it, mind you. But the draw was there.

She looked incredible tonight.

After ordering a drink at the bar, Tommy watched until Kim's roll of the tongue in her mouth clearly signaled the stranger was about to get punched if he didn't give up soon. What looked to be a quiet dinner alone now held an opportunity for endless entrainment. But did he dare do what he was thinking of doing?

Downing his drink quickly, Tommy sat the glass on the bar and was on the move, smirking the entire time around the piano man's booth before coming up on Kim from behind. Oh what the hell, he thought. You only live once... and he'd die before admitting he missed this. "I'm sorry I'm late, Beautiful."

Kim heard the voice, craned her neck around, and barely had time to squeak before someone... Tommy.. was kissing her. His hand gently cupped the back of her head while his lips swayed over hers in a long, wet kiss that was shocking as it was so damn good. Her foggy mind had no time to register where he came from or why he was here. But she was smiling the very second his lips finished caressing her own. "Uhm, hey."

Standing tall, Tommy crossed the table, entering the stranger's space. He stood taller than the other guy, fixing him with a piercing stare. "This is my chair."

Having eyed the sexy brunette from the moment she entered the dining area, Mark was sure she was eating alone. All he needed was time to talk her into joining him, and then he was sure... but with the arrival of this guy and that kiss they shared, well, he knew when defeat was staring him in the face. Exhaling deeply, he huffed a, "Excuse me."

While her lips were still tingling from Tommy's kiss, Kim breathed a sigh of relief that the jerk had finally left before she had to cause a scene. He was entirely to pushy. Of course when Tommy captured the empty chair across from her, well, he presented a new... something. She wasn't sure yet. "I hope you're not waiting for me to faint due to your unexpected appearance?" she smiled at him.

The day he returned as the White Ranger came back to Tommy in a flash. "And here I was hoping that was your normal reaction to me," he teased. "I remember you falling into my arms."

"At least I didn't steal a kiss," she taunted right back.

"No, you waited a few hours later for that."

On the roof of the Command Center, she fondly remembered. She had kissed him until she couldn't think of anything but kissing him. Here and now, she only hoped she wasn't blushing from the memory. "What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same question," Tommy replied, settling in at her table. "As for me, I rented a cabin in Lake Tahoe for a few days. I'm taking a mini-vacation to relax and unwind. You?"

Kim fell silent, hating the grin that spread over his handsome face when he found her eyes roaming his gorgeous body. He looked good enough to 'eat' in that suit, and she hadn't 'eaten' in a very long time. "The AJJ's, my band, have a recording session coming up early in the new year and its looking good that we might get a major record deal. But finishing the new songs for our album has been a pain due to my interior design career and having no real free time. So before the holidays and family and all that start, I just wanted to get away for a couple of days, do some writing and some skiing. I rented a cabin too."

Her news was startling to say the least. Not that she was close to achieving another of her goals as Tommy had the utmost respect for how she tackled anything in her way. But what were the odds they'd both be going away alone for a few days to the same place? Okay, maybe not next door, but in close enough vicinity to see each other... if they wanted. "Am I in someone's chair?"

So he was interested in if she was alone? The corner of her mouth lifted. "You're where I want you to be."

"Just so long as you want me."

Unable or unwilling to deny his claim, she wasn't sure. And while her heart hadn't been dying inside for his presence in her life, whenever he was near their attraction sizzled. It didn't seem to matter how long they were apart or when the last time they spoke on the phone even. They chemistry was timeless. And they shared friendship she held most dearly. "How about we order dinner, and then catch up?"

"Sounds like a plan."

One chilled bottle of Chardonnay and two Lobster dinners were ordered as the soothing sounds of classical piano music serenaded the dining area's guests.

"So how have you been?" Tommy asked while they waited for their dinners to arrive.

Kim shrugged, gazing about the beautifully decorated dining area. "My office has been crazy busy for the last year, which is both a blessing and a curse. Money wise we're a success, but as soon as certain people on your staff land a great account they jump ship for another company that offers something way out of your pay scale. It's so hard these days keeping talented people, so loyalty matters. But all in all business is good and I'm fine."

"Tell me about your band?" Tommy inquired. "The last time we spoke about them you were just considering joining them."

"Amy, Joe, and Johnson. Three of the craziest people you'd ever want to meet." Kim was pleased to inform him. "The AJJ's had a little buzz going in Florida and heard me playing some of my stuff and liked it. They introduced themselves and before I knew it I was writing songs for them. Then playing guitar, and then singing lead vocals. It's been a passion of mine for the longest time to take a real shot at a music career, but so far it can't pay the bills like running my design studio. Now if we get this recording contract early next year, who knows. I'm very excited though."

They were interrupted when their dinner and the Chardonnay arrived. Tommy poured her champagne flute first, and then his own. He held it out. "Here's to you and your band getting that recording contract."

Kim toasted his flute while thoroughly enjoying his company. "From your mouth to God's ear." Dinner was delicious from the first bite as they exchanged secretive gazes across the dinner table. If she considered the dinner, champagne, soft piano music, and the setting of a nighttime train ride she couldn't help but to find it romantic. And despite it all Tommy affected her hormones. She could still feel the phantom caress of his lips over hers. "Your turn," Kim smiled. "Tell me what's new in your life? Any new girls to speak of?"

Tommy arched a brow. "Checking up on my love life, Ms Hart?"

"One of us has got to have one."

"Is that a subtle way of telling me you're single?"

After tasting her Chardonnay, she slowly swept her tongue over her lips... and she knew he was watching. "Interpret as you will." Their back and forth gamesmanship added spice to an evening she had thought she'd be spending alone. "So go on."

The beautiful, smooth skin her dress offered to his hungry gaze caused his lips to part. "One month ago I opened my third Falcon Martial Arts academy in LA." Kim seemed genuinely interested and proud of him, offering a silent little clap. "Thank you. That was the hardest of my three schools to finish, but now its up and running. It just keeps me on the road a lot going between LA, Reefside, and Angel Grove." He laughed, shaking his head. "I'm sick of driving, traffic, and the high cost of gas. So this mini-vacation is a gift to myself. I'm going anti-technology the whole way. No lap top, no television, and no radio. I'm just leaving my cell on in case of an emergency."

"You look so damn good in that suit." Kim swallowed hard after that erupted out of her, but she'd been staring and had only seen him in a suit one other time. "I'm sorry I just blurted that out," she laughed softly. "Random much."

"You took my breath away the moment I saw you tonight."

Piercing gazes clashed across the table... deep, steady breathing... an onslaught of attraction roared between them.

"So, no new girl, huh?" Kim joked with a smirk while eating.

Rolling his eyes. Tommy replied, "I haven't had any time for dating lately. You?"

"Nope. Been busy with work and my band."

"We really need a social life, Kim."

"Who are you telling," she half-smiled, half-laughed. "But this is nice," she noted, looking around the candle-lit dining area. "We're two old friends enjoying lobster and good conversation."

"Is that all?"

Kim chewed her lip a little. "Are you flirting with me?"

"I meant we're sharing the Chardonnay too." He was lying and she knew it, but it made her smile that luminous smile of hers. And he just couldn't stop staring at her beautiful mouth. She tasted divine earlier. He prayed she wouldn't become an addiction. "What are the odds of us meeting like this? A million to one?"

"Probably a billion." She continued, "I'd think someone was setting us up if I'd actually told any of the old gang I was coming here."

"Me too. Haley and Jason convinced me to take a vacation, but I chose Lake Tahoe. I made all the plans myself."

"It's fate, then," Kim declared while holding his gaze. Her heart was racing as the train sped along the track. "I'm a fan of fate."

"How about dancing?" Tommy noted, nodding towards the small area where a few couples were enjoying the piano man's tunes. "For old times sake?" Standing to his feet, Tommy went to her and extended his hand.

Bad idea, bad idea, bad idea ran through her mind. But her heart just wasn't listening. Tonight she felt daring. Bold. So she took his hand. "For old times sake."

They maneuvered past a trio of couples and found a quite, candle-lit spot near the back window of the dining car, intimate enough for two. Tommy drew Kim closer and felt his body respond to the seductive way she melted in his arms. She relaxed fully as they began to move, effectively swaying as one. Suddenly, the world faded away around them.

The strength and warmth of his body were seducing Kim before the first song was done. By the second she was lost in his embrace, her head resting over his shoulder, eyes shut, giving in to the romantic atmosphere surrounding them. When was the last time was she'd felt so... feminine... she wasn't quite sure. That hidden place in her heart she kept for him was being tempted by fate. Tommy's friendship, trust, respect, and honor had always been hers. Even his love at one time... But never his passion.

A selflessly possessive part of her hated that fact. She wondered if he felt the same way.

Upon opening his eyes, Tommy caught sight of their reflection in the dining area's wall mirror and thought they looked like lovers. Resting his hand at the small of her back, he inhaled the perfumed scent of her skin and sighed. It seemed that no matter the number of women he's been with in his lifetime, none of them ever got to him like she did. Every single time since they worked out all their past relationship issues he's been in her presence, there's been heat between them. Never more than tonight.

Perhaps they saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to satisfy a decades worth of sexual tension.

"You're quiet," Kim whispered as she lifted her gaze to see him. The longing wet in his eyes caused her heart to skip a beat. He wanted her... not soon. Not later on tonight. No, he wanted her now. The feeling thrilled her. "What are you thinking?"

Tommy casually caressed her lower back. "I can't tell you."

"Why?" she questioned in his arms, clinging to him.

"Because I'm a gentleman."

"So a gentleman can't tell a woman when he wants to fuck her," Kim softly, boldly proclaimed. "I'm not sure if I like gentlemen anymore."

Her provocative words left him speechless... for a time. "I was going to tell you how nice this is. Us dancing together."


Busted, and he saw no reason to deny her claim. It was the truth, after all. "Did you enjoy the kiss?"

"Which one?" Kim inquired with an air of innocence. "I've enjoyed a number of kisses in my life. You may have to be more specific."


"Our first... or maybe our fifth... what about the one on the Command Center roof? Or how about the hot one on the pier after we kicked Ivan Ooze's butt."

"You're infuriating."

"Now you're changing the subject."

"Answer the question?"

"No, I didn't like it." Kim was affectionately toying with the back of his neck as they danced the night away. "I loved it."

"See. Now was that so hard?" Tommy groaned a second later when her hand slipped between them and cupped his...

"Yeah, its hard alright."

Tommy drew her closer, bending to her ear. "I swear if you don't move your hand this instant I will take you right here and now."

"Do you know how many times I fantasized about you saying that to me in high school."

"High school Tommy isn't here. Adult Tommy will bend you over that piano."

"Promises, promises," she sing-songed before his warm mouth covered hers with a greedy kiss, parting her lips with his tongue before curling around her own. When he throbbed against her belly she turned liquid in his arms. He drank from her lips, fucking her mouth with his tongue until her sex felt envious. Good God, she wanted him so badly! She gave herself to his kiss, gliding sensuously over his mouth while dying for so much more of him than this.

Reveling in the feel of her in his arms again, Tommy's mouth nipped at hers a final time, causing Kim to swipe her tongue over her lips, tasting the last of him. "It's your turn. What are you thinking?" he smiled devilishly.

"That you keep stealing kisses," lifted cutely from her pursed lips.


"Let's get out of here." Casually vacating his embrace, Kim's mind was a world-wind of thoughts and feelings as she parted her way through the dining area's dance floor, her heart racing a mile a minute. Her hands were shaking and she hoped she wouldn't pass out before...

She didn't need to see Tommy following her.

She felt his presence.

Felt the heat of his gaze on her body every step of the way through the dimly lit train cars, bypassing guests and train attendants toward her small cabin. She couldn't help wondering was this a huge mistake? Was she crazy for even considering this? They weren't in love. They weren't dating. This was wild.



And so fucking hot.

When Kim reached her cabin she quickly entered the dark room and was swept of her feet by Tommy. Her heels clicked, and then she began trying to kick them off as he held her a foot above the floor, devouring her mouth with a French kiss so wicked she was already tearing at his neck tie. He had the nerve to laugh as she struggled to do away with her strappy heels, resulting in her pulling the tie from his neck and then gently choking him with it.

Tommy's voice hovered above a whisper. "I never suspected you were into bondage, Kim."

"Just stick around, Handsome. I'm full of surprises." She kissed him hard that second, finally doing away with her heels. "I hate you wore that suit tonight."

"I hate your dress."

They were all over each other, wrenching clothes off while trying to keep their mouths sealed tight... the spaghetti straps of her dress fell... his suit jacket followed... her dress pooled at her feet, leaving her in... the buttons of his dress shirt popped as it was ripped open... his belt was tossed aside... her lavender bra sailed against the back window... his shoes were kicked away... they kept kissing... licking... suckling each others lips until the last scraps of fabric separating them were gone.

Drawing her beautiful face into his hands, Tommy stared at the sensuously flushed expression she wore. Finally he was going to have her. His mind felt like it was on fire. Her succulent lips parted just so, and then he smothered her gorgeous mouth with his own. His gentle hands journeyed all over her naked body, canvassing the flesh he's desired forever... grabbing and squeezing the supple curves of her ass... the sweet taste of her nipple against his tongue... between his teeth... she was whimpering for him... hearing her moan into his mouth... the feel of her hands roaming his backside... ghosting over his abs... her fist taking him in hand...

"Are you still on the..." Kim was barely able to say with his tongue curling around hers.

"Yeah, you?" Tommy groaned, and when she smiled wildly his arms circled tightly around her her slender waist. Ranger-augmented D.N.A left all of the former Rangers immune to every Earth disease courtesy of a little blue pill Billy created. And since she was on the "other" pill they were safe.

Conscious thought fled his mind the moment his arms circled her waist. He lifted her off the floor, her smooth legs winding around him, and then spun to press her back to the cabin's door. He'd never forget the sound she made. Never! Of all the decadent way's he's longed to claim her... to make love to her, he's never dreamed of something this primal. Her room was small and dark, with only the shadowy illumination of a tunnel's lights flickering over their naked bodies as the train passed through a series of them.

Her arms clutched round his neck, Kim gazed into his passion darkened eyes, breathing softly over his lips. Her head fell back when she felt the tip of him at her moist entrance, and then the slow surge of hard cock penetrating her, causing her eyes to roll as she was lifted high on his hips. He sank into the sweet depths of her, parting her flesh until she felt overflowing with him. Her lips trembled over his, "Make it worth the wait."

The incredible sensation of being trapped inside her, feeling her pulsate around him left Tommy staring into her eyes in awe. His mind couldn't fathom that he was making love to her even while he was doing it. Nonetheless his mouth latched onto her throat, his tongue lashing with every deep thrust of her body up against the door. The heady sounds of her soft whining, coupled with the way her legs held tight around him amplified the pleasure ten-fold. He braced her to the door, rattling it loudly, lifting her with deep impacting that made her face contort passionately. She felt indescribable, finally taking her as the flashing lights cascaded through the small room, sweeping over them as they made love.

Her right hand combed through his short hair as she gasped loudly, heaving for every breath she took. She felt as if she were being taken... Felt like he was marking her his and his alone. His body felt powerful, driving into her with long strokes that saw her nails dragging over his shoulders and back. He filled her until she groaned again, all the while mindful of the guests walking the halls outside her cabin. A carefree part of her thrilled to the idea of fucking like this with people around. The reckless abandon turned her on even more. When the heel of her foot kept banging against her door she was sure someone might of heard.

And she didn't care in the least. Her body was cruising on a bolt of electricity, experiencing the most wild, frenzied coupling of her life.

They were a mass of sweaty flesh moving as one... grinding, straining, moaning, clawing at each other as they fucked harder until Kim's brown eyes glazed over, she threw her head back against the door and cried out as the intense spasms of her climax saw her body thrashing in Tommy's arms. She felt him throbbing inside her, growing, and then his entire body tense when the hot bursts of his orgasm invaded her as was lifted twice... three more times deeply until he was spent, panting over her neck, his heart pounding against her own.

The train's natural jostle as it barreled out of the tunnel bathed Tommy and Kim in darkness once more. Dear God, they both thought at the same time! How did this happen? It was so damn good and... they didn't know. There were a million and one questions, but very few answers.

The moment itself... epic.

Nonetheless, Tommy kissed Kim softly, walking them over to her small bed, and then falling to his knees down on it. He laid her down softly, covering her body with his, never once breaking the kiss. He couldn't admit that if this was the one and only time he would ever have her this way, he craved every single second. He was savoring the warm, seductive feel of her beneath him. Of the way her arms felt around his neck, or the way her fingers danced down his spine. "That was incredible," he smiled down at her.

"I was, wasn't I?" Kim panted.

"Hey, I did all the work."

"Don't bore me with the details," she taunted, gazing dreamily at him. She'd spent nights without end imagining their first time together back in high school. Her fanciful teenage dreams of rose petals, a four-post bed, and that he would be smiling at her just the way he was doing now. She'd tell him that she's loved him from the moment he entered her life, and that would never end. Unfortunately for them, life intervened and set them on a different course. But tonight, fate had its way. Who was she to fight it? "I... I will never regret this."

"Neither will I," Tommy replied. She looked relieved when he revealed that. "I'm shocked."

"I'm floored."

"I just never thought we would..."

Kim nodded, tracing a finger over his lips. "Maybe this was meant to happen. Like some divine intervention said that we just had to make love once. We were certainly due."

"I've never wanted a woman as much as I wanted you."

"Past tense or present?"

"Always," he assured her.

Kim blushed and felt sentimental. So maybe that didn't get happily ever after with a white picket fence and 2.5 kids. They had a good, sexy, real friendship and the best sex of her entire life. She wasn't about to reveal to him that last part, but that didn't make it any less true. She was satisfied and content... and maybe a teensy bit hopeful. But that didn't stop her from saying, "The train's going to arrive in about an hour."

"Are you kicking me out?" Tommy laughed.

"Well, we need to... you know, get ourselves together and..." For some reason she was a smidgen embarrassed, or maybe giddy. She was certainly happy and satisfied. "We'll catch up again before we go home. I promise."

Tommy didn't want to leave her, but understood nonetheless. A moment alone to think might do him some good too. "I'm going to hold you to that," he smiled before kissing her one last time. And while he dressed she watched him every step of the way. For some reason he found that sexy. His dress shirt was ruined, but he couldn't care in the least. When he reached the door to her cabin, his neck tie hanging off his shoulder, he left her with a loving, "Good night, Beautiful."

Kim waved, and when the door shut she threw the blanket over her head, kicked her feet under the covers and laughed like it was about to be outlawed. Tonight was so hot and exciting and she just couldn't believe it happened.

The only question was, did she want it to happen again?

(Day 1)

3723 Verdon Lane Cabin 3#
Saturday, December 4, 2008 9:45 AM

South Lake Tahoe, CA

"Now this is living," Tommy echoed quietly to himself, his breath fanning coolly out before him as he stood on the rustic porch of his small private brick cabin. Majestic snow-capped mountains and towering snow-dusted Redwood and White Fir trees offered a winter spectacle for his eyes to behold. His home in Reefside was near the forest, so this cabin felt even more like home as it was nestled near the woods beside four others.

Brisk, fresh air filled his lungs this morning, giving him a sense of calm that was priceless. For once he was able to sleep in later than usual, a blessing in itself. Dressed in a dark coat, matching scarf, gloves, black skull cap, boots and jeans he was ready to take on anything his surroundings threw his way. Starting today he wasn't going to work, battle traffic, wrestle over his school's accounting, or deal with any students. Selfishly, he had every intention of enjoying himself for the sake of that alone. His immediate future included skiing, riding snow mobiles, sleeping late, grilling by moonlight, catching up on two books he wanted to read, and stepping back from a world of responsibilities for a little while.

At least that was the plan before last night...

Tommy recalled the surreal walk back to his room on the train. After a quick shower and gathering his bags, he searched for Kim when the train arrived at its destination. She obviously didn't want to be found, and was notorious for disappearing when the mood struck. She'd told him she didn't regret... what word could describe what they shared? He wasn't sure. He'd never felt that way with a woman before.

He could only imagine being born blind and living his or her life with the handicap, and then suddenly being granted sight for the very first time.

Shutting his brown eyes to a chilly breeze that tingled his face, Tommy swore he had never felt more alive than when he was inside her last night. If he concentrated hard enough he could still hear her... the sensual noises she made when they were... the way she bit her bottom lip... the passionately contorted expressions she wore... the impacting sounds of their bodies colliding aggressively ... the moist, tight warmth of her sealed around him, driving him mad with pleasure as he drove into her until she came so hard with him buried so deep.

He slept like a log last night, but dreamed of her every second. Last night's encounter crushed every fantasy he'd ever had about her as a teenager. But seeing as she wasn't his anymore, he hoped she hadn't broken him for all other women. The notion of which, while whimsical, was the truth. Loathe as he was to admit it.

Just before he arrived at his cabin he stopped trying to figure out what last night meant for them. Their friendship was over a decade old now, and had survived everything that could possibly be thrown at it. So he was sure it would survive them having sex as well. Okay, if he was honest with himself they didn't just have sex. He was indulging his love of kissing her, the greedy desire that's wanted her for years, and the sheer enthusiasm she clearly conveyed when they made love.

In a way they did make love last night for the very first time. Not the way they once dreamed, but no less potent or provocative.


"Ouch, dammit! What the hell!" Tommy's voice shouted through the early morning when a snowball hit him dead in his face, seemingly thrown from out of nowhere. He staggered, quickly wiped away the snow while wincing slightly, and then began looking for the thrower. He couldn't find anyone, but remembered seeing a family of six arrive not long after he did two cabin's down. Maybe a couple of kids wanted to mess with him.

Anger quickly faded into a smirk of sorts as the big kid still within him felt ready for a snowball war. He'd teach them a lesson and have fun doing it.

Jumping from his porch with an exaggerated leap and Karate-pose he was sure would impress the children, Tommy smiled while slowly rounding the side of his cabin, sticking to the walls. He ducked his head around the corner all military-like, saw nothing, and then felt another snowball smack against the butt. "Funny. Real funny."

When Tommy spun around expecting to find a couple of cackling children, he discovered a cackling Kim standing in front of the cabin directly across to his. She was pointing and making fun of him, and then had the nerve to even pump her fist. And while he was surprised and genuinely pleased to see her, he shouted, "YOU ARE SO NOT GETTING A CHRISTMAS CARD THIS YEAR!"



"YO MAMA!" Kim quickly dove behind a tree, evading two fast-thrown snowballs after her old-school playground insult. She gracefully cart-wheeled out of the way of another snowball near a trash can, and then took the lid and used it like a shield to block two more snowballs. She gave him the middle finger, and then shouted, "YOU THROW LIKE A GIRL!"

With his male pride seething, Tommy made three snowballs in quick succession, pummeling her makeshift shield until she began backpedaling towards her porch. "MIDGETS SHOULDN'T ENGAGE IN SNOWBALL WARFARE!!"

"YOU ARE SO DEAD!" Kim traded snowballs with him, going back and forth, getting hit a couple of times, but nailing him with one to the head that actually turned his skull cap around. Of course when she took one to the ear her head was ringing, but she wasn't about to give him an inch. Criss-crossing the front of her cabin for cover, when he advanced she ran around the back of the cabin. Her adrenaline was pumping big-time as her pursuer closed in. Her eyes shot up when she saw Tommy approaching a over-hanging part of her cabin's roof that snow was piled high on. Balling up some snow, she threw a snowball at the pile as hard as she could, and laughed when a large section of the pile land slided on her ex-boyfriends head. "AFTER I AM DONE KICKING YOUR BUTT I MIGHT WRITE YOU ANOTHER LETTER! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE THAT, DEAR BROTHER?"

Shaking his head and shoulders free of snow, Tommy saw pure red at that comment. Brushing the ice off his face, he watched Kim backing toward a part of the ground that looked more icy than snowy. She seemed unaware of the conditions, and promptly fell on her butt when the ice stole her footing. "GO BACK TO THE MALL!" He dove sideways out of the path of her latest rocket-like snowball attack. By the time he reached down to grab more snow Kim had erased the distance between them and barreled into his mid-section, tackling him to the snow-covered ground.

Using his greater size and strength advantage, Tommy simply rolled with the force of her body over until he had her pinned in the snow, her hands held above her head, her beautiful flushed face snarling at him... her brown locks fanning her face and the snow... She'd never looked more beautiful to him than she did now. "What are you doing here?"

"I got one phrase for you. Hello neighbor." What were the odds they would have rented cabins across the way from each other, she wasn't sure. But when she walked out onto her front porch and saw him standing there, his eyes shut, looking so handsome she just had to hit him with a snowball. "Will you kindly get off me?"

"You weren't saying that last night, dear sister."

Tommy was fighting fire with fire, and looking far to pleased with himself. Kim retaliated, "Are you referring to the nine minutes of sex we had?"

Leaning down, his mouth hovered just above hers."You loved every second of it."

"So did you."

Mercy, he wanted her again. Now! Minutes ago. "Do you concede defeat?" He shifted to the right the instant she tried to snap her knee into his crotch. "Clever, but I was expecting that. You got anything else in your bag of tricks?"

Her neck arched enough for her mouth to collide with his, and an instant later her tongue was swirling so fucking slowly around his she had her victory when he moaned deep in the back of his throat. He released her wrists and settled between her thighs, kissing her deeply. The feel of his weight bearing down on her was as intoxicating as the way his mouth sent shivers up and down her spine that had nothing to do with the snow.

Gathering his senses, Tommy pulled away first. Kim smiled triumphantly in his face. "That was nice. But I think I'll return a earlier favor." He quickly grabbed a hand full of snow and smushed it in her face. Her curse-laced mumbles saw him rocket away from her, back around her cabin across to his. He heard her yelling something at him... something like shoving his old Saba sword where the sun don't shine. He ran into his house and quickly slammed the door in her face.

"Falcon, one. Crane, zero," Tommy taunted while Kim wailed at the front door. He couldn't help but to laugh and even do a little silly dance. Oh yeah, he was the man. At least that was until he saw his front window lifting as somehow Kim began crawling through it. He admired her tenacity, but the game just wasn't the same if she was coming into his place.

His body powerfully craved another sort of conflict, much like the one they engaged in last night. When she was done crawling all the way through the window, she looked wild and flushed. Part of him wanted to hit her with another snowball... while another part of him wanted to draw her into his arms, apologize, and take care of her. "I don't suppose you learned that at the university of cat burglarizing?"

As infuriated as Kim was that her kiss didn't outright win this little war of theirs, watching him stand there looking oh so full of himself, high and mighty, made her want to knock his lights out. On the other hand, she was trapped in a cozy little cabin with him after epically screwing his brains out last night, and part couldn't help but to want him again. Dammit, he made her so hot. "You're a jerk."

"You started this."

"No, you started this last night with that stolen kiss." Kim watched him give a shrug and then back away towards the king-sized bed in the corner of his cabin. When they were outside it was one thing, but if she gave chase here... his eyes were predatory. What was worse, she liked it. "I'm leaving."

"That's not what you want," Tommy declared while tossing his skull cap to the floor, and then doing away with his coat. All he could think about was stripping every article of clothing off her and then spending the rest of the day introducing his tongue to every square inch of her body. "Now you can stand over and banter with me until we both run out of witty comebacks, or you can walk over here and take what you really want."

"And what do you want?" She boldly advanced him, mindful of the danger in doing so.

So sensual, and seductive. Tommy had never known a woman who so effortlessly claimed those roles as she did. Swallowing hard, he weighed the possibilities and risks. "Damn it all," he exhaled before claiming her warm and soft mouth, embracing her tightly, drawing her body flush against his. He was pulling her scarf from around her neck, ready to work on her coat when her hand slipped inside his pants...

... and dropped a handful of snow from her coat pocket. He shrieked loudly that instant, shoving her away as she laughed at his attempt to remove the snow while hopping on on leg.

Kim strolled towards the front door, leaving Tommy in a world of discomfort. "I may not have a vast knowledge of snowball warfare, but I know the male penis doesn't like snow. Why don't you go cool off, Handsome. And accept defeat like a man... or at least like my sibling. Later, brother."

For some reason she knew she had to run to get away from him... not because of the snowball fight as that war was over. But because she felt the longing in his eyes burn over her, and felt her own growing powerfully. Their entire snowball fight had been sensual foreplay, leaving her feelings wired and restless for...

By the time she quickly reached and unlocked her front door, Tommy was almost at her porch, sans hat, gloves, coat, and scarf. She didn't bother trying to slam the door... couldn't fathom how it sounded so loud when he slammed it behind them... or how she managed to reach her bed before he completely invaded her personal space.

Her heart was pounding so loudly in her chest she was sure he could hear it. A wildness gleamed in his brown eyes. Need. Desire. Passion. Lov... He was dying to touch her. She was dying to be touched. Never had she felt so alive. He set her body on fire. "Revenge is a dish best served cold, Mr. Oliver. And I bet you feel really cold right now."

"I know just the thing to remedy that," he said in a low, husky tone before pressing a kiss over her mouth... as if testing the taste of her... and then plundering her lips with a smothering, hot kiss that made her swoon in his arms.

Their fire roared out of control so rapidly they didn't have a moment to think anything over.

Tearing, pulling, tossing, they were a blur of clothes and caresses until they fell onto the bed, drowning in each other.

(4 hours and 30 minutes later)

3:15 PM

This must be what heaven felt like.

Waking to the sensual feel of a warm, naked Kim draped comfortably over his body touched long ago feelings in Tommy's heart. He gathered her closer, cuddling her to his chest, and then pulled the thick blanket over her shoulders to ward off a chill since her fireplace wasn't lit. Instinct alone saw to his taking care of her. Seemingly enjoying a deeply satisfying, quiet slumber, the last thing he wanted to do was interrupt her. So he quietly laid there in the dark of her bedroom, loving the feel of her sleeping safely in his arms. Unable to resist, gently pressed a kiss to her forehead, and tried to remember the last time he'd felt so content and at peace with his life.

Perhaps never before.

What that might be trying to tell him, he wasn't listening at this time. Instead, his right hand drew lazily over the small of her back beneath the covers as if he had every right in the world to caress her. The soft rise and fall of her breathing gave evidence to the life within her. Something so simple, and yet it meant Tommy wasn't alone. He knew he was smitten the second he realized he was just musing over her breathing.

Kim had always possessed a unique way of capturing his inner thoughts like no other woman could. Even in the present, she's all he could think about.

His well laid out plans for today included sleeping late, relaxing, reading a book, grilling the steaks he brought with him, and maybe some snow mobile riding later on tonight. But now, after having made love to her again... having watched her climax three times in his arms... leaving her just wasn't something he could do. His need to be with her wasn't something he had the ability to fight. What it meant, well, things would play out naturally and they'd find their way. But for now he was holding the woman his heart has longed for, his body craved, and his soul missed.

Their friendship took another complex twist. Such was life. She was still as dear to his heart yesterday as she was now, only he's sampled her incredible passion and found himself unable to resist its allure.

Enjoying the intimacy of holding Kim, Tommy thought over the long-held mysteries of her he's solved thus far. Kim had small freckles swept across her slender shoulders. Freckles he kissed while making love to her. The small birthmark on her left hip he never knew she had came to mind. The texture and feel of her nipples in his hungry mouth. He now knew how deeply she loved being kissed, and where to kiss her that drove her body crazy. The feel of being held in the cradle of her soft thighs while driving into her... that and the seductive expressions she made while they were making love.

He'd never forget them. Not even his notoriously bad memory would let those slip away. Not now and not ever.

Sighing comfortably, Tommy freed his mind of all thoughts save enjoying this amazing woman. Their legs were entwined some sort of way under the covers, while one of her hands rested near his head. He continued affectionately stroking her back while wondering just how she managed to sweep into his life again and turn it upside down. She touched something inside him that he had no control over at all. What was even more terrifying as that he didn't just like the way she did it.

He loved it.

Yawning softly awake over his chest, Kim blinked her eyes clear and lifted her head to find Tommy gazing at her, his lips curled into a smile. She returned the expression as their wild, erotic, impulsive... affair, for lack of a better term, made her feel connected to him again. Not just physically, as that was for the first time last night. No, she meant she felt connected to him emotionally again... in some way. And maybe that wasn't such a bad thing at all. "Did I sleep on you?"

"Yep. Drooled too."

She'd swat him good if he weren't holding her so dearly. The last time a man held her so close, and made her feel so safe... not a name came to mind. "I won our snowball fight."

Tommy shook his head. "No you didn't."

"I threw the last snowball, didn't I?" Kim pointed out.

"Yeah, in my pants."

"Last throw wins. Ha ha," she giggled in his face, leaned down, and then pressed her mouth over his. "How about we call it a draw?"

Sweeping his hand into her brown hair, Tommy drew he closer. "A draw it is." They kissed for a longer time, arms wrapped around each other, warm and cozy under the blankets. And by the time they came up for air they were lying on their sides with not a breath of air between them. "So are we going to talk about this?"

Kim expected as much, seeing as how Tommy needed order in his life. And they certainly couldn't avoid acting like mature adults. "Okay, lets talk." His utter silence was cute as she discovered he didn't know where to begin either. "As usual, when there's anything between us I have to start things, don't I?"

"I just didn't see a reason to break old habits."

That made her laugh again. And when he tucked a few strands of her hair behind her ear she leaned into his palm, finding the warmth soothing. "Neither of us expected to see each other last night, and when we did our chemistry and hormones took over," she recalled, and then her face turned serious. "You're a huge part of me, Tommy. Our history as Rangers and you being my first love and relationship. Our breakup and rebuilding our friendship, those things have played a major part in me becoming who I am. Knowing you has revealed more about me than anyone else who has ever come into my life. You will always mean a great deal to me."

"I know how you feel. Our relationship and breakup, even though it was back in high school helped me understand myself, women, and accepting how life goes sometimes. But you're the first woman I ever loved," he told her with no regrets, the back of his hand warm caressing hr cheek. "And a part of me will always love you."

"Same here."

"I'm not sad or lonely in my life," Tommy explained truthfully. "I'm busy and probably overworked, but I'm happy. Being single has its ups and down, but I'm not complaining. Or seeing anyone right now."

"My life is good too. I just think... look, we've always wanted each other. Our attraction never faded no matter how our friendship evolved."

"You should have gave me some in high school." Kim immediately hit him in the head with a pillow a couple while cracking up. "I'm just kidding," Tommy chuckled while wrestling the pillow out of her hands. "Seriously though, I've always wanted you."

"And I've always wanted you too," Kim confessed the obvious. "And I'm as single as you are. I date occasionally, but nothing remotely serious. And before last night I hadn't had sex in seven months. As for great sex, its pretty embarrassing how long I've gone without that."

"Eight months for me," Tommy confided. "I don't sleep around. I never have."

Kim shut her eyes, smiling. "We're some goody-two shoes, aren't we?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

Feeling inspired suddenly, Kim scooted down Tommy's body and then gave his abs a long, slow lick. Then she started laughing her head off. "You have no idea how many times I wanted to do that back in high school. And yes, I know how silly that was."

"I had a similar fantasy," Tommy noted while curling her body beneath his again. "Only I'd have to go a little further down south."

Kim fell silent, staring at him as her mind played over the erotic implications. "I get the feeling we'll both live out a number of fantasies before this trip is over with." Her hand lifted, with her fingers dancing over his lips. "In high school I would of eaten my lunch of your stomach."

Tommy had his own feelings on once upon a time. "I walked into doors staring at your ass in those tight jeans you used to wear."

"I would fake working out just to watch you work out shirtless. That was the highlight of my day."

"I wanted to lick the sweat off your neck when you worked out," Tommy laughed. "I'd get in trouble going home late just so I could watch your entire gymnastics workout."

"One time when I was making out with Kat, we both moaned your name." Tommy's deer-in-headlights expression amused Kim as she laughed at him. "Gotcha."

"That was evil."

"You wouldn't love me if I were any different."

"Very true." Settling between her spread thighs, fully aroused and poised above her, Tommy felt her hand close around his erection. "Is it morphing time?"

"That was so cheesy."

"You wouldn't love me if I were any different."

"Then its a good thing I've always loved you," Kim managed to whisper before his mouth sealed hotly over hers, and the length of him thrust slowly inside her. She gasped with pleasure, her tongue slipping inside his mouth as his hips began rolling into hers. Her back arched as she hung there, trembling from the feeling of moving deeply inside her. She loved the strength of his body, and the way his muscles tensed beneath her fingertips. Her legs clung to him, her arms circling his neck as they began to move together, making love, reveling in the feel of being one again.

This was their third time in less than twenty-four hours and they still couldn't get enough of each other.

Tommy stared deeply into Kim's eyes when she began grinding her hips into his thrusts, her eyes tightly closed, her belly quivering as the harder surges drove her into the bed. She wailed softly, kissing him as her pleasure mounted higher and higher. Encased in the warm depths of her, she was a revelation of sensation to him. His mind couldn't wrap around how good ti felt making love to her. Their groans and grunts matched the rocking bed against the wall. Their hands were greedy, caressing, grasping, clawing as they fucked each other.

"Harder," Kim moaned so close to her orgasm she need him to... and Oh God, he did until she was flying...

And to think, this was only the beginning of their very simple, well-thought out, mature and uncomplicated affair.

The End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Tommy and Kim enjoy the fireplace, grill steaks, race snow mobiles, enjoy the great outdoors... naughty grin