"A Love"

By tenshi noyo ryu taiga

Inspired by Tarfina's "Overdue Declarations"


It was two and a half years in when he said it.

Three years ago, they met; her in a tight leather suit doing recon for Oliver Queen and him simply checking out the rumors of a haunting.

One small scuffle and a hell of a lot of smirks and quips led to where they stood six months later. They had chemistry from the start, but it was easily ignored in favor of each of them doing their own thing, saving the world their separate ways. It wasn't until six months later the Justice League saw a black smoke come from inside Lex Luthor at a fancy dinner party where the Winchesters "just-so-happened-to-coincidentally-be-at" that things finally fell into place. That's when Chloe cornered Sam and Dean into spilling.

It was complicated at first; they had been communicating with her anonymously, but it didn't take long for Dean to match her curves in a green Chanel dress to those same curves in a red and black leather suit, her blonde for black, her smiling lips to a sexy smirkā€¦

Their relationship fell into place easily after that. Before long, long distance phone calls became small "vacations" together and small vacations together turned into weeks on the road with him. It wasn't until Chloe was on her third hunt with him that she realized what everyone else in the League, plus Sam, already knew. She had spent almost two months on the road with him, hunting, instead of around the globe with Oliver and his band of merry men.

That night she whispered I Love You in his ear just as he was about to sleep. She wasn't shocked when he jerked away from his almost sleep in favor of pacing. She just smiled and watched him for a few minutes before turning over and going to sleep. The next morning, she could feel Dean's gratefulness at her lack of pressure on the topic in everything he did.

Two years later, this time while she was about to fall asleep, he whispered it in her ear.

The words I Love You were a very big deal for Dean to say out loud. The truth was, he never had before, except to his mother. Not even to Cassie, who he knew he had loved, hadn't gained the necessary amount of time and respect needed for Dean to confess his feelings for her out loud; to have his real feelings out there, exposed for all the world to see.

Chloe knew all this. So, maybe, that's why she wasn't surprised when, seconds after he told her he loved her, he also asked her to marry him.

After all, he was a Winchester, and they didn't do anything, even love, half-assed.