1.The car crash

Jason was driving home from work and the roads were very slippery because there was snow and ice.

Then, there was a car spinning on the road and before he knew it, the car ran into him. Maggie, Mike, Carol, and Ben were eating dinner at home.

"When is dad going to be home?" asked Ben.

"I guess he's just a little bit late" said Maggie.

Then, the phone rang.

"Hello" said Maggie.

"Hi, is this Jason's wife Maggie?" asked the nurse.

"Yes, who is this?" asked Maggie.

"This is Mrs. Karsol, I'm a nurse. Said Mrs. Karsol

"I'm so sorry but your husband Jason died in a car crash" said Mrs. Karsol.

Maggie just froze ready to cry.

"Hello?" asked the nurse.

"Thanks, bye" said Maggie.

All three of the children asked who called at the same time. Maggie said it was a nurse. Your father died in a car accident.

The next two days, Maggie kept Mike, Carol, and Ben out of school. Ben wouldn't say a word and he kept crying.

"It's OK to talk" said Maggie.

Ben just nodded his head.