There was a young girl sitting cross-legged near a white marble gravestone

I could see in the distance that there was a young girl sitting cross-legged near a white marble gravestone. She looked like she was in her late teens. She had long brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. A sparkling ring lay on her third finger. She was engaged, but where was her fiancé? Shouldn't he accompany her to a visit to the graveyard. The graveyard wasn't somewhere a young lady should be alone. She was staring intently at a small collection of graves.

I took my husbands hand in to mine. The grave we were visiting was burned into our photographic memories for eternity. It our son's. He died a long time ago, you see during the Spanish Influenza epidemic. However, how could I possibly be still alive when it's 2008 because the epidemic was in 1918? Well I'm a vampire.


I was dieing. I could feel my pulse getting weaker and weaker. Hopefully, Dr. Cullen could do something, he had too. I didn't want my beautiful son dieing. He was too good and too young, being only seventeen. My husband was already dead, or at least that's what they told me.

I felt a pair of icy cold hands brush my skin. The touch sent a shudder through my dieing body. I lifted my eyes open a fraction of an inch to see a pair of burgundy eyes and a very pale face with circles under those eyes.

"Dr. Cullen?" I rasped. His touch felt just

"No," I was shocked, Dr. Cullen had the very same eyes and the sane pale features. he's busy. Would you mind if I took you outside?"

"Ahh." I mumbled incoherently. The influenza was taking over, what good would it do to take me outside. Taking me outside would just expose me to more germs. In addition, why was this person not wearing a mask, he would get himself killed.

His cold arms picked my frail and dieing body up stepping out the door, where I saw it was night. It was a typical cool September night. For a moment I was flying. The air rushed past my ears at an alarming rate. I was sure I was in a car of some sorts, no human could run that fast. However, I was in the arms of this stranger.

When the rushing ceased, I was at an old Victorian house on the outskirts of Chicago. We were at least thirty miles from the hospital. How did this stranger run thirty miles in barely ten minutes? I was dreaming, I had to be. How else could I dream these impossibilities? It was the influenza taking over, killing me.

Oh how I wished something could be done or my beloved son Edward. He was too young to die. He was just about to go to war when the influenza struck him. He wanted to go so badly, it was all he talked about for weeks, but so many had died in the war. When the flu struck him, he wasn't able to go to war, which I was blessed for until the influenza really took hold. I nursed him while I was sick, he couldn't die, the young didn't die, and only the old did. The young Dr. Cullen told me taking care of my son weakened me.

I was carried into an ornate room then set on a bed. The young man lifted the sleeves and skirt of my hospital gown, so my ankles and wrists were showing. Then he brushed my hair from my neck with his icy hands.

"what are you doing.?" I mumbled

"I'm so sorry." He gave me a pleading look and bent down to my neck, as if to kiss it.

He bent down further. I could feel his lips at my neck. What was he doing? It was inappropriate to do that to a lady. His lips opened. Then he bit down on my neck. It was searing white-hot pain when he did. I could feel the blood running down my neck. He swiftly bites my wrists and ankles.

There was a white-hot pain running through my veins. I wanted to doe right now! Had I died and gone to hell? Was I burning in the fires of hell? I didn't deserve to be in hell, I was too god or at least I thought I was. I took all the normal jobs of 19oos housewife.

"Kill me please, I beg you too." I pleaded to the man looking him in the eyes. His eyes were a shade brighter. They were a red color. They were very demonic. Was he the devil coming to take me to hell? Why else would he have demonic red eyes. Another wave of pain sent me screaming.

"It will be over soon," the man pleaded, holding my hand in his still icy hands. Hadn't his hands warmed up after getting inside? It felt like they were burning mine, they were so cold.

Minutes felt like hours. Hours felt like days. Days felt like years. It was an endless cycle of screaming and pleading for my death. My lips were parched and cracked. My throat burned for water, but I never got any. Was this what it was like in hell? Lets not forget the pain; it worsened every minute, every hour. I hoped my son would never experience this.

Then the pain stopped. It just ceased and didn't begin again. I opened my eyes to a newer world. Everything was brighter; I could see things from far away. my hearing had intensified; I could hear the commotion on the street outside my window. I turned to look for the man with the red eyes, but he was nowhere to be found. I went searching through the house for him. I needed to ask him what happened, why was no longer in pain. I could no longer feel the effects of the influenza.

I entered the living room and saw a dress sitting on the sewing stand. It had a note attached.

" Elizabeth he is a dress for you when you wake up. There are more in the closet under the stairs, Victor."

The dress was a beautiful green with white lace trim on the cuffs and skirt bottom. Fine beading on the bodice accented the green with midnight blue beads. I it on threw my dingy and bloody hospital gown to the ground and out the dress. It was my size. It fit me perfectly my hair on the other hand was matted unbrushed from my long hospital stay.

I went to a bathroom to see how I looked in the dress, to see my self in the mirror. I could feel I had more grace when I walked. My skin on my hands was deathly pale. When I opened the door to the bathroom, it flew off hitting the wall with a resounding crack.

I would have stumbled if not for my new grace. How did that happen? How was I so strong? I could hardly lift fifty pounds. What happened in the last few days?

I stepped into the lavish bathroom tying to forget the door incident. It's just the influenza; it makes you think insanely crazy things. The walls were a pale gold with decorative ivory trim.

I looked into the mirror to be greeted by very bright blood red eyes. I screamed. What the?! What happened? I was inhumanly strong, deathly pale, I had blood red eyes, abnormally acute hearing and sharp eyesight. What was wrong with me. Was this the influenza talking, was I just dreaming this?

A piece of white paper caught my eye. It looked like a letter. I picked it up to inspect it.


I'm sorry for the pain I caused you. Yes, I was the one who caused you all the pain. It was part of the transformation. Part of what you became

What was I?

Elizabeth, you're a vampire. Forget all the standard myths. You don't burn in the sun…you sparkle, so I suggest you not go in the sun when there are humans around. You don't sleep, which makes our life so much longer. Holy water, crosses, and all the vampire repellents are not useful. Your eyes will fade with in a year.

I've left you alone, because the guilt of changing you has swallowed me. To put it simply I ran away. You can choose two paths. You can feed on animals or you can feed on humans. Choose whichever is

I hope your life is somewhat satisfactory, unlike mine.



I fell to the floor dry sobbing because I couldn't cry real tears. I was all alone. My husband and son were dead. I had forgotten nearly all of my human past. I hide away from the human population for three years feeding on the blood of animals. My eyes took on a golden hue. I hated myself. I was a monster. I thought all of that until the day I saw a familiar face.

My husband. Edward.

He was changed by the same man. Victor. Victor must not have known we were married. My life brightened incredibly. I came back to the human population. We moved around every four years. We made sure to visit our son's grave three times a year. That's what we were doing today.

Then I realized the young girl that we were observing was sitting right in front of our sons grave.

"Your parents would have been so proud of you Edward." She whispered to the grave.

Wait? A million questions flew through my head. Why was she sitting in front of my son's grave? How did she know him? That puzzled me, my son died over seventy years ago, she looked no older than eighteen. The cool Chicago air blew our way, blowing the sent of the young girl. She was human but I could smell a vampire on her.

Then she got up leaving a small slip of paper by the grave and walked away.

Elizabeth and Edward Masen,

Your son Edward is still alive. Ironically enough, considering he was born on 1901. he's my fiancé. I wish I could meet you. I would have loved too.

Thank you,

Isabella Marie Sawn Cullen

Was my son alive? My husband read the note repeatedly with a shocked look on his face.

I know Edward parents couldn't have been changed into vampires. Later I will elaborate on Elizabeth meeting Edward.

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