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Chapter 1

Harry stared up at the building in front of him. It was quite impressive, a tall old building surrounded by a large garden. There were students all over in the yard, playing football, reading or simply talking to their friends. As he followed the strict looking woman across the yard and toward the main entrance he noticed a group sitting underneath a tree. Somehow they seemed different from the rest of the students. But he didn't have the time to think about it, as professor McGonagall led him inside the building. In contrast to the bright sunshine and happy atmosphere outside, the hallways of Hogwarts was dark and quiet. Harry looked around as they walked and realised that he was very grateful that he had a guide. They hadn't actually entered the deeper parts of the school, instead they were crossing the big entrance and moving toward a small door to the right, but Harry could see that beyond the staircases there seemed to be plenty of passages to get lost in. He sighed. Orientation hadn't ever been his strongest forte.

"The headmaster has prepared a map of the school for you, so I don't want to see that you use the school as an excuse for being late to class."

The professors sudden warning made Harry jump in surprise. She had only greeted him when he arrived and told him that the headmaster would explain everything once they got there, and after that she hadn't said a word to him. Hiding his surprise he answered her with a silent "yes professor", and she nodded in acknowledgement. By now they had reached the door which Harry noticed with some surprise was password locked. It wasn't a normal number pad, however, but instead it was a keyboard of sorts. Odd, Harry thought, not only because of the strange lock but also because he hadn't heard about keeping the headmasters office locked before. Wasn't students supposed to be able to get to him when they needed too?

Behind the door there was a stairwell going upwards with several doors connected to it at different floors. The door to they were going to was at the top.

"Typically" Harry muttered under his breath, as he was forced to climb the high stairs. But at least the Headmaster should be quite fit, he bemusedly thought to himself. McGonagall knocked on the door, and entered after a silent 'come in' had been heard. The man in the round office was very old and he had a long white beard. At first sight, Harry wanted to laugh at him, because he wore a ridiculous purple suit. He stifled it and disguised it as a cough instead.

"Ah, Professor McGonagall," The headmaster said, "and Harry Potter. Go ahead and have a seat."

They did as he asked and he continued the conversation with further pleasantries. Tea and lemon drops were offered, and he seemed very disappointed when McGonagall declined both, so Harry, despite the fact that he did not want it, took a lemon drop. It did seem to cheer the old headmaster up quite a bit.

"Now then," he said, "shall we get down to business?"

He didn't wait for a response, but instead continued with introducing himself and the school. His name was Albus Dumbledore, and he had been the headmaster for a good 30 years now, ever since the school had changed from being a catholic boarding school for boys to a regular boarding school. He also got to know that most of the school wasn't in use currently, as they had built a new dorm for the students outside of the school grounds some years prior. Dumbledore was the one who had came up with the idea, since he didn't find it healthy for youngsters to stay cooped up inside of the school grounds all the time.

"This school is also a bit special because we have a friendly school competition between different school 'houses', that is a class from every year is part of one house. We have 4 different houses, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Raveclaw and Slytherin. I placed you in Gryffindor, because of the personality test you took when applying. Every student in this school has taken the test, so I think you will be able to get along well with your classmates."

Dumbledore smiled at him, and then looked at the old watch standing to his right.

"Oh dear. It seems classes are about to start again. I shall give you your schedule and a map of the castle, and your professors will provide you with the necessary books. You may only borrow them, of course. Well then, I think it's time for you to leave now, and we will meet again, Mr. Potter."

Harry thanked him and stood up to leave, but McGonagall stopped him.

"Haven't you forgotten something, sir?" she asked. Dumbledore looked confused for a second, but then his eyes started to twinkle.
"Of course."

He rummaged around in a drawer for a little while, and then retrieved a small key.

"This is your locker key. The rooming will be taken care of down at the dorm, so just follow a nice student from your class around and I'm sure they will help you take care of it, and also inform you of things I might have forgotten."

He chuckled to himself, as if the fact that he had a bad memory was a funny joke. Harry thanked him again and then followed McGonagall as she took the lead and walked out.

"Mr. Potter, your next class is with me, and I am also your head of house. That means that I am the first person you go to in case there is a problem and I am also the one who ultimately decide on suitable punishments in case you break the rules."

Harry meekly followed her as she marched away, faster this time since they were almost late. The classroom laid nearby the headmasters office, and they arrived there exactly when the bell rang. Harry was surprised that he didn't see any students outside, he sure wouldn't want to be late to this teachers class, but he got his explanation when she simply opened the door and marched straight in. The benches in the room were filled with students already. It got dead quiet when McGonagall entered the room, but as soon as the students saw Harry, the room was filled with whispers. McGonagall cleared her throat and glare at the ones who were making noises and they quickly quieted down.

"Class, this is Mr. Potter. He will be your classmate from today and onwards, so I expect you will take good care of him and show him around these first days."

She looked at him.

"Mr. Potter. You can sit over there, next to Mr. Weasley." She pointed to an empty seat next to a boy with flaming red hair. Then she stuck a book in his hand and Harry walked over and sat down, sending a small smile to the red head. It was returned in tenfold as the boy grinned happily back at him.

After professor McGonagalls math lesson everyone flocked around Harry, but Ron, the boy Harry had been seated next to muttered something about lunch and quickly dragged him down to the lockers to get Rons lunch. Since Harry didn't know about the lunch, he had not brought anything with him so Ron showed him the way to the cafeteria and then dragged him to a shaded place in the grass outside of the school. Within a few minutes pretty much everyone in their class gathered around them, eating, laughing and mainly asking Harry questions. But it wasn't bad, Harry enjoyed spending time with them and their loudmouthed questions. It really did seem like the headmasters make classes after personality worked. After lunch they had biology together with the Hufflepuffs. It was an double lesson, and also the last one for the day. The biology teacher professor Sprout was a nice lady and she felt almost motherly in comparison to McGonagall. Harrys first lessons ended uneventfully, but he was still quite tired after them and was happy to follow Ron to their dormitories. It was a 15 minutes walk from the school to the dorms, but, as Ron said, it was super nice to get away from school! He would have preferred it if they were even farther away. Dumbledore really was a good headmaster then, Harry figured. Realising all the small details to give the students a nice experience. Once they arrived at the dorms things changed. Ron introduced him to the dorm leader, which was his older brother Percy, but it turned out that Harrys room had yet to be fixed. There was no bed in there, for starters. It was a bit of an annoyance to Harry to hear that, but he was soon calmed by the prospect that he would be allowed to live together with Ron and Neville in their room for the time being.

A week passed, and Harry made great friends in Ron and Hermione, the class' book nerd. It was quite obvious that his new-found friends were interested in each other, but neither of them did anything to become more than friends. It both amused and annoyed Harry, and he wanted to do something about it, but before he had the opportunity to the rest of the class introduced him to their bet on which day they would finally get their asses in gear. About half of the class had already lost since their dates had long since passed. The thing about the bet was that there was to be no outside influence. Harry reluctantly agreed on that, and joined the bet. He was also getting quite used to the school and did hardly ever need to use his map to find his way if he were alone. But more importantly, he found out the school gossip and who to watch out for. It was after his first Slytherin- shared class that he found out about the secret ruler of the school. The Gryffindors had chemistry classes with the Slytherins. It was a class most detested, because Gryffindor and Slytherin had been enemies since the personality based classes had been put to use. Harrys class couldn't stand the Slytherins who they found egotistical and sneaky and they couldn't be trusted, so occasionally fights brought out between them. The worst Slytherin was Draco Malfoy. He took evil to a whole new level and bullied pretty much everyone in the school, when he actually bothered to come.

"Harry, you have to stay away from that git!" Ron had exclaimed when Malfoy was mentioned. "He's the worst! A total womaniser who would do anything to get his hands on whatever or whoever catches his liking. He's loaded too. Bloody ferret!"

Apparently he came from an aristocratic family that could trace their genes god knew how far back and they saw themselves as gods gift to mankind. His father had a bunch of companies and the rumour said that Draco only went to Hogwarts because he had been kicked out from everywhere else and his father had paid a gigantic sum of money to get him in.

"That's why we hardly need to pay anything to go here!" Ron had explained.

Harry hadn't had the 'pleasure' to meet Draco Malfoy yet, thought he found that chemistry class was hell either way. It was taught by the Slytherins head of house, Serverus Snape, and he detested Gryffindors, so he made sure to take house points from them whenever he could (House points were given when a student did well and removed when rules were broken, as a part of the house competition Dumbledore had spoken about). As said, a week had passed, but Harry had yet to get his own room. Every time he asked Percy only answered shortly that it wasn't done yet, or that the bed had yet to arrive. That wasn't the truth however. The problem laid with the person who was currently occupying one half of the room. Draco Malfoy. He had had the room for himself since he started Hogwarts and didn't want to give it up. It was excellent for bringing the people he wanted to sleep with over, for one thing.

Draco was sitting under his usual tree with his cronies around him. He had been playing hooky for about a week now, in favour of seducing a village boy and then dump him cruelly. It had been a fun game, as always, but now he needed another kind of amusement. Draco scanned the yard and his eye was caught by the weasels bright red head. He thought about going down and laugh at him spluttering indignantly when his eyes caught sight of the boy walking next to him.


He said shortly and the other boy immediately turned in his direction and paid attention.

"Who is the one that's walking with the weasel?"

Draco indicated the direction with his head, and waited for Blaise to inform him about it.

"That's the new student. He transferred here a week ago. His name is Harry Potter and obviously he was placed in Gryffindor."

Draco eyed him, his gaze hungrily swept down the black- haired mans back. He was awfully cute, and Draco was interested. Standing up, he quickly walked over to the trio, surprising them with his sudden greeting.

"Hello Harry" he purred into his ear. "What are such a cutie like you doing with weasel and the beaver?"

Harry turned around and was prepared to fight. Despite the short time he had been friends with the two he felt connected to them and hearing someone talk badly about them made him furious.

"Who…" Harry started, but stopped as Hermione grabbed his arm and held him back. She had seen the look in Dracos eyes, and she feared for her friend. She didn't want him to attract more of his attention than he already had.

"Hermione! Why did you do that!?"

"Let it go, Harry," Ron pleaded, surprising everyone. Also he had understood what Dracos gaze meant and he could swallow his anger in order to protect his friend.

Harry reluctantly agreed and continued forward with his friends, when a voice stopped them.

"Who gave you permission to leave?"

The authority in the voice made them freeze where they stood, but it also made Harrys blood boil in anger. Who does that blond bastard think he is, anyway? Harry wondered and he turned around again to face him head on.

"Just who the hell do you think you are, anyway?!" he roared, but it didn't quite have the effect he wanted, since the blond man was taller than him and he had to look up to face him. The man smirked in a way that annoyed Harry even more.

"I'm Draco Malfoy. I'm sure the Gryffindorks have told you about me."

At the mentioning of Malfoys name, Harry involuntarily took a step backwards before he braced himself and stood up tall again. He really wished Malfoy wouldn't be so very tall. Harry was about to insult him, when Draco sneaked an arm around his waist and pulled him close, gently gripping Harrys chin to raise it even higher.

"I'm capable of giving you either Heaven or Hell, Harry," Draco said, stroking Harrys chin with his thumb, "Choose wisely."

Harry, who had tried to free himself whilst the blonde Adonis was talking suddenly found that the grip relaxed and he stumbled backwards from the power. Angry and flushed, Harry didn't know what to do and just stood and stared dumbly at the man who was simply smirking at him.

"You may leave."

Hermione and Ron took the opportunity to do so, even if it meant that they ended up doing what Malfoy wanted. Taking one of Harrys arms each, they practically dragged him away from Malfoy. Draco watched them go, licking his lips.

When Harry and his friends arrived at the dorms that evening Harry had almost managed to forget about what had happened in school with Malfoy. Ron and Hermione warned him to be careful not to bump into him again, especially not alone, but Harry thought they were being paranoid. Sure the bugger was annoying, but he didn't seem dangerous. Harry could do name calling and threats too. And when Percy came and told him that the room was finally done and all Harry needed to do was to sign a paper and get his key, the incident was completely gone. Walking with his single bag down the corridor to the room Harry was happy. But he was also curious, and so he kept bugging Percy with questions about why it took such a long time before they got the bed and why there wasn't a bed before on their way there. He didn't learn anything new, however and so he had to be satisfied with the answer that the beds were a special kind. Percy left him quickly after showing him the door and wishing him a nice stay. Harry figured he probably wanted to get away from all of his noisy questions. Harry happily stuck the key into the key hole and swung the door open. And froze, staring into the room in shock. Draco Malfoy stood in the middle of the room, naked except for a towel around his waist. Harry blushed and excused himself, turning to close the door and between them. But before he had the time to do that Draco pulled him inside and closed the door and approached Harry with a predatory smile. As the other man got closer Harry backed up, eyes desperately searching for a way to get out. Finding none, he suddenly panicked as his back hit the door to the bathroom. Dracos hands landed besides his head, trapping him. Harry dropped his key and bag.

"Hello Harry," Draco said, mimicking his former action. "Did you think about what I asked you?"

Harry looked confused. He had managed to forget what Draco had asked him, as he had been a bit distracted at the time, just like he was now.

"So what will it be? Heaven or Hell?"

It didn't help Harry much, he was still as confused and it showed. Draco sighed patiently.

"That is, me or your trash friends?"

The comment made Harry see red. Once again this man called his friends trash. How dared he? Roughly he pushed Draco backwards and slapped him.

"How dare you insult my friends?! As if you would be better than them. If those are the options then there only one answer you would ever get from me!"

Angrily Harry stormed out and slammed the door after him, leaving Draco Malfoy alone in the little room. He laughed. Well, it didn't matter to him. Harry was his either way, only this meant he would learn it the hard way.