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Chapter 9: Jareth's worries

Jareth watched as Sarah chased after a toddling Toby, both giggling madly. He felt lost in this game, felt like it was snow balling out of his control. He knew that he had made a mistake bringing Toby back to the labyrinth, but his pride had gotten in the way, he didn't want to lose. His thoughts were broken by the sound of Caelithus clearing his throat.

"What?" Jareth snapped, sounding harsher than he meant.

"Sir, dinner is ready" the chancellor replied shortly.

"Sorry, I'm just—not myself today…"

"Your majesty, if you don't mind me asking, what's wrong?"

"It's that damn girl and her brother! I made a mistake by bringing him here. I know she is going to regain her memory because of him, I can feel it. Everyday she seems to become more mature, even though you said it would take at least seven years. And now she's looking at me with this intensity… it's because she's remembering, I know it!" he grabbed handfuls of his hair, looking as if he was on the verge of tearing it out. "and I cannot lose her, not this time!"

Caelithus awkwardly patted the kings shoulder in what he hoped would be a soothing way. "yes, I have also noticed the way she looks at you, but I do not believe it is out of remembrance. I think that she is starting to feel something… more for you. She doesn't see you as a frightful king, nor as a father figure. You have been kind to her, yes, but you are still mysterious to her, and she is… curious. And as she matures, that curiosity becomes stronger."

"So are you saying that she is starting to have feelings for me?"

"I must say that it is very likely."

Jareth straightened up, having been cheered up considerably "alright, tell those who will be waiting for me that I'll be down in a moments time" he said in his usual haughty tone as Caelithus closed the door.

Sarah stared at the goblin king as he entered the room, analyzing everything from his arrogant posture to his mismatched eyes, she looked down when those same eyes caught hers, feeling heat flood her face. The king smirked.

"Sarah" Jareth's voice rang out "I wish for you to join me in the library after we sup." He saw the governess stiffen out of the corner of his eye, and his grin widened. Sarah merely nodded.

"what did you want to talk about?" Sarah asked him the moment they were alone. He heard a hesitant tone in here voice.

"Do you fear me, Sarah?" he paused as she shook her head no "then why do you keep your distance? Come, sit by me, I will not bite."

She sat down on the cushion next to him as he took her in. She still looked the same, milk colored skin, wide green eyes the color of apples, shell pink lips and long dark curls tumbling down her back, yet her aura had changed, what was innocence was replaced by hesitant confidence.

"How old are you, Sarah?"

She looked down thoughtfully "I-I don't know, I know I'm not ten" she let out a hollow laugh "how could I be? I feel older. When I look at I know I'm older, I just cant explain it…"

"What if I told you hat I knew your age?"

She narrowed her eyes. "How old am I, really? I have no memories beyond my ten-year-old self, but…"

"You are seventeen."

Sarah's eyes widened for a brief moment, then closed, letting this information sink into her.

"Does that sound a little more realistic to you?"


"So, " Jareth said suddenly "I've noticed something about you."

She made a face, "I haven't done anything."

He chuckled. "no, nothing like that. I've realized how much you stare, why is that?"

Her face turned beet red "I have know idea what you're talking about."

"Oh come, come, I am not a fool, I see you, my question is, why?"

"I don't know, you some how fascinate me." She mumbled her face turning further red.

He gently grabbed her chin, making her look at him "and why is that?" he whispered.

"I know what you are really like." His heart dropped for a moment and he let go of her.

"and what, pray tell, am I really like?"

"you walk around, acting like this big scary king, but I know better than that. You've been nothing but kind to me. So thank you." She looked at him awkwardly for a moment as he restarted his pulse, and as she got up to leave, her grabbed her hand.

"Don't go" he breathed.

She looked at him with heavily lidded eyes "why?"

He stood up in front of her, heart pounding. He didn't reply, but dragged his hand towards her face to caress her cheek for a moment, before pressing his lips against hers. The kiss was slow and gentle at first, but deepened as he tried to put every feeling he had for her into that one kiss. A feeling pure bliss enveloped him as he held her against his chest. He did it, she was finally his. Suddenly, something echoed in his mind, threatening to ruin that moment. "You've been nothing but kind to me". He pushed that away, hoping she couldn't taste the lie on his tongue.