AN: Hello! Yes, this is a Naruto/Harry Potter crossover. I've been working on this for a while now, and already have several chapters written up that I should be able to start posting steadily. I am still working on it, so there's always the risk that I'll get stuck somewhere, but I can at least promise you several chapters. Chapter sizes will be weird case that's the way the story's set up.

Potential Spoilers!:

I started writing this without having seen the Shippuden episodes of Naruto. I've now seen most of those, but I'd already written the beginning of this and am not going to go back and change things. There will be some spoilers, however, as I write new chapters. For the moment I plan to keep them mostly limited and will try to warn about anything big.

Since I don't know anything beyond the first few big fights of the Shippuden episodes, I've made a bunch of junk up to fit my convenience. This fic assumes that yes, indeed, Sasuke's butt will get dragged back to Konoha at some point. And that he'll more or less go along with it. Team 7 is approximately 16 here.

This is also set up to take place after book 5 of HP for plot reasons. Tidbits of book 6 and 7 might pop up, but for the most part I ignore them.

Warnings!: Naruto likes to curse. Big surprise. Some of the other characters might join in from time to time. There are also no planned pairings at this point, but things might pop up if you squint and stare at it sideways.

I love feedback! Especially the kind that gives me a hint of what's good and what's bad. It helps me write better for the next chapter – hint hint. Let me know if this is moving too fast, or two slow, or if somebody's terribly OOC. I will attempt to fix it for your reading pleasure.


Part I

Finding Connections

7 Days Before

Uchiha Sasuke's eyes snapped open. The sharingan activated not a minute afterward. He stared up at the ceiling of the guest room of the house that had once been his parents'. Something had awoken him in the middle of the night and it was not another nightmare this time. He had been living in his parents' old house for almost a week now. He had adjusted to the constant reminders of why he was alive, why his family was not, and the revenge he owed them. Living in his parents' home once again after the three years away with Orochimaru was fitting. He had been training to become stronger, but now that he had learned all that he could from the sannin, it was only right that he return to this place. And after a week, the shock of it had faded some what. He could turn a corner without being assaulted with violent memories. He was adjusting.

But something had awoken him.

He slid out of bed and into a crouch without even rustling the bedding. A kunai was in one hand and the other was reaching for his weapons pouch. He had wards set up encompassing the entire grounds as well as the house itself. To slip pass all of his traps…if it was only Naruto on one of his pranks, Sasuke really would kill him this time – because if it was not…

Sasuke moved around his futon and to the door. Silently, he slid it back just far enough for him to slip through out into the hallway. Right side floor planks always creaked terribly, so he kept to the left, stepping lightly down the hallway. The kitchen behind him was empty, so he ignored it. Across the hall was the front room, the one where his father would receive guests and conduct other clan business. It was empty as well. So was the sitting room connected to it, and his old bedroom across the hall. Sasuke ghosted along the left-hand wall. His own former bedroom was just a little farther down, beside his parents' room and across from his Father's study. Which was not empty.

Sasuke paused. His father's study. It was the only room he had not cleared out yet. Everything else he had merely packed up and either put in storage or disposed of, but he had left his father's study. There were things in there that he would have to sort through slowly. While he had read most of his father's books, he had never sorted through the copious amount of paperwork and records his father had kept. How foolish. He should have done something with it all long before, and now whatever was in there was compromised.

Furious, Sasuke stepped forward, one hand braced on the door and shoved it aside with a deafening crack! and stared into a pair of red eyes that nearly matched his own.