Option 412

Rating: K+

Warnings: Boy's kissing, fluff.

Pairings: ShikaCho

Genre: Romance

Word Count: 392

Disclaimer: Please see my profile for details.

A/N: So, I found this, thought it was cute, and decided to post it. Even though it's just about SUPER short.


The barbecue was a medley of steam, voices, and bodies. Food was being distributed in healthy quantities to each table.

And probably not-so-healthy portions at his own, as it was all-you-can-eat, and Chouji was on a roll.

Shikamaru watched his friend eat yet another piece of beef from the open grill. It was his twenty-third piece, and Shikamaru was still counting. His unreliable sensei Asuma was smoking a cigarette and simultaneously drinking some of his tea. That man was seriously going to choke one of these days. His half-lidded eyes took in Ino's face and was glad he had tuned out of the conversation. She was ranting.

However, his subconscious picked up Chouji's name and instantly began to listen. Shikamaru sighed.

How troublesome.

"-and you eat way too much, and you never train. How do you expect to EVER get a girlfriend with that attitude? Girls don't like-"

Ah, the old 'You're fat so you're doomed to be alone' speech. He was so sick of it. And every time Ino recited it, each time with more fervor, Chouji would get that troublesome look on his face. The one identical to when Shikamaru had seen the other little boys tell Chouji that he was too slow to play ninja, so they kicked him out of the game.

He thought of 643 ways to shut Ino up (she just kept talking) AND make Chouji feel better. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he chose option 412.

In a sudden move unlike the lazy boy, Shikamaru grabbed a handful of Chouji's scarf, tugged him over the table-

And planted a hard kiss on the other boy's lips.

Consequences were swimming in his mind, but he shoved them away and concentrated on the pair of chapped lips against his own. Through his partially closed eyes, he watched Chouji's wide eyes slide shut.

They broke apart a few seconds later, both blushing. Chouji brought a quivering hand up to his lips, while Shikamaru turned to Ino.

And although it was childish, he asked: "Does it look like Chouji needs a girlfriend?"

Ino was gaping at him, doing a remarkable impression of a fish. Asuma ALMOST seemed calm … but he had dropped his cigarette in his tea. And Chouji still looked dazed.

Shikamaru shrugged and gazed out the window at the clouds.

How troublesome.


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