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The Darkest Lord
Chapter I: Jump through the Ages

Through the visor of his faceless mask, Darth Revan observed the space conflict from the bridge of his flagship, his face as blank as the façade that hid it. Superior numbers, technology, and efficiency had the unorganized Republic forces scrambling for cover behind their capital ships, which were now bearing the brunt of the Sith onslaught. The computerized analysis of the Republic's front line of ships was displayed through the Dark Lord's visor, informing him that most of the ships' deflector shields were below forty percent, while a select few of them had already lost their shields and were defended only by the heavy metal plating that made up their hulls. He was confident that the fleet would soon be decimated and the Sith would be able to begin their conquest of the core worlds, purging the galaxy's weakness from its heart.

His plan was a grand one. It had all begun when the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders had started to systematically conquer worlds and territories along the outer rim of the Republic, using each world to build up their strength, supplies, and numbers. Despite a unanimous cry from all of the Jedi in the order, the Jedi Council had forbade their participation in the struggle, claiming that an even greater force existed, which had goaded the Mandalorians into battle and was responsible for the war. Despite his efforts to find this force that the council had spoken of both during and after the war, Revan had only been able to uncover one piece of evidence that even suggested that there may have been a threat besides the Neo-crusaders. An old academy of the dark arts stood in the heart of a world known as Malachor V, an ancient structure at the edge of what had once been an empire of unchallenged strength and power.

Though he did not know the specifics, Revan knew that those who had built the academy had perished, seeing as how their empire was no more and their teachings were all but forgotten. Fearing that the council may have been right, he and those who were loyal to him had ventured out of known space and began to hunt out those who had thrust war into their lives. They had found nothing. There was nothing outside of the Republic. None of the dozens of planets that had surveyed still contained life besides the native flora and fauna that naturally developed there, none of which could be classified as intelligent. Having proven that the Jedi Masters had been wrong, Revan had come to the realization that their hold on the galaxy had cost the Republic billions of lives, a mistake that he and his men could not simply overlook. This threat that they had feared had been no more than a ghost tale and had prevented the bulk of their order from entering a conflict that had claimed the lives of those they had sworn to protect.

War had changed him though. Revan no longer cared whether or not the innocent lived or died, rather that the galaxy seek the strength that it would need to defend itself without the aid of the Jedi Knights. He wanted them to be unnecessary, due to the fact that their failure had been too grand to be forgiven and their presence and general acceptance within the Republic was a cancer that needed to be cured. Much like a cancer however, there was no actual cure. The Jedi could not be cured to see the error of their ways as a child or a sensible adult could. Like a cancer, there was only one way to successfully deal with the Jedi within the Republic: to cut it out. His war was not with the Republic, though it had risen up to defend its supposed defenders from the extermination that was due to them.

His cause was not a hopeless one, however. Despite the fact that he and his Sith had been forced to claim the lives of billions, they had also managed to sway thousands to their cause. The Sith had become an empire unto itself and soon that empire would encompass the greatest democracy to ever exist within the galaxy. The small fleet that stood between his forces and Coruscant was all that stood between the Sith and ultimate victory, which would benefit all who lived.

Therefore, it was imperative that he finish off the Republic before they had time to draw reinforcements from the other Core worlds, which would hamper the Sith efforts tremendously. There was something, however, that the Dark Lord did not know, which would prove even more detrimental to his plans than a Republic fleet four times the size one he was currently facing.

In a private meeting between Chancellor Diath and the Jedi Council, the decision to capture either Revan or Malak and attempt to use them to draw out the secrets of their power and the source of their endless fleet of ships and resources. A handful of elite soldiers and unique Jedi had been selected to board either of the Dark Lords' ships, each one having specific talents or skills that put them above most of the usual crusaders against Darth Revan and Darth Malak.

Commander Carth Onasi was one such soldier who had been assigned to the special strike team in this battle, due to his piloting skills and his sharp eye with a blaster. In the last year alone, he had been award seventeen different medals and honors for his work against the Sith forces, most notable being the destruction of a Sith flagship called The Leviathan. Onasi currently sat in a one man space fighter that soared in a standard V formation en route towards the Spirit of Revenge, Darth Revan's personal Interdictor dreadnaught.

Using a prototype cloaking device, the strike team had managed to slip by the Sith forces by flying far below them and then coming up under the belly of the ship. The cloaking technology, designed by verpine engineers in the capital building of Coruscant, could hide a ship of any size from any type of radar or scanner by dampening the frequencies that its systems put out, although it did leave the ship visible to the naked eye. Therefore, they had a distinct advantage over space foes. Blaster fire in space relied on a targeting system, which tapped into the ship's scanners for accuracy. Once the scanners became worthless, so did the cannons. Still, it was best for the strike team to stay below the battle, lest some lucky Sith fighter managed to fire a torpedo that happened to strike one of the ships, ending their mission before it began.

Staying in formation, Carth guided his fighter upwards, towards The Spirit of Revenge and into the heat of the space battle. There was no way that the Sith Interdictor dreadnaught had managed to spot them yet. At six hundred meters long, the Spirit had only one view port window, which had been built on the bridge, located at the very nose of the ship. Therefore, logic dictated that no one could have foreseen their arrival, but Carth was still very cautious about the situation, having seen first hand the mysterious powers the Sith could wield and knowing that Darth Revan was by far the most powerful of these enigmatic Dark Jedi. If the Dark Lord had sensed their arrival, the small unit of twnety men and women would stand no chance if the Sith activated the dreadnaught's twenty quad laser cannons, four battery turrets, and two ion cannons. Even if they started shooting blind in every direction, there was a fair chanced that they would still managed to take out a large portion of the strike team. He kept his eye on the quad cannon that he was about to pass as the team began to hover in front of the hangar.

"Proceed with caution," the Jedi who was commanding the team ordered. "May the Force be with you."

The age old term of the Jedi, which in Carth's opinion was the equivalent to Galactic Basic's "Good luck" was lost on him. He needed neither the Force, nor luck to complete this mission. As far as he was concerned, they needed a damn miracle. He had opposed the idea of luring the Sith so close to the Republic's capital in order to attempt to capture their leader. Even if they did take Darth Revan or Malak, the rest of the forces may not retreat. The Sith soldiers could press their luck and attempt to conquer Coruscant, which would only end in high casualties for both sides and it was a complete coin toss as to who would win. Despite his opposition to the plan, the Jedi Council and Chancellor Diath had overruled his suggestion and named him the commanding officer for the mission. Therefore, he was forced to do as he had been ordered.

The small ships slipped into the hangar and the occupants began to emerge, ready for the Sith to open fire. Surprisingly, there were no personnel inside of the hangar. The crew must have already disengaged and joined the attack on the Republic fleet.

From the bridge of the Spirit, Captain Sazer furrowed his brow as he looked at the readings that were beginning to come up on his computer, which informed him that the twenty of the twenty four spaces inside the hangar had been filled. None of these new ships' ID signatures matched those of the Sith fighters that usually docked there. We've been boarded. The captain quickly tapped into the security feed, which brought up the image of fifteen Republic soldiers and five Jedi Knights.

He opened the intercom, which would send the message to the fifty thousand different officers that were onboard the ship, effectively cutting off the intruders chances of pressing onward. "Security to the hangar. I repeat, security to the hangar. This is a Class One emergency. We have been boarded by a small force of Republic forces and Jedi Knights. Shoot on sight."

Darth Revan approached the captain and gazed at the small computer screen that showed the strike team looking urgently about the hangar. They had clearly heard the captain's announcement, shattering any hopes that they could use the element of surprise to their advantage, for whatever it would have been worth in this case. Calculating the risk, Revan turned from the captain and began to walk out of the bridge. He would deal with this intrusion himself.

Back inside of the hangar, Carth pulled one of his heavily modified and customized blaster pistols from his thigh holster and held it at the ready. The Sith would begin to flood into the room soon and they needed to be ready. He tapped the small device on his wrist, which was a miniature computer that could, among other things, display the stolen blueprints for the ship. Taking stock of their situation, he decided the best course of action would be to go through the door to the far right end of the hangar, break into the weapons storage unit, set off an explosion that would act as a suitable diversion and then climb into the ships ventilation systems, where they could make their way to the bridge without being seen by security cameras.

"Follow me," he ordered his fellow soldiers as he proceeded towards the door.

"Wait, what's our plan?" one of the Jedi called to him. Carth turned to her, instantly annoyed. She was young, which was the only reason he would excuse such a novice outburst such as the one she had just made. One of the first lessons he had learned as a cadet was to keep your mouth shut and to follow orders. They were clearly under surveillance, which meant they couldn't actually communicate with one another openly, lest the Sith hear every word and formulate a counterstrike. Conveying strategies with each other was out of the question and she should have known better.

Upon his inspection, Carth had to wonder why that particular Jedi was even a part of the team. Judging from her appearance, she was in her early twenties or maybe even younger. If she was even a knight, which he doubted, she had only just been promoted to the rank. Her face and fair skin weren't as worn and hardened as those of the rest of the Jedi. She seemed to have been spared the hardships of war since its outbreak. She spoke with a very thick cultured accent that Carth wanted to identify as native Talravin. The Jedi had tied her hair back into two small braids behind her and wore a set of tan formfitting robes that were personalized, differing sharply from the traditional garments worn by rest of the Jedi. He could only assume that she was special in some way, but her appearance didn't tell him how.

Thankfully, an older Jedi silently rebuked her for her rash attitude with a dark look and they were able to move on quietly. The hallway they entered had a small security force of Sith troops approaching them. Carth and several other soldiers opened fire using their blasters, while the Jedi girl that had questioned him a moment ago stepped back, closed her eyes, and began to focus. The Sith that were approaching them went for their weapons, but their movements seemed sluggish and lazy. They didn't seem very motivated to apprehend their foes or even fight for their very lives. The small volley of blaster fire that Carth and his men sprayed at them was more than enough to overwhelm them before they reached the strike team.

"Good work, Bastila," one Jedi congratulated before they moved on.

"What'd she do?" someone asked as they continued.

Good question. Carth thought to himself.

Four floors above them, Darth Revan could feel the outcome of the small skirmish in the corridor. He stopped to consider what the strange anomaly in the Force could have been that he had felt before a team of his men's Force signature's had vanished. He would have to remember to extract the information from one of the Jedi before he killed them. As he walked, two Dark Jedi that were stationed outside of the prison cell block saluted him. Deciding that it would be prudent to have assistance that could actually stand against a Jedi, he stopped and turned back to them.

"Follow me," he ordered.

Without question, the two Dark Jedi abandoned their post and followed their master down the halls of his ship, leaving the empty prison block unguarded.

The strike team had been cut off at the weapon's room and had been forced to retreat back to the garage. Here, the Sith stored all of their speeders and their swoop bikes, which were being worked on a fine tuned by several engineers and technicians. The security force followed them into the garage and attacked. Using the door as a thinning point, the soldiers began to pick off the security team as they entered, making it difficult for the Sith to get a clear shot at any of them. While the soldier dealt with security, the Jedi had turned their attention to the garage crew. The battle did not last long. Carth was soon recalculating their choices, trying to decide what would be the next most effective way of getting to the bridge.

"Master, do you sense that?" the female Jedi who went by the name Bastila asked an aqua colored Twi'lek who seemed slightly older than the rest of the Jedi. The master nodded her head, her lekku bouncing with the firmness of the nod. All of the Jedi could sense the dark presence that was approaching them, which moved with a speed that could only be attained by one who was drawing on the Force in such closed quarters as a ship.

"What is going on?" Carth asked the Jedi Master.

"The Dark Lord is coming towards us," she replied. "Lightsabers at the ready," she instructed her fellow Jedi. "This is what we've been training for! Bastila, I want you to remain here and use your Battle Meditation to weaken the Dark Lord's resolve and tip the scales in our favor." She turned to Carth and her voice held the tone of someone who had taken complete control of the situation, meaning she had pulled rank on him and he was no longer in charge. "We cannot afford to have Bastila distracted while she is using her Battle Meditation to aid us, Commander Onasi. Will you stay with her and protect her from the Sith?"

Carth understood what the Jedi Master was trying to do. She had relieved him of his command of the situation and now she was trying to get rid of him so that he wouldn't be a nuisance to her later on in the mission. Although he didn't particularly like the situation, he didn't have much choice in the matter, as she was a superior officer. It had been awhile since he had actually served with any of the Jedi in the Republic Navy, but he was pretty sure that the Jedi Masters at least held the rank of General, while he was only a Commander. He nodded his head with dignity, refusing to show this Jedi just how angry he actually was with her at the moment, despite the fact that she could probably sense his unshielded thoughts.

"Good," the Twi'lek said turning to the rest of the strike team. "We don't want to have an open confrontation with the Dark Lord in a closed space. We need to lure him someplace more open."

"Take them to the training hall," Carth suggested, earning a dark look from the Jedi General who was now in charge of the situation. He glared back at her, but maintained his position on the situation. "All of the Sith are on duty during a situation like this one. You won't find any of them running training simulations. The room should be empty and it's a wide open space that you can use for melee combat."

Despite her dislike of Onasi's superiority complex, the Jedi had to admit that the plan was a good one for the most part. The nodded at him grudgingly and turned away. "Follow me," she said to the rest of the strike team, leaving Carth and the Jedi, Bastila, alone together in the garage. Once they were gone, the Republic Commander drew a small security spike from his pocket. He inserted the spike into the door's key card receptacle and waited for it to hack the program. With a nod, Carth locked down the garage and activated the blast doors. Manual override had been deactivated as well. The only wait the Sith could get into the garage was if they had a whole lot of fire power in front of them… which wasn't exactly out of the question.

While Carth was securing the room, Bastila had fallen to her knees and had fallen deep into her meditation. She no longer saw the room as it was, for her eyes had closed and her normal vision had been blackened. She saw the ship and those who occupied it through the Force. Each person was a small blur of light in her mind. The Republic soldiers, as well as Onasi and the Sith troops were close to a gray color to her, though they were each tinted with a slight blue or red color, depending on their loyalty to either the Republic or the Sith. The Jedi on the other hand were all a radiant blue color, which inspired the beholder and sent warmth through her mind and body to see. The Dark Jedi who had been trained in the ways of the Sith were quite the opposite. The chaotic red lighting made them fearsome and the overwhelming amount of the dark side energy that was around her almost blotted out the faith and resolve that the Jedi made her feel. Through the Force, she began searching for one individual Dark Jedi among the others: Darth Revan.

It wasn't long before she found him traveling through the elevator down to the hangar floor. His dark aura was different from any other on board the Spirit of Revenge, and it filled her with horror to know that such an evil could exist in the galaxy and how tainted and warped the Force could become because of just one twisted man. His aura wasn't just the blood crimson color that she could feel inside the two Dark Jedi that were accompanying him. Looking into his aura and his spirit was similar to looking into the fiery chasms of Hell itself.

Darth Revan stepped off of the elevator and began to search through the Force for the Jedi that had boarded his ship. It wasn't long before he realized where they had gone and their strategy had become painfully obvious. They were planning on luring him into the narrow hallway out side of the training rooms in order to have the soldiers tire or weaken him and then once he moved into the actual room where the Jedi were waiting, they would ambush him in an attempt to overwhelm him. With confidence, the Dark Lord decided that he would walk right into the Jedi's trap and still overcome them with relative ease.

The Jedi could already sense him coming and were getting anxious. The Lord of the Sith had slowed his pace and was letting anticipation and anxiety work their will inside the minds of the soldiers and the Jedi. Nerves were running high and practically everyone was shaking, terrified of what could happen in the next few minutes. Four of the fourteen soldiers were standing outside of the training room, weapons primed for battle. Two of them held Republic prototype vibroblades in their hands which utilized a new type of power cell fixture to maximize damage upon contact, while the other two were holding thermal detonators that they would cast at their foes the moment they rounded the corner.

The time finally came. Darth Revan rounded the corner and came into their sight. "He's here!" one of the soldiers warned those who were still inside. The two soldiers in the front hurled their explosives at the trio of Dark Jedi approaching them. Without breaking his stride, Revan used the Force to push the two spheres back at the soldiers. There were screams of fear before they went off, creating a massive explosion outside of the training room. All four of those who had made up the forefront were killed by the blast, as well as three more who had believed themselves to be safe within the training room.

On the other side of that floor of the Spirit of Revenge, Bastila Shan began to focus within the Force, allowing it to consume her. She basked in its power before turning her mind to the situation at hand. She could sense seven soldiers and four Jedi remaining on the ship. They were being confronted by two Dark Jedi and the Dark Lord himself. Using her power, Bastila began to rip the resolve away from the three Sith and weaken their hopes of victory. While she meditated, their efforts would become sloppy and they would perform with minimum efficiency, while the opposite was true of her allies. The Jedi and Republic soldiers were already beginning to feel an increase in their strength of will and their determination to overthrow the Sith forces.

Darth Revan noticed the sluggish performance of his two Sith apprentices while they fought against the Jedi. He could feel his own sense of will being tampered with as well, as if someone had intruded into his mind and was playing with his thoughts. Comfortable in the idea that it would take his men at least another couple of minutes to die, he turned his mind into the Force and sure enough, he found an intruder. There was another Jedi aboard the ship and he suddenly understood that this Jedi was using the art of Battle Meditation in order to weaken him. He had heard that there was a padawan within the order who had the rare gift and a hint of a smirk formed on his lips. Raising his mental shields, Revan thrust Bastila out of his mind and broke their connection. She would not impair his abilities while he fought against the Republic forces.

His two Sith had fallen, but so had all of the remaining soldiers. It was just him and four Jedi. All four of them had their lightsabers active and they all had confident looks on their faces, causing him to smirk beneath the mask he wore. The fools would never be able to overcome the power he wielded within the Force. The Dark Lord drew his lightsaber and his thumb depressed the activation switch. The crimson hued blade sprang forth and he began to walk into the training room. The Jedi began to circle him, rotating around him in an attempt to catch him off guard. Unfortunately, he could sense them all and knew the thoughts of each Jedi in the room.

A human Jedi leapt at him and swung his saber in a wide arc. Overconfidence was his downfall. It allowed Revan ample time to see the attack, side step, and retaliate. He plunged his lightsaber into the Jedi's chest, burning through the heart. He wrenched the blade upward to pull it free, cutting through the center of the Jedi's head. Two more Jedi jumped at him, swinging their blades in an elegant flurry of attacks. Despite the fact that the two Jedi were attacking him from opposite sides, he was still able to move with enough speed to block every attack. They swung at him with two powerful attacks simultaneously, attempting to cut into his stomach, but he brought his blade up in time to catch both attacks on it.

"You can't win this one, Revan," the Jedi Master warned as she approached him, her lilac lightsaber pointed towards where his neck was beneath the mask.

"Really?" the Dark Lord asked as a grin split across his features.

Without moving, Revan was able to unleash a powerful wave of dark Force energy, which sent all three Jedi sprawling backwards. He sliced through one of the Jedi Knights before he could fly too far away, while the other one went sailing into the wall. His head smashed into the durasteel plating that covered the room and the Twi'lek Jedi Master heard a loud snapping sound. She closed her eyes and gasped at the sickening noise before she heard Revan approaching her. Looking up, she saw the Dark Lord's saber pointed at her neck. She gulped, but that was the only indication of fear that she would give off. He would not hear her beg for her life and she would not give him the satisfaction of seeing her fall to his cause.

"Kill me, Sith swine!" she snarled.

Being one to please, Revan cut a large gash into her stomach with his lightsaber, causing her to scream in agony. He then used the Force to wrench her intestinesfrom her body and tossed them on the ground. The Dark Lord turned away and left the mess behind him, knowing full well that it would take several minutes for the Jedi Master to die, though he received no pleasure, nor guilt from what he had just done. The Jedi Master was a blight on the galaxy and it was his job to end her life. The death of every Jedi brought the Republic closer to the independent force that it should be, therefore it was only right that he should finish her off. The extra pain he inflicted was purely a matter of justice in his mind. A Jedi Master would have to have been old enough to join the Mandalorian Wars when they had broken out, therefore the Twi'lek he had just slain had been one of those who had refused to join his cause against the Neo-crusaders. The pain she felt now was nothing compared to the pain that thousands of his men and women had suffered at the hands of the invaders.

There was only one thing he needed to do before he could return his attention to the space battle that was raging outside of his ship. The Jedi that had tried to invade his mind during the battle was still on his ship. She was hiding her presence now, but he could still feel the faint essence of light side energy that was coming from the garage. He needed to deal with her before he could return to the bridge. Still, it would have been foolish for him to turn a blind eye to the situation altogether. He put his hand to his ear and activated the comm. link that he had hidden beneath his mask.

"Malak, what's the situation?"

Revan had to wait a moment before he received an answer from his friend and apprentice, but when it came through there was a buzz of static that made it difficult to understand. "Aren't you watching this?" the bald former Jedi asked.

"The Jedi boarded my ship. I had to deal with the matter," he explained.

"Have they been finished?"

"Of course," the Dark Lord replied. "Now what is the situation?"

Malak knew that Revan hated it when he was forced to repeat himself and his apprentice had just unwittingly forced him to do so. The Sith Lord quickly hastened to answer the question. "We've lost one of the Interdictor Dreadnaughts. The Republic is using a new kind of turbo laser cannon that they've mounted onto their capital ships. Still, our forces have overrun theirs. It will take a miracle to save them now."

Revan nodded, having expected as much. "Alright, I still have one last rodent to deal with. I want the entire fleet locked onto the Spirit's navicomputer. We're about to bring our entire fleet into the atmosphere as soon as I give the word."

"Yes Master," Malak replied.

Revan cut the transmission and deactivated his lightsaber. Clipping it to his belt, the Dark Lord began towards the garage where he could sense the last Jedi hiding. Despite the fact that the rare gift of Battle Meditation could be used to aid the Sith, this Jedi had used her skills against him personally, which was an insult that he was not willing to overlook. She would be dealt with in a fashion that was more painful than her master's death.

On the other end of the space battle, Admiral Forn Dodanna had just given the command for the Republic's capital warship, The Harbinger, to activate the new quad laser turret, which would unleash a blast of superheated plasma towards the Spirit of Revenge. It was a last ditch effort, but there had been no word from the strike team and she was running low on options. The new cannon was running off of a new type of power source, which she didn't actually know the specifics of. All she did know was that it was a lot more powerful than any other gun in the Republic armada.

"Open fire," she ordered.

The blast sprayed across space and struck the hull of the Spirit of Revenge dead on. The ship shook violently, knocking almost everyone on board off of their feet. On the bridge, a navigation officer was throw forward, smashing his head into the computer console. The force of the impact shattered his skull, piercing his brain and turning him into a vegetable before he died. His head had smacked to coordinate computer, typing in a random set of coordinates that could quite possibly lead to nowhere.

Having received Revan's orders to synchronize their navicomputers, every ship in the Sith fleet reprogrammed their coordinates to match the ones that were coming in from the Spirit. Malak didn't recognize them, but he was sure that Revan knew what he was doing. In less than a minute, the entire Sith fleet made the jump to lightspeed, entering the blue hyperspace tunnels and leaving the Republic fleet bewildered at what had just happened.

Although people would theorize as to what had happened to Darth Revan and Darth Malak, they would never learn the truth. Those who had been active during the time of the Mandalorian Wars and this Sith War that Revan had launched on the Republic would die before the mystery was solved. Countless generations would pass and as time went on, the story of Revan and Malak would become an unsolved part of history. Four thousand years would pass before anyone learned what really happened during the Battle Over Coruscant.

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