Authors Note:

Authors Note:

I wrote this out of sadness when I heard that Bryan Greenberg doesn't want to come back to OTH anymore. It is kind of angsty, sorry. I just am heartbroken. I miss Jeyton.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I only own this story.

Peyton Sawyer just sat at her desk, wondering about him. His beautiful brown eyes, his gorgeous brown hair, his handsome face. She wondered where he was now. And his daughter, she must be like six or seven by now. She sat there wondering, about Jake and Jenny Jagielski. They had been gone for a while now. Almost five years since the last time she heard that little girl giggle, or felt his strong arms as they wrapped around her waist. Five years since the last time she saw his face. And it was all her fault.

Peyton Sawyer was in love with Lucas Scott, and nothing would ever change that. But during her love for Lucas, her feelings towards Jake changed. She tried to hide it, but in the end it came out, in her sleep. She had broken his heart. Making him question if their love had always been a lie. She couldn't bear with herself everyday knowing that he was still out there and waiting for her to come back to him. He still was waiting right?

Today was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Lucas had just purposed to her again, over the phone, and yet all she could do was sit there and think of Jake. Knowing he would have told her to go and marry the man she loved, but knowing that he was still going to be broken, world-weary, and sad.

He had called her and told her he was on his way to see her. For the last time. She was supposed to be at the airport by now, but still she was sitting here, waiting for Jake to arrive. She wondered when he would say to her, how he would feel. They never really had any closure, until now. She heard footsteps down the hall and took a deep breath as she stood up, smiling when she saw his familiar face.

They walked closer, not saying any words. Nothing could ease the pain both of them felt. She smiled up to him, and he smiled back. "I missed you." Peyton said in a whisper. And he nodded as he brought her into a well needed hug. "I missed you too." He said, holding her tightly. They broke away and she smiled at him. "So, how've you been?" She asked, and he smirked. "I've been better. Jenny's awesome though." Peyton nodded. What did he mean he had been better? Peyton smiled at him.

Nothing was said. Another awkward silence.

Peyton figured it was time to tell him. "Jake..." She said gently, looking into his eyes of pain. "Lucas and I are getting married." She said in a whisper, and Jake smiled, Peyton could tell it was fake, and she knew she was killing him on the inside. "Congratulations." He said in fake happiness. Peyton smiled at him. "Jake," She said, and he looked at her in silence. "I'm sorry. For everything." Jake nodded and looked away. "I really should get going." Peyton said, and Jake's eyebrows arched. "So, I guess this is goodbye...for good." Peyton nodded. "I guess so." Jake smiled weakly and Peyton almost broke down. "But I want you to know I will never regret you." Jake smiled. "Thank you Peyton." He said, hugging her again. She kissed his cheek before he headed to the door.

"Bye Jake. I'll miss you." Peyton said sadly, and Jake nodded. "You know, I could have held you in my arms forever, and it still wouldn't have been long enough." Jake said in almost a whisper as he let go of the doorframe and headed down the stairs.

Peyton smiled through her tears. They finally had some closure.

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