Journey Through the Past

Journey Through the Past

Chapter 1

Gil Grissom slowly slid down the wall. He was holding his Glock, its magazine now empty, and the world seemed to float in and out of focus. It seemed like hours since he and Sara had entered the warehouse. The dead man lay some 20 feet from him, and Gil had lost all track of time, when in reality, it had only been but a few minutes.

Captain Jim Brass and two uniformed officers cautiously approached the entrance to the warehouse. Everything was strangely quiet and still. Peering into the semi-darkness of the abandoned warehouse, the seasoned detective could make out a crumpled figure lying in a pool of blood and immediately called for an ambulance and CSI. Knowing that Grissom's team of CSI's would be arriving soon, Brass also ordered the uniforms to call for additional backup and to secure the scene quickly. Holding his Glock in front of him, Brass quickly and quietly entered the warehouse. Scanning the scene, his eyes fell upon Grissom sitting against the wall. The two officers with the captain secured the scene as Brass made his way over to Grissom. Gris did not acknowledge the presence of his friend or of the officers but stared with glazed eyes at the man lying in the pool of blood.

"Gil…" Brass crouched down next to Grissom and gently took the gun from his friend's hand. "Gil…" Grissom was apparently in shock, and Brass quickly examined Grissom for injuries. Blood was seeping down his shirt from his shoulder. Bruises were forming on Grissom's face, and Brass noticed that Gil's knuckles were swollen, bruised, and scraped. The injured man turned his head slowly towards Brass and his dark blue eyes seem to slowly come into focus. Swallowing hard, Grissom licked his lips and attempted to get up"Brass…Jim…Where's Sara?...She was here. She brought you here, right? Is she ok? She came with you, right?"

Ignoring the questions, Captain Jim Brass pushed his friend gently down and said in a low voice, " Gil…the paramedics will be here soon. You were shot. Just rest easy for right now…."

Grissom gazed down his front and watched in wonder at the spread of blood that was oozing down his shirt and pooling on to the floor. "No, I'm ok….I'm fine," he croaked.

Looking at Brass with intense eyes, "Jim, dammit, I need to know…" he hissed.

"Gil, she's not here. We tried to get here as soon as we could when she radioed in. I told her to leave the scene. She said that you were in trouble and that she couldn't leave you…She's not here Gil, but I have guys searching…" Jim examined his friend's battered face and wondered how to tell him that Sara was nowhere to be found.

"What do you mean you have guys looking for her? You don't know where she is? She's got to have gotten away. She was with me. I told her to leave …" His voice started to rise and panic started to overcome him. Grissom, again, struggled to stand up, but Brass gently held him down.

"C'mon, Buddy. The EMT's are here to look at you…Catherine will be here with the rest of the team….they'll start to process the scene…let's take care of you…"

"No…Jim…she has to be okay. I sent her to get help and so that she would be safe. We were trapped …."

"Gil, you can't help her now. Besides, knowing Sara, she's probably following a lead. She's tough. You know that…" However, Brass also knew that Sara never would have left Grissom if he were in trouble. Her disappearance had him worried. Jim hurried on, "We're doing everything possible. The area is being combed. Catherine will be here…you know she'll find anything that is to be found. She can't do that if she has to worry about you. Let her do her job."

"Hey, Gil. We got it covered," came the soft voice behind Jim Brass. Squinting to clear his vision, Grissom caught a blurred vision of Catherine Willows, her worried frown breaking into a weak smile as she gently touched his arm to reassure him.

Grissom reluctantly nodded and clenched his teeth as Brass backed out of the way so that the EMT's could take over. He shut his eyes and shuttered from the white hot pain that was coursing through his body. Hands quickly checked the gunshot wound to his shoulder and for other injuries. Nausea washed over him, and he fought to keep the bile down. He hissed as hands quickly probed his wounds.

"Sorry, Dr. Grissom…but we gotta see where you're at…." Grissom's jaw tightened, and he nodded in acknowledgment.

"GSW to the left shoulder…contusions and abrasions upper torso and face…broken left wrist…possible concussion…white male, early fifties- bp 96 /68 ….pulse thready and weak…patient is conscious ….We're loading him on the bus now ….should arrive 5-10 minutes tops. IV started….Roger that."

Grissom felt himself being quickly loaded onto a gurney. Dizziness swept over him as he fought to keep the darkness from enveloping him.

Jim Brass and Catherine Willows watched the paramedics load the CSI graveyard shift supervisor into the ambulance.

"Jim, do know why Gil and Sara were here in the first place? What the hell is going on?"

Brass just shook his head. " I got a panicky call from Sara. She gave me the location and said that Gil was in trouble. I told her to get the hell out of here, but she said that she couldn't leave him. The last I heard were shots fired and the call ended. Whatever Gil was doing here was under the radar and somehow Sara found out about it. There isn't a whole lot that he can keep from her."

"Yeah, well, the guys and I have our work cut out for us. Damn that man," Catherine sighed in frustration.