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Chapter One: With A Frozen Heart…

In the record time of roughly two weeks, Razer Athane managed to slip from the happiest person in the world to the bitchiest woman at the end of the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 4. She was back in her old state, as she had been in the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 3 – cold, ruthless, and unfeeling to most people – if not, all.

The few friends she managed to hold onto by the 4th Tournament's conclusion were shocked by her change, particularly those who had known her for a long time. Ling Xiaoyu, Miharu Hirano, Julia Chang, Lei Wulong and Eddy Gordo didn't know how to treat it and were petrified to, in case she snapped at them. All they could do was be as they were in the 3rd Tournament – friendly and supportive. At least this time around she was speaking to them with a more 'friendly' attitude, where as before it was more along the lines of 'adversary'.

As for Christie Monteiro, the little fight, the push to try and have Razer release her feelings, did nothing to help their now destroyed friendship. Countless times within the hours, the 19-year-old Brazilian attempted to mend it, however Athane didn't want to hear it at all. She tried and tried and tried, and every time she was met with a smug 'whatever' that reminded all 3rd Tournament participants of the old Razer they had once known.

The one that just didn't care.

The 21-year-old British boxer Steve Fox was the only one who didn't cop anything from her. He was the only one that managed to spend the final three to four hours with all his friends and not get yelled at, taunted, or receive an evil glare from the Greek woman. He was lucky in a sense, because he promised her at the beginning of the 4th Tournament that he would never abandon her. Ever. And that's why she didn't snap at him. Hell, he invited her to live with him, which she declined, feeling she was needed at her home with her 'family'.

They wanted to know, though, what was going on through her head. The whole time, the 20-year-old's face remained rigid or totally blank, rarely showing signs of life, signs of laughter. They had tried and tried telling her over and over that her best friend's capture by the Korean military was not her fault… that she didn't fail him.


The only one who could read her like a book. No cheats, no lies. The only one who knew what was going on in her head. The only one who knew the remedies, the solutions, to her moods, to her problems. The one she spent eight years of her life with. The one who saved her life countless times. Her metaphorical older 'brother'.

The man she would love forever. The man who would love her forever. No matter what.

She still blamed herself for not taking his tranquilizer dart as well as hers. If she had taken both, she pondered, perhaps he would be flying out of Japan and going elsewhere. Perhaps she'd still be asleep. But her being asleep didn't matter, because she knew he'd be totally safe. That was and is all that mattered to her.

Even in the old Razer's frame of mind, he was the only one, the only person she cared for. Not even herself.

Once upon a time, there was one other, though. One other person that she would kill and die for. A native to this land, a man that was also a trained fighter, who also understood her source of inner turmoil. It was a rocky road at first, still trying to get to know each other, understand each other, and for him to break through the walls she had put up around her heart and mind… But when it happened, they were both happier for it.

Jin Kazama.

The name made her blood boil with hate, and her heart still flare with emotions similar to love. Kazama, her ex-boyfriend, so to say, and a mistake she gravely regretted. If she didn't find out that he too suffered from a dark entity within him, if she didn't befriend him, if she didn't fall in love with him, then perhaps the searing pain that drowned her now, the pain known only as heartbreak would never have occurred under any circumstances.

Heartbreak never would've reared its ugly head when Hwoarang finally came forward and said that he loved her, because she didn't have to essentially decline his feelings that she too still harboured for him. Heartbreak would have never arrived when Jin ended their long running, two year relationship in an attempt to 'protect her'.

From what…? Razer continued to question the day after their break up, looking out the window of her flight.

High in the sky she was now, sitting towards the window, listening to Trust Company from her MP3 player, holding to her form hers and Hwoarang's bags from the Tournament. The dark sky, as blanketed by the grey clouds of a coming storm, as illuminated by the twinkles of the moon and the stars, was her view. She had flown through such things before under the influence of the creature within. Whatever she ended up being…

Unlike most people, Athane inherited a curse from her Mother, once believed to be the Devil Gene, which Kazama too held within his blood, only from his father, Kazuya Mishima. With thanks to Kazuya, it was revealed that the 20-year-old Greek did not possess this particular curse… yet she still could transform into a being that looked… devilish. So what did she actually have? No one knew at the moment, hence why it was called the creature within as opposed to the devil within.

The creature within had some benefits, much like Devil's power. It provided strength and enhanced senses, particularly in regards to scent. Upon transformation, it granted the host claws and horns for battle, and wings for flight. Between those who shared the curse (or similar curses, for example, between Razer, Jin and Kazuya) was another form of communication, like mind speak. Finally and most usefully, the creature and devil within acted as a fail safe, mostly activated in near death experiences.

All three known tainted individuals had undergone this. Athane was nearly killed by her Father. Jin was shot by the Tekken Force on the eve of his victory in the King Of Iron Fist Tournament 3, and only a few moments later, shot by Heihachi Mishima, his Grandfather, in the head. As for Kazuya, he sold his soul to Devil when he was but a child to survive being thrown down a cliff, and later in his 28th year of life, down a volcano. The latter experience killed the younger Mishima, however he was resurrected by G Corporation, the nemesis company of his Father's business, the Mishima Financial Empire.

You still owe me for saving your life that day, monster.

I owe you nothing, Razer retorted icily, pulling her head away from the window, realising that the plane she was on was slowly landing. It was the final flight that went from Japan to South Korea, her only home.

Through her blasting MP3 player, which now had rolled over onto Story Of The Year, the half-brooding, half-angry woman could hear the pilot saying how they were now landing. With an agitated sigh, she waited until they said it was okay to get off, already slinging both bags over one shoulder each. One was hers, and the other was Hwoarang's.

The announcement finally came, and with a rush, she sat up, squeezed passed the skinny old lady who was sitting next to her, and filed out, eager to get to her friends, the rest of the gang, particularly Seong-Hada, the 19-year-old who was her metaphorical 'little' brother… The one who organised Detective Anavel Burton to investigate into her media-dubbed suicide attempt.

…Rather, the creature within's attempt at seizing control of Razer's body, forever… To freeze her heart.

Once off the plane, she speed-walked as fast as she could out of the airport, calling Seong-Hada on her cellphone, a slight grin on her face, awaiting to hear his voice. When the answering machine answered instead, she frowned slightly but left a message irregardless, "Hey Seong-Hada, its Razer. I just landed. Woah, did you get yourself a girlfriend while I was gone? That is what, one of the few times you haven't picked up your phone whenever me or Hwo called. A new record man. Anyway I'll see you lot in about twenty minutes or so. Bye bye."

It was back in her the pocket of her jeans now, where it safely belonged. The 20-year-old now stood out the front of the airport, awaiting a taxi or something. She managed to scrape together some money back in Japan, and hoped that the taxi driver would take yen.

One finally pulled up. She opened the door and stuck her head in, leaning on the door's frame asking in very broken Korean if he could speak English. It was one of the few sentences she could actually utter in Korean.

"Yes, but not well."

She smiled somewhat encouragingly, although she didn't really care, "Do you take yen?"


"Japanese money."


The Greek leant off the door of the taxi, "That's all I have."

"No," The taxi driver repeated, his black hair moving as he shook his head.

"Get on with you then."


"I understood that," Came the cold-hearted reply.

He rolled his eyes as Razer took a step back, allowing him to drive a little further down the road. She looked for another taxi, yet after five minutes of waiting, another one never came. Whatever. It didn't bother her. She'd just have to walk back to the hideout as she had done before for the end of the 3rd Tournament.

She whipped out her phone again, dialling Seong-Hada, "Dude? You did not pick up your phone again. Hmm, you must be hustling or something… Anyway I'm gonna be about half an hour. There are no taxies, and the only one that stopped won't fucking take yen. Damn bastard. Anyway I will see you soon…" Click.

A dark boom was suddenly heard. Razer looked up, watching the clouds she had been amongst only a little while before darken severely. It was going to be one hell of a storm. Oh well, the faster she walked, the quicker she would get home, and the longer she would not be in the rain.

The Greek woman yanked the hood of her black jacket over her head and zipped it up as a gush of wind occurred. With a sigh, adjusted both bags on her back and continued on her way through the wind, the coming storm, and the slow drops of rain that were falling one by one.

Ten minutes passed, and the rain was falling at a much faster rate, probably in pairs or triplets now. It annoyed her, seeing as the wind was battering the droplets into her face. With a frustrated sigh, Athane pursued onward, already rehearsing her apology and thanks to Seong-Hada in her head. Her legs continued to ache as she went uphill unhappily.

Her phone vibrated against her thigh. She whipped it out, seeing a text message from her friend, Steve Fox. She smiled caringly, feeling her frozen heart warm only that little bit,and began to read it:

'hello luv. i just got home (finally). r u home yet?'

She replied:

'nah… walkin home. taxi wouldn't take yen… its raining and i'm cold'

'aw i'm sorry. anyway i should ring my aunt, she'll get angry if i don't ring her soon.'

'mummy's boy :P'

'shut up, raze! c u later.'

The 20-year-old Greek grinned and slipped her phone back into her pocket casually. The rain continued to fall hard, continued to pelt her. It was like her thoughts, one just coming one after another, grabbing her, pulling her down and having her drown. Drown in everything. The past, the present, the future, the consequences…

The five minutes that passed were boring and dull, until her phone rang. She answered, "Hello?"

"Oh thank God you answered…" Was the youthful whisper.


"Shh, please, keep your voice down. I don't want them to find me…"

"Find you?" She queried, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, "What's going on?"

"Look… Just come quick… I hope you've got your knife with you…"

"I don't. It is in my room last I checked…"

"Just hurry – OH NO!!"

She could hear noise in the background. As thunder boomed overhead, she began to run towards the hide out, clearly afraid for Seong-Hada and her other friends' safety, whatever was going on, "What's happening?!"

"JUST HURRY RAZER, HURRY!" A choked sob of pain, "Actually… Scrap that… RUN AWAY!!"

"I'm coming."

"No, please, don't co – OH GOD!! JUNG-KEUN, DON'T…"

There was another bone chilling scream in the background, and something hitting the floor. Razer's eyebrows furrowed as she heard Seong-Hada whimper again. She ran faster, "I'm coming. Just hang on."

She hung up, continuing on her way, only about ten or so minutes away now.

I wonder what was going on.