Chapter 8: Mung's Escape Attempt

While evidence was gathering to certainly spring Mung Daal and most likely, the other cell mates that were royal chefs free, Mung wasn't going to wait for that release. When it was recreation time for the prisoners for at least an hour a day, thirty minutes for those whom are high priority prisoners such as Mung, while in the outside court yard, Mung noticed of a small hole what seemed like it would lead toward the outside of the castle.

"Don't try to get us into catching you to escape this place" said one of the guards.

"Ah, I wouldn't be caught dead trying something like that" said Mung.

"Your thirty minutes is just about up Mung" said another guard as he was prepared to take Mung away, "we don't want you to getting any ideas on how to escape this place."

But Mung was quite determine to find a way to escape even though he couldn't literally dig himself out of the mess he was in. So while the guards began to escort Mung back to the prison section of the castle, Mung pretended that he sprang his ankle as he began to walk.

"Oh, my ankle, I sprang my ankle!" cried Mung as he was on the ground pretending to be in pain.

"What's the matter, you seem fine to me" said one of the guards.

"Oh please, my ankle, it hurts, it hurts really, really, really, really, really bad!" cried Mung as he was trying to trump up his acting skills.

"He sounds pretty hurt" said the other guard, "maybe we should take him in, just to be safe."

"Fine" sighed the first guard, "but don't let me say I told you so, when this fellow does something funny like escaping."

"Oh no, I would never try to do anything like that" said Mung as he gave a smile toward the two guards.

"Fine, let's call in a stretcher" said the first guard.

The first guard then signaled two nurses to come into the scene with a stretcher, they then loaded Mung right onto it and the two guards followed the nurses back to the hospital section. As the five were heading there, Mung then noticed his chance to escape as passed down a long hallway with a stairway close by. All Mung had to do was simply role himself off the stretcher, to which the first guard noticed Mung's stunt.

"Hey, I told you so!" cried the first guard as Mung began to literally roll away.

Mung then rolled, and rolled, and rolled down the hallway as the two guards then chased right after him. He then came across the stairway and just rolled simply right down the long stairway.

"Just great, we'll never be able to catch him now!" cried the second guard.

"This is all your fault" replied the first guard as he gave his evil eye toward his counterpart.

Back with the long stairway, poor Mung had no time to get himself up, as he continued to roll down the many staircases, and eventually hitting the ground floor or the other level of the castle. Mung just also happen to roll right by where Chowder, Truffles Kimchi and Shnitzel were.

"Hey, did you see that, it was Mung, the guards must have set him free!" cried Chowder.

"Let's just let him keep on rolling so that we don't have to do anything with him ever again" replied Truffles not interested in saving her husband.

"Radda, radda, radda, radda!" cried Shnitzel.

"He signs your paychecks?" asked Truffles to Shnitzel, "Fine, we'll go save him."

The four then chased Mung down the hallway, as Mung somehow suddenly realized that he couldn't stop himself from rolling down the long hallway.

"Someone help, I can't stop myself from rolling!" cried Mung.

Mung then eventually rolled down the hallway and into the next room, for which it seems various butlers were prepared the royal kitchen for the next royal chef whom would arrive by force. Poor Mung just simply passed right by the butlers whom were cleaning things up to be ready for the next chef, and poor Mung suddenly found himself rolling right into the throne room for which King Craving V placed his large foot stopping Mung.

"Where do you think you're going, rolling to freedom?" asked King Craving as he glared down at poor Mung.

"Please, please your majesty!" cried Chowder as he came into the scene with Truffles, Kimchi and Shnitzel, "Don't hurt Mung, he's innocent of the crime he was going to commit against you, it's true the investigators told me so."

"Bah, I don't believe it, in fact I think I should punish this escapee myself by stepping on him like the bug he truly is!" laughed King Craving.

"Oh Chowder, please do something!" cried Mung as King Craving's large foot came right up and its shadow hovered right over Mung's body.

"Not so fast!" cried a voice.

Suddenly everybody turned to the head investigator and his team who had a rebel spy arrested for the crime of poisoning the king.

"Upon further investigation, your royal highness, it seems Mung Daal and the other royal chefs you had placed in prison were wrongfully accused of poisioning you" said the head investigator, "this rebel spy who has connections with the country side was responsible for the deed."

"You're nothing but a cruel fat tyrant!" barked the rebel spy.

"Why did you have to frame Mung and the others if you believed that?" asked Chowder to the rebel spy.

"I was out of options kid" replied the rebel spy, "framing the royal chef was the only chance I have."

"Then I'm afraid I may have misjudged you Mung Daal" said King Craving as he lifted his foot away from Mung, "maybe it's time I be more generous toward the people of my kingdom."

"So what are you going to do with the rebel spy?" asked Mung.

"Oh, I think I may have a proper punishment along with also apprehending another known chef in Marzipan City which I think you would find quite delightful to know" replied King Craving as he gave an evil grin.

The scene then turns to a dark room where two figures in bags are being brought into the kitchen. The bag over the larger figure was lifted and it was revealed to be Endive, while the smaller figure was Panini.

"Ms. Endive, what are we doing here?" asked Panini.

"I don't know dear, last time we were shopping with me being the only chef in Marzipan City and next thing I know a bag was over my head" replied Endive.

"Greetings ladies" replied King Craving as he entered the scene, "I think you two will find it quite suitable that you two shall work for me from now on."

Back outside the castle, Mung Daal couldn't believe how happy he was that it was Endive's turn to be the chef for the king. Mung and company were allowed onto an airplane heading back to Marzipan City.

"Good luck sir" said a butler as he helped Mung onto the plane.

"Don't mention it, I hope Endive can certainly handle it, with me being the number one chef in Marzipan City!" laughed Mung as he got onto the plane.

As Mung and company all got into their seats, the plane then took off, heading straight for Marzipan City, for which the scene then fades from there.