Chapter Three

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Edward, I laughed at the name, turned to me with his hand held out for me to shake. I noticed four things immediately about Edward's appearance. He was deathly pale something I only saw with the Cullens. He had the same golden eyes. When I shook his hand, it was of course cold. Finally his face, I could see subtle planes that were identical to my Edward. He looked me dead in the eye and took several glances to the ring on my left hand as if he knew it from somewhere.

My mouth would have dropped but Charlie was sitting in front of me. Therefore, I just took his hand and tried to remain under control. I'd never seen a picture of Edward's father. Edward had never described him to me either but this guy had the same name and features. Edward's father was supposed to be dead. Even if it wasn't Edward's father, this guy was a vampire, one like the Cullens.

"Hello." It was all I could say.

"Are you engaged? That's a very pretty ring." He inquired staring intently at my face.

"Yes. How do you know my father?" I asked. I wanted to ask him his full name. Where he was born, when, and how he was turned.

"I met him the convention last night. He was talking about he beautiful daughter that was getting married. I don't have any kids my self. My wife—Elizabeth— and I were never graced with children." He said looking to Charlie. They continued to talk football and baseball so I took that as my cue to leave.

I stepped away to get some breakfast from the bar they set up in the hotel. His wife's name was Elizabeth. Edward and Elizabeth. Those were the names of Edward's parents. Nevertheless, it couldn't be them. They were dead, I saw their graves. Nevertheless, I saw Edward's grave too and he was alive. If they were really, Edward's parents then what was I going to do.

I sat down with a bowl of my favorite cereal and orange juice. I looked out the window at the busy streets of Chicago. It was pretty city but I preferred Forks. It was sunny here. I was wondering how Edward was faring with today's bright sunlight. When I was done with my breakfast, I planned to look at some shops in Chicago to find something for Alice. I got up to throw away my trash.

I wasn't paying attention to where I was going until I ran into a woman. I looked up at her. I nearly hit the ground then. Her hair was the exact same shade as Edward's but her eyes weren't green as I expected them to be but a golden honey. She was pale too.

"I see you've met my wife too. Elizabeth this is Bella. The daughter of Charlie Swan. I met Charlie at the guy I met at convention last night." he introduced me. Elizabeth gave me a hug. Her hug was stony and cold. I didn't flinch either , I expected it. She reminded me so much of Esme

"It's nice to meet you. Where are you from?" she asked genuinely. I could see so much of Edward in her. If this was my Edward's mother then I knew where he got all of his good looks.

"Forks, Washington. It's in the Olympic Peninsula." I answered trying not to look straight at her face. She looked like Esme but with different features.

"I've never been there. Is it nice?" she asked. Forks nice? Was she insane?

"Yeah if you like no sun, rain everyday and cold. Then it's perfect." I laughed sarcastically. I used to hate Forks until I met Edward.

"That doesn't really bother me. I've always loved the snow and cold. Sounds like you don't care for it." She said smiling warmly. Of course, you're a vampire. I could see laugh lines on her face. She looked old enough to have a seventeen-year-old son.

"It's okay, a little boring when there's no sun. I used to live in Phoenix." I said dejectedly.

"Well we have to go Bella. It was nice meeting you," said Edward. He held out his hand again for me to shake.

"Nice to meet you too. We should talk again." I said when I took his hand. I still felt the coldness. His hand should have warmed considering how warm this room was. He noticed my expression to the temperature of his hand. I really didn't flinch at all. I was almost certain that he was a vampire.

I decided to call him Edward Sr., as he was Edward's father, even if wasn't sure. However, he had the same features, the untidy hair and the crooked smile. Elizabeth had the same exact shade of bronze hair. They were vampires, the cold skin, golden eyes, paleness, and their grace. When Edward Sr. and Elizabeth walked out their grace was just like the Cullens.

I went back to my hotel room and went to the computer. It had free wireless Internet. I typed Edward Masen in Google. I came up with a couple of searches none of which. They all said how great a Police chief he was, nothing about his past. Next, I put in Edward and Elizabeth Masen. Zero searches that time. I clicked out of Google bummed I didn't find anything.

Then something came to me. One of the Chicago libraries should have old newspapers on file. If I could get a hold of them then maybe I could find out if Edward Sr. and Elizabeth were my Edward's biological parents.

I rushed out of the hotel quickly to the biggest library in Chicago. It was about a thirty-minute walk from the hotel. When I got there, I asked the librarian if she had newspaper collections dating back to the late 1800s. She led the way to a small dusty room where a computer sat. The computer contained every newspaper printed in Chicago since 1850.

I had no idea how to start so I put Edward Masen into the search bar and hit enter. The first newspaper was an obituary notice dating back to 1918. It was so short considering that so many people died during the flu outbreak. There were about twenty other obituary notices on the page. Many of the victims were young.

Edward Masen Sr. Elizabeth Masen and Edward Masen are died this week of Spanish Flu. We will miss them greatly. Edward Masen Sr. was a distinguished lawyer and his son was planning to attend Dartmouth this fall

The next sent my blood pumping. No wonder Edward wanted me to go to Dartmouth.

Edward Masen Achieves Academic Scholarship to Ivey League School.

The son of the prestigious lawyer Edward Masen was just accepted to Dartmouth earlier this week. Edward Masen Jr. is at the top of his class at Chicago public school. He is the third public school student to earn a scholarship to Dartmouth. We wish him well this fall when he leaves for Dartmouth.

Beside the article was a black and white picture of my Edward. He looked so human in the picture. Edward was smiling with his same crooked smile. Even thought the picture was black and white I could see a faint flush to his cheeks. I printed the article out quickly and stowed it into my bag. I wanted to show it to my Edward.

The others were various articles about my Edward's achievements. My Edward was very smart, there were many articles about his academic achievements. I even saw Elizabeth's and Edward's engagement announcement. They were married about three years before my Edward was born. His father was a very good lawyer. His cases were all in the newspaper.

The last one was a birth announcement:

Edward Sr. and Elizabeth Masen would like to announce the birth of their son Edward Jr. Anthony Masen, born on June 20. He weighed five pounds and four ounces.

The newspaper dated back to 1901. my heart went dead for a moment when I saw the picture of Edward and Elizabeth holding their son in the hospital. They were the spiting images of the Edward and Elizabeth I met this morning. Everything was the same except they didn't look like vampires.

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