Captain N: The Game Master - Quest For Glory 1: Charlie Escapes Captain N: The Game Master

Quest For Glory 1: Charlie Escapes

Written by Mark Moore and Michael Lee Rohm

Author's note: The following story comes from a scene of a larger "Captain N: The Game Master" story that I wrote on my
sister's computer in the Summer of 1993. I had copied it onto a disk for my friend, Mike Rohm, to read on his computer
at home. He took this scene, altered it, and gave the disk back to me to read. His stuff is everything that occurs after Kevin
turns to face the monitor. There's really no point to this story. I was just out of 9th grade when I wrote my part, and Mike
and I were in 11th grade when he wrote his part. The original story was called "Captain N: The Trip Home" and had
Kevin and Lana going to Earth. I wrote around 40 pages, but I kinda gave up on the story, and I no longer have the
original file, so don't ask for it. However, I do still have a print-out of what I've written, and, if I get enough reviews on this
story (good or bad), I'll consider typing it and putting it up. With the exception of this Author's note, I've tried to reproduce
in HTML the layout of the Microsoft Write version of this story (I think it was originally written in Word). It's not completely
accurate. The original font face was Arial (Arabic), not regular Arial, and the size was a bit bigger: 8 in Write. Mike also
put 2 spaces between his sentences. Oh, well, HTML ain't perfect. Enjoy this blast from our pre-Net past!
- Mark Moore, Monday, October 29, 2001, 6:27 PM.

[Camera: Kevin standing in front of the Satellite Monitor, looking at it. On the monitor is a view of the crowd gathered
outside.] Lana rushes into the room. Kevin turns to face her.

Lana: Did you get a look at the size of the crowd in the courtyard?

Kevin: (looking at the monitor) Yeah, the place is really packed! A lot of people turned up just to see King Charles come

Lana: (as Kevin turns to face her) Yeah, well, this is a big day for Videoland.

Kevin: (looking at the monitor) Yeah, everyone came!

[Camera: Kevin & Lana standing in front of the Satellite Monitor, looking at it.]

Ancient Prophecy: Captain N.

Kevin: (turning around) Not now, we're busy.

Ancient Prophecy: I must interrupt with vital information.

Kevin: (speaking quickly) Alright, what is it?

Ancient Prophecy: A burglary was commited 30 minutes ago at the Smithsonian Museum of History.

Kevin: (speaking quickly) That's vital...? (turns to face the monitor)

Ancient Prophecy: (interrupting, so Kevin turns back around)

Ancient Prophecy: Well, I think it's pretty fucking important! The fact that Charles Manson is out is great news to everyone in
the Manson Family.

Kevin: Hey! You didn't say anything about Charles in Charge. Charlie rules! I'm going right now. We're gonna get stoned
and listen to the Beatles "White Album" and then kill alot of people! What fun! My, my my I'm so happy! I'm gonna Kill Em

Ancient Prophecy: Cool! Spill The Blood!