Napoleon Dynamite's Adventures RETURN for Part 3!

(-This chapter takes place immediately after Chapter 2-)

At Napoleon's House


"Why the flip is Uncle Rico staying in MY room?" Napoleon fumed.

"Napoleon, you really need to learn how to deal with things," his grandma told him. "Your uncle's staying here as long as he needs to because, well, that's just how it's gonna be. Not everything NEEDS an explanation.

"Thanks, Mom," he said, with his gaze still fixed on Napoleon.

"Why can't he use Kip's old room?"

"WELL, I'm sure I've said this more than I should have had to, but that's gonna be my party room, and I have no idea in heck how long he'll be staying, so you have to share YOUR room with him," his grandma said, raising her tone.

Napoleon stared at the two of them. His grandma rolled her eyes.

Giving up on informing Napoleon of what's going on, she leaves the room. Napoleon turned his attention to Uncle Rico.

"You know Napoleon, we don't have to start off like this if you learn how to let go."

Napoleon didn't say anything. It was his uncle that made him look like a freakin' idiot at Preston High. He wasn't about to forgive him. There had to be a reason for his coming back. He was good at ruining people's lives and eating everyone's steak, but there was probably a different reason he came back. And soon he would get to the bottom of it.

"Yeah right," Napoleon retorted.

"I'm a nice guy, Napoleon, but until you grow up you may not realize it."

Napoleon was tired of this. He ignored his uncle, and headed to his room.

At Pedro's House

Pedro and Deb were sitting on the couch, watching a movie. It was getting later, and Deb happened to notice the clock.

"Pedro, I think I should leave," she said.

Pedro nodded. It was getting late, after all, and even though it wasn't dark yet, it soon would be.

Pedro waved goodbye as he watched his friend step outside the door. Deb waved back and smiled. Pedro grinned a little, and went to make some popcorn.

At Napoleon's house

Napoleon was already ticked off again when Uncle Rico came into his room, took a good look at Napoleon's 'magical creature' pajamas, laughing.

As Uncle Rico settled in for the night, Napoleon turned to face the wall. Without a word, the lights were turned out.

It was a quiet night. The night sky had plenty of stars, and tonight they shined brightly through Napoleon's blinds, creating dim stripes of light that whimsically struck the interior of his room.


Disturbed by the runny noise emitting from his uncle, he turned to face him with a disgusted look. His uncle turned to face him as well.

"Dang it, Napoleon, I really hope your grandmother teaches you some manners soon. Learn to show some respect."

Napoleon glared at him until he turned over again. His uncle had some nerve trying to blame that on him.

He wasn't the one who had a buttload of steak.

The next morning

Napoleon sat up. It was bright in his room now, even though it was early morning. His uncle snored, and he must have kicked his covers off during the night because his purple boxers were now exposed.

"Gross!" Napoleon muttered under his breath, stepping over his uncle to get to the doorway.

He exited the room, and headed to the fridge, but the phone rang.

Napoleon answered it.

"Hello?" said Napoleon drowsily, scratching his head.

"Napoleon! Where's your girlfriend?" asked a raspy voice, snickering.

"Who the heck is this?"

"That doesn't matter, I'm the one asking the questions! Heh heh."

Napoleon was really confused. Who the heck would call so flipping early on a Saturday morning?

"I don't even HAVE a girlfriend what the heck are you talking about?" asked Napoleon.

"Wait… hold on a second," he said. Napoleon heard his voice in the background, though, like he was holding the phone away from his mouth or something.

"What's the girl's name? I can't mess with him if I don't know the girl's name!"

Napoleon then heard another voice, shrieking angrily.

"Let me go!" she cried out. A couple of sneers were heard.

Napoleon recognized the voice, although he had never heard it in that kind of a scared tone before.

It was Deb, and she was being held captive.

"What are you doing to her?" Napoleon demanded.

"Oh, we're just holding your good friend Deb hostage until someone comes to get her. We're in your buddy's neighborhood right now, so why don't you… come rescue her? Toodles."

There was more sneering before Napoleon heard a click. 'Buddy's neighborhood'..? What was going on, anyway?

Napoleon had to act fast.

Without a moment's hesitation, he sprang into action. He grabbed some tater tots from the fridge, stuffed them in his pocket, and ran back to his room. Quietly, he crept past his snoring uncle and slid open the closet door. In it, next to a Merlin action figure, lay his secret weapon.

"Excalibur…" Napoleon muttered.

At Pedro's House

Pedro was dreaming about himself that night. He was a fierce warrior with a flippin' sweet mustache, and he was riding an animal… a unicorn, perhaps? He did not know, but he was roaming aimlessly in search of evil beings to slay…

All of a sudden, he heard glass being repeatedly tapped.

Still groggy, Pedro forced himself to look up towards his window.

And there, at his window, stood a warrior; a warrior bearing cardboard armor and wielding a wooden sword. But this wasn't just any warrior. This warrior had the bravery of a liger.

He opened the window. The knight spoke:

"Pedro, prepare for battle. Deb is a damsel in distress right now and she needs our help. We have to save her because the guy who called me is a freakin' IDIOT!"