Chapter 10

I took forever. I know and I'm sorry. Really. But here's chapter ten and this is Narumi's POV

Narumi POV

So I wake up, and what do I see? Yeah, Kiri sleeping and the little screen asking to play the movie again.

Wow…she looks so soft and small…

My eyes fell on the earpiece in her ear.

Huh…I have that same brand…

I followed the headphones to the MP3 player in was connected to.

Wow! Mine is that same blue! With the same gold 1 on…it…oh crap.

I gently took the MP3 player and looked at the screen. It looked like she had gotten past all the homemade music. It was now on Shake It by Metro Station.

Shit…I hope she fell asleep before she listened to the homemade songs…

I pulled an earpiece out and listened. I liked this song. I tried to lie back, but the cord was too short. Kiri's head lolled towards me and she groaned before readjusting, her head on my shoulder. I froze.

Crap, crap, crap!! What do I do?! My arm is stuck and if I move, she'll wake up! And this stupid flip up armrest is digging in my side!

I only felt slightly stupid. I mean, it was perfect, right? I flip up the arm rest (which Kiri was leaning heavily on), I become more comfortable and she leans more on me, right?

Yeah, it didn't quite work like that.

I shifted and flipped it up. So far, so good. She made this weird noise. It was like a "Ngh!" and she straightened up.

Oh man…she's gonna wake up!!

I pulled my other earpiece out of her ear, rolled it up quickly and shoved in my bag before she woke up completely.


I could detect sleep in her voice; she wasn't quite awake yet. I waited, frozen, for her to relax.

"Ngh…pretty song, Naru-Naru…" she sighed before relaxing and falling over the other direction.

Pretty song? Shake it isn't a pretty song…Shit! She must've heard my homemade music! Oh crap, what do I do?!

I smoothed back my hair and took deep breaths.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

What do I do?

I started looking up and down the aisle, trying to figure out where everyone was sitting, trying to make eye contact with anyone…

Except him.

Kazuhiko was staring back at me, his expression hard to read.

The one person who could really make my life hell… other than Mussy Head…

I snapped back to the front, and reached to hit the play button on Beauty and the Beast. I fell asleep before I even saw the middle. All I could remember was…some idiot named Gaston chasing after the heroine, Belle or something. To tell the truth, it looked like a little girl romance.

I looked back at Mussy Head. It was surprising that she had a cute, little girl side. I couldn't expect her to suddenly be crazy over My Little Pony merchandise, but Disney princesses was rather…shocking.

I felt something smack upside my head. I turned around, ready to rip off some heads.

"Hey amateur-san!"

I groaned.

"Is Kiri-chan asleep?"

I shrunk in my seat. I wish Iketani would take a hint and LEAVE ME ALONE!

Another something hit the back of my head. A shoe. I snapped.

Standing up, I yelled, "SHUT UP!!! MUSSY HEAD IS TRYING TO SLEEP!!!"

"No, I'm not. I'm trying to block out your noise."


Aw crap! I made her wake up!"

"My sweet honey! Kirity! You're awake! And I didn't even kiss you like a prince to a princess!"

I turned and roared in the general direction of Iori.


A hand clamped on my shoulder. Hard.

"Narumi…Ki- I mean, Koshiba-san wants to sleep."


"I was trying to shut everyone up!!!" I hissed. I glanced at Mussy Head. She was looking out the window, a slight glazed look in her eyes.

"What happened to the movie? Did you like it? Oh wait…you fell asleep…"

I watched as she started piecing together what had happened. I was shocked when she blushed.

"What happened to the MP3 player?"

Holy shit…she remembers…My life is over…I'm dead, I'm dead, I died, I'm gone, I'm dead…

The hand on my shoulder tightened.

"I believe she asked you a question, Narumi. You should answer."

"Ah, ah, AH! Kazuhiko, that hurts!"

"Answer her-"

"-LET GO!"

"Narumi, answer h-"


His grip loosened slightly as he stared me down. I felt the eyes of the other passengers on us.

"Ochiai-senpai…" Mussy Head murmured from beside me. She reached across me and flicked off his hand. I froze.

Mussy head is leaning over me…her arm is across me and she is pushing away Kazuhiko. Mussy Head is…defending me. She's touching me…leaning across me…inhale…exhale. Calm down…

"…You're hurting his arm. Let go."

What amazed me the most was that she stayed leaning over me. She STAYED!

"Naru-Naru doesn't have to answer. It was a personal question anyway. Isn't your seat over there?"

She tilted her head, and her hair brushed on my face.

B-bmp, b-bmp, b-bmp…my heart won't stop pounding…

I felt Kazuhikos' presence leave, but before I could say anything…

"Naru-Naru. Help me."

Huh? I raised an eyebrow.

"I'm stuck. My seatbelt got caught on your buckle. I'm stuck like this."

I felt heat rise to my face.

"Uh…yeah…Hold on a sec…"

I reached under her and felt for her buckle.

"Careful…" she muttered as I accidentally grabbed some of her shirt.


I clicked her buckle and the belt loosened, allowing her to lean back.

"Ah…thanks, Narumi-senpai."

"That's gross!"



"Shut up."


I smiled to myself.

We just got along. Like we were good friends! I held a conversation with her without yelling!!

"Hey, Naru-Naru?"

I swung my head to her.


"Where's your MP3 player?"

Oh crap…

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